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UPDATE: Wolf Revival
News Bytes 03/8/2019 52 Comments

The effort to save the wolf species on a Lake Superior island chain is underway. Four Canadian wolves arrived in Michigan, joining the small pack that lives in the Isle Royale National Park. Experts hope this pack will revive the species and contain the overwhelming moose population in the area. 

This fall, the first relocated wolves arrived in the park. (For a re-cap of the National Park Service’s wolf revival plan, see Wolf Management at Isle Royale.) Now, the newest four members of the pack grow its number to eight—four males and four females. Over time, the goal is to relocate 20 to 30 wolves to Isle Royale.

The National Park Service in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are methodical with their capture and relocation of the wolves. Helicopter crews in Ontario used net guns to catch the four latest additions to the pack. Veterinarians examined the wolves before they were flown to Isle Royale where they were re-checked, fitted with radio transmitters, and released into the wild.

Did the wolves transition well? They surprised Mark Romanski, a division chief at the park. He says, “I am …blown away by the resilience of these wolves, who within hours after undergoing capture and handling and arriving on Isle Royale, immediately got on the trail of their new pack mates.”

Without a doubt, the wolves are ready for their two jobs: preying and populating. The decline of the wolf population allowed an increase in the moose population. Too many moose might over-graze the park. That would result in starvation for the entire herd.

Experts believe inbreeding contributed to the demise of the park’s wolf families. Intent on populating the wolf pack with genetic diversity, the new wolves will come from packs in Minnesota, Canada, and Michigan.

Will the new wolves stay put with their new pack? Only time will tell. Last year, one wolf slipped across an ice bridge back to the mainland. Based on science, it’s not likely that others will do the same. But it’s a gamble—one that the National Park Service is willing to take in order to return a healthy balance between predators and prey in the park. 

(This February 28, 2019 photo shows one of four Canadian wolves being relocated to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. AP Photo)

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I really hope that the wolves are able to re-populate the island!

huh interesting.....

huh interesting.....
but wolves can repopulate easily


I'm so glad this worked I hope it continues to work too. I love wolves, they are my favorite animals!

GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love wolves, they are my favorite animal other than a horse!

relocating WOLVES!!!!!?????

Well good for the Wolves but not so good for the people relocating them!!!!
wolve pups are sooo cute!!!!!!! : )

Cool! I really like wolves.

Cool! I really like wolves. One time I took a couple of Harry Potter tests to see what my Patronus would be, and it was either a fox or a wolf, which surprised me because they aren't my favorite animal. Anyway, about about the actual article, I hope that the "Wolf Revival" works.

@lena p

what are Patronus ?

I hope that the wolves make

I hope that the wolves make it this time

It would be heartbreaking to

It would be heartbreaking to see wolves go extinct...

@ Nadia A.

A Patronus is a spell in Harry Potter that conjures up the animal that you share a deepest connection with. In the books, you do the spell if you're in danger, and the animal will protect you. It's a little complicated=, but pretty awesome. If you haven't read the books, then you should check them out!

@lena p

that's witchcraft!

( no offense) I am a christian I will NEVER READ THOSE BOOKS!!

@lena p

no offence pleas dont be offended.

@Nadia A.

I never read those books either, and never will!!! I agree with you, but, Lena, I'm not trying to gang up against you:)

@ Nadia and Alyssa

That's ok, you guys are allowed to have different interests than me :-)

But I usually don't read

But I usually don't read those kinds of books, don't worry! I'm into a variety of things.

Also, sorry if I was

Also, sorry if I was offensive by mentioning Harry Potter, I was just saying what this article reminded me of.

@lena p

that's ok. I was not offended I was just a little shoked that harry potter would akshuly have kids doing witchcraft!

@ Nadia A.

I know, it is a little strange.

@lena p

ya! I would be carfull if I were you!


just stating my opinion you can do your oun thing that's just a warning


Just thought I'd let you can still be a Christian and read Harry Potter....I have read the series and its not even close to the witchcraft in the world today. There is no spirituality or anything like that in the series....its more like they have special abilities. Anyway I don't even like Harry Potter that much, just sick and tired of people forming opinions about books they've never read. And BTW Lena P...Your comment was definitely not offensive....since when is it considered offensive to bring up something that made you think about the article...Isn't that what the comments are for? Anyway guys....just trying to bring a different angle to this conversation.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Everyone has their own interests in books. Lena P. You are not offensive at all, mentioning a book you like isn't offensive, plus it isn't like you are doing witchcraft!
I haven't read the Harry Potter books but I am sure they are great.

