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Will Experts Endorse Low-Carb?
News Bytes 04/5/2019 48 Comments

Fans of low-carb eating are hoping for changes in the new U.S. dietary guidelines. They say low-carb’s inclusion could influence what nutrition advice doctors give—and shape government food programs like school lunches. But does low-carb work for everyone?

Limit salt, decrease sugar, cut saturated fats. … There’s plenty of eating advice out there for American consumers. The Bible gives advice too: Our bodies are God’s temple. Because God dwells in us, what we eat is important. (1 Corinthians 3:16)

U.S. health experts say low-carb diets are being reviewed—along with other eating styles—for the 2020 update to the dietary guidelines. The group of health officials from Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture had its first meeting last week. They will likely issue a report to help shape the guidelines by next year.

Currently, the guidelines list the Mediterranean, vegetarian, and other diets as examples of healthy eating.

But low-carb supporters say rising obesity rates show that the current guidelines don’t work for everyone. “The main point is to get away from a one-size-fits-all diet,” says Nina Teicholz, who has written about low-carb diets.

Low-carb eaters generally limit foods like bread, pasta, and sugar. Some nutrition experts caution that data for low-carb diets is new. They say it’s unclear what the long-term effects might be.

Low-carb diets can work well for people with epilepsy and type 2 diabetes. But the benefits of low-carb can also be exaggerated. People still have to make sure their overall diet is healthy, says Kevin Hall of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Health policy researcher John Ioannidis says that simplifying the guidelines would be more useful than adding another diet to the recommendations. He says, “If we eat more, that will make us obese. That’s 100% correct.”

(Steaks are part of a low-carb diet. The idea behind eating low-carb is that the body enters a fat-burning state when it runs out of the blood sugar that’s fueled by carbs. But not everyone is convinced it should be added to the dietary guidelines. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

People can eat a balanced diet without focusing on cutting out carbs. Personally, I think that all of the fad diets and stuff are silly. No offense, everyone! This is just my opinion.

I haven't researched this

I haven't researched this much but it seems to me that you can be careful and have a healthy lifestyle without doing one of these super popular diets. I will admit that it is much easier said than done.

2nd comment

I think diets can be yousfull but i think you should not completly cut out carbs.




well my grandpa has diabeties and they gave him a salad diet when he was in the hospital. My grandma had a problum with this she was beliving thoose lying camarshals and eating those very unhealthy TV Dinners! they had so much salt and so many carbs that it was just YUCK!! we helped her of of that though. arnt cards carbalhidrates? if it was up to my brother he would eat crakers and cerial all day. i think cuting down on carbs is a good idea they make you feel bloded and just blla! Thats what happens when I eat too much pizza!!!

oh one more thing...

I DO NOT want them to make fack meant!!! with no carbs!!!!!!

one more thing. . . : z

Mabey if they did this then they would lower the price of stakes that would make my dad and brotherrs happy! (I think cutting down on carbs is a good idea but i think people should do it indavigaly not the whol nation so that all the stores dont sell bread anymore beacus it has too many carbs!!


I hope they do endorse this new dietary guideline! Carbs and sugar are bad for you.

TO above

i know!!


You should limit your sugar and salt intake.....

@Nadia A

I don't think meat has carbs.

I don't think we should be

I don't think we should be eating just because we can or want to, but I don't think we should be forced to eat a certain way because some people like it

That sounded a lot better in

That sounded a lot better in my head

@Charis J.

I know what you meant:)

I love carbs. I honestly

I love carbs. I honestly think dieting is stupid, no offence to anyone. And I think that people should have the choice of what the want to eat.

@ all of the above comments.

I agree with all th above comments
@ BETHSARAH G thanks for reminding me!!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I think that some diets are good for people especially if you are allergic or have a sickness where you can't eat certain foods, but a lot of people diet because they think they are fat and that makes me sad especially when they really aren't fat.

@Elsie G

It makes me really sad when people go on a diet because they think they are fat even though they are average and then get really skinny and still don't like the way they look.

Beth, that is really sad : (

Beth, that is really sad : ( My grandma has that problem.

My parents did a low carb

My parents did a low carb diet once my mom still tries to eat along that line but we all just kinda drifted away from it! lol
question of the day... what is your favorite food?
Mines mac-n-cheese even though I have a minor milk allergie.

@ Alania F

um.... my favorite food is probubly ice cream and cake!

one more!!

oh! and donuts witch i never get to eat.

@ Alayna E

I love a lot of foods, but a few of my top ones are: sushi, Frito pies, cheesecake and pizza. Nadia A, I love donuts too : )

I love breakfast foods like

I love breakfast foods like donuts, bagels, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy. I also love fresh fruit.

I LOVE breakfast foods...

I LOVE breakfast foods...



Karisma S

I'm not sure what the current dietary guidelines are, but every person needs to watch what they eat. There's so much junk in all the canned foods and box mixes.

Karisma S

Unfortunately I have to admit that my favorite foods are focused toward the sugary side. (Who can resist the lure of a milkshake?)

TO above

NO ONE!!! xD I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! brekfast foods!!! only the amirican typ though!!!

oh speking of unhealthy favorite foods...

my mom is making hamburgers (whitch i dont care for) and Hotdogs for dinner! (just thought i woupld through that out there!!

@Nadia A

You don't like hamburgers!?!

What!!! How can you not like

What!!! How can you not like hamburgers? :) I like cheeseburgers better than hamburgers. And I don't really like hot dogs, sadly i had them for lunch and dinner yesterday (because we went to two parties) and lunch today :(

two the two above comment.

sorry!!!! : ) : D hamburgers : C

oh i meant

bacan burgers with lettes tomato and union and chees burgers and french fries i think the first thig i thought of was hamburgers but it was acshuky BLT burger i might eat one no just kidding!! I like HOT DOGS though!!

I don't like hot dogs either!

I don't like hot dogs either!!! I think it's because we bought a WHOLE bunch of hot dogs once that were on sale, and I practically STUFFED myself on them, so now I'm sick of them=)

Alyssa S

Lol, I just watched a video on how they were made. Almost threw up so, I'm good.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Hot dogs gross me out after I watched a video of how they were made.

To the three obove comments

I agree any video shoing how hotdogs are made is rillly GROSS!!!! But did you ever see how the breed chikens in factories? they throw the around!! new borns!!! I wanted to run and save those chiks sooooooo Bad!!! you should look it up on the How Its Made Website!!!

Yeah we did that a while ago

Yeah we did that a while ago it's so sad : (


this is cool the pic looks good

Meat Factory

Most industrial meat factories and animal farms have very cruel ways of dealing with the animals. I wish I was vegetarian.

@Zack W

Why don't you become vegetarian?

@ Zack W

we have to eat don't we?

Nadia A.

Our friends have a chicken farm, and we helped them unload their chicks once. We just gently "dumped" them in, but it still took several hours with about 10 or so people helping. The mom felt really bad about having to dump them in, but if we would take them out one at a time, I don't know HOW long it would take!! Out of the WHOLE bunch of chicks, maybe around 5-10 chicks died, which is not bad AT ALL.

@ Alyssa s


Nadia A.

I know, they ARE!!!!

We recently got 12 baby

We recently got 12 baby chickens. Sadly two of them died : (

@ emilia g

aww!! so cute and sad :(

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