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Marine Species Move North
News Bytes 03/13/2019 38 Comments

Sea slugs, jellyfish, and crabs are on the move. A new report finds they’re leaving toastier, more southern Pacific waters for Northern California. This relocation has scientists wondering what the effect of this marine migration will be.

University of California, Davis, researchers have identified 67 traveling species. They include a sea slug that preys on other sea slugs and a sea snail “butterfly” that usually flits off the coast of Mexico. Researchers published their findings yesterday.

Eric Sanford is lead author of the study. He says a warm patch in the Gulf of Alaska called the “warm-water Blob” began spreading south in 2014. Later, a weather event along the equator pushed warm water north. That’s when temperatures in Northern California waters—normally from 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit—increased 3.5 to 7 degrees. The change allowed some warmth-loving marine critters to creep northward.

Of 67 species researchers documented, 37 set new records in traveling north, including a purple-striped jellyfish that washed up about 70 miles north of San Francisco. Researchers also catalogued chocolate porcelain crabs, violet sea snails, and a sea slug called the Janolus Nudibranch—all natives of more southerly climes.

Imagine a powerful Creator who can “turn up the temp” on part of an ocean and move species from one place to another! Nothing is too difficult for God, for even “the king’s heart is . . . in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.” (Proverbs 21:1)

Researcher Sanford doesn't necessarily view the migration as negative. But he knows it will affect the area’s ecosystem. For example, one species of sea slug that eats other sea slugs has moved north—and appears to be settling into its new feeding ground. New predator, new prey. As Sanford says, “There’s potential for that species to change the community by eating other species.”

(A Janolus Nudibranch in Bodega Harbor, California. Jacqueline Sones via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment! and WOW

the animal in the pic looks SO weird! Poor California is going get a big problem with marine animals.

Huh. Interesting. I used to

Huh. Interesting. I used to be obsessed with sea creatures when I was little. I'm not obsessed now, but I still really like them, especially sharks
(yes, sharks!) and dolphins and stuff like that.


this is interensing! I like fish colorful ones like the ones in Hawaii. the animal in the picture is rilly prity but a little weard! : )

Wow!! I think the Janolus

Wow!! I think the Janolus Nudibranch looks pretty cool! I would have commented earlier, but our goat had twins, 1 boy, 1 girl last night, so we had to take care of them this morning:) I'm trying to think of some names for them...…..

@alyssa S

oh! that's so sweet! what about garby for the boy? ( i know im getting of topek sorry) : )

Alyssa S by Elsie G

Alyssa, Congrats on the twin goats! You could maybe name the girl Daisy, or Clover, Or Bell, and the boy, Pickles, Trinket or Blaze. Those are just some suggestions!

Also, I like dolphins too Lena P! I like sharks but obviously wouldn't ever want to go near one!

Tessa, That creature does look weird!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Oooh, I also like Fern, Vixen and Dandelion! They have a ton of good suggestions on google, Just search, Cute goat names!

Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions!! I was thinking that it would be cute to name them something that starts with the same letter(i.e. Molasses and Milkshake). They are dark brown. The girl has a cute little white spot the size of a pea on her back leg and has her mother's signature stripe that goes under her stomach(looking like a girth for a horse's saddle:D). The boy is lighter in color and has cute little cream colored patches on it's eyes and has a little darker stripe coming from his eyes to his nose. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm explaining these markings very well:D

Out of all your suggestions,

Out of all your suggestions, I like : Fern, Pickles, and Trinket the best. I'll let you know what names we decide on!!


thats interesting
@ ALYSSA S maybe something like maybe cream puff or pepper you could do something like prince & princess or strips and spots kinda original but my brain is kinda frazzled right now :):)

Okay Thanks! Here is a link

Okay Thanks! Here is a link for some cute pet names! Some fun ones are Adam and Eve, Beauty and Beast, and Cookies and Cream!

Elsie (Emelias sister) To Alyssa

Maybe Dash and Violet, like from the incredible! Here's another link!


I think fern and flower might be cute, or chocolate chip and cookie dough

@alyssa S

I love Molasses and Milkshake that would be soooo cute!!!


Congratulations Alyssa! I love all those name suggestions! Leah, I like sharks and especially dolphins!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

We are getting chickens, what should I name my two?

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Here are some that I was thinking about.
Punky, Pickles
Charlotte, June
Fern, Dixie
Taco, Nugget

We decided to name the twins

We decided to name the twins Molasses and Milkshake. Well, another one of our pregnant does just gave birth to one kid(girl)!!! We are going to name her Mocha. We still have 2 more moms that will give birth anytime, so we are still pretty excited. I LOVE taking care of young babies and helping them nurse, etc.!!

Elsie (Emelias sister) To Alyssa

Alyssa S. That is so cute! I love Molasses, Milkshake, and Mocha! I'm so excited that you have more pregnant does! Do you have a goat farm?

@alyssa S

oh thats so cute!! it must be fun living on a farm...

@ Alyssa S.

Congrats on all of the baby goats!! I love the names Molasses and Milkshake (for goats not people LOL)!

Elsie G.

It's more like a hobby farm, but we have about 9 goats: 1 dad, 4 moms, and 4 babies. We have had goats for about 4-5 years.

Nadia A.

It is pretty fun, except in the winter time, when the water buckets freeze and it's terribly cold out.=D

Alyssa S


Nadia A

That is why you tough up and break the ice and deal with the cold. I wouldn't know since I don't live on a farm...

Global warming

Hmm I wonder what could be causing this move from waters that were once nice into more northern waters, Hmmmm...

@ zack w

I know ; ( I re read it after i posted it and was bout to opiligise but i ran out of time, pleas forgive me.

= (

sorry rong articul = (

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Alyssa, do you get lots of goat milk?

Elsie G.

We get about a gallon a day from milking 2-3 does.

TO above

wow!!! thats a lot do you make goat chess?

Nadia A.

Yeah, we make quite a bit of cheese. It actually turns out fairly good, with a consistency of thick cottage cheese(I don't like cottage cheese, but it looks a lot like goat cheese!).

@ Alyssa s

wow!!! I'v never had goat chees wat's it tast like?


what dose etc. mean?

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Nadia A. Etc. stands for etcetera.

Alyssa S

That is super cool!

@ emilia g

oh! ha...ha.. ya..I thought that's wat it meant! = )

this is cool

I live near san Francisco so ill see jelly fish woop woop!!!!!!!!!!!!

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