Nadia A

Also, Nadia A, its not like reading Harry Potter will make you a non Christian!


OK if you are a christian i think you should senserly pray about the harry potter books. I don't mean pray one day then say i prayed i mean senserly ask the Lord it its his will for you to read harry potter. I am a christian and when ever I see the harry potter books the Holy spiret in me seas flee !!! Pleas do this . its the best way to learn somthing ,by praying. or you might have to learn the hard way. and trust me its NOT fun!!!!!!


any questions? pleas comment.

Nadia A

It doesn't matter what you read, christian faith does not matter. Read whatever books you like. Yes, you not should read a book that will not get in the way of your faith, but it's only a book and as long as you don't get too into it, you're fine.


christian faith does not matter?!
out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks!
pray ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just so you know..

THAT DOSEN'T WORK ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rui P.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Christian faith doesn't matter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! As Nadia A. said, out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks!!!!!! I know it's ok to read non-Christian books AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T HINDER YOUR WALK WITH THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll pray for you!!!!!!!

Elsie and Alayna, thanks for

Elsie and Alayna, thanks for coming to my defense, and Nadia and Alyssa, I respect your opinions and if you aren't going to read Harry Potter, that's fine, but I really think we should all calm down. Remember when WORLDteen said not to use the comments as a chat room? Well, I'm not trying to be offensive AT ALL, but I think we should get back on topic. After all, this article is about wolves, not Harry Potter. Sorry if I started an argument!

@lena p

yes your rite. you did not start the argument I did, sorry nex time I will keep my comments to my self.

this is the last thing i'm going to write conserning the argumen

@alyssa s I agree with you. exept i dont rean non christian books enles you count little house on the prarie as one!

@ Nadia

Sharing your opinions is totally fine, my point was just that we shouldn't let it get out of hand next time :-) (Seriously, I'm done now. Sorry!)

I believe it'd be fine to

I believe it'd be fine to read a book that isn't Christain. But I do think it's wrong to read a book, watch a movie, or hang out with certain people that may influence you in a negative way. God may not care whether I read Laura Ingles Wilder or By The Great Horn Spoon, but he sure does care how it may affect your spiritual life or the way you treat people. God cares what's in your heart, not so much about worldly decisions. Also, I don't think that it's necessary to pray constantly before deciding which book to read, but if you get into the book and find things that are a little sketchy, talk to your parents for sure. I've never read Harry Potter but I've heard great things from Christain friends (emphasis on 'Christian').
There's a website that my parents use called Plugged In by Focus On The Family. They have articles on many Harry Potter books/movies. (There's a link below) You can decide for yourselves whether or not they are spiritual. In conclusion, I think it's ok for Christians to read Harry Potter.

Alaina F.

I agree, it's perfectly fine to do pretty much anything as long as it is still pleasing God and not affecting our walk with Him. Sorry, I shouldn't have blown up like that, sorry if I offended you, Rui P.

He cares about your relationship

My mom made a good point when we were having a discussion about moving. I asked her if God brought us to where we live now and made everything go so smoothly, then why would he want us to move? And she told me that God probably doesn't care very much about where we live, as long as we serve Him wherever we may be. I think she had a good point and that it sort of relates to this conversation: as long as what you read doesn't interfere with your relationship with Him, then he most likely doesn't care.
Just to be clear, though, God does care about everything we do. He cares in a sense that it doesn't hurt our connection with Him. That's my opinion, and we all are entitled to have our own views.

@ lena p

Yes.( here I go again) you didn't get out of hand I did sorry.


Well the last time I didnt pray about something before I did it I ended up throwing everything into the garbage! Yes I mean everything !! I know you won't understand. It is ok if you guys want to read harry potter but if you are a Christian and you rilly want the Lords will then pray about it!!!! Ok this might be the last rhiblng I say about this :) :):)

What do you mean you threw

What do you mean you threw everything away?

well its a long story.................

but to sumeris it well my family was going through some trials and the enemy tricked us into thinking that all are stuff was bad and we lisend to him which lead into us throwing every thing in the garbage : ( but the moal of the story is test the spirets befor you lisen to them.

I know you wont understan but thats as good as I can tell it : )

Oh. You do not have to answer

Oh. You do not have to answer, I get it if it's too personal, but you threw everything away? Like, your house or something?

To above

Didn't I answers you on the above comment?

I guess...

I guess...

To above.

Well if I told you the whole thing I would problubly write a whole paragraph! I know you won't understand. nodody ever does... sigh.......

I hope it works!

I would hate to see wolves go extinct! I love Laura Ingalls and By the Great Horn Spoon! I read By the Great Horn Spoon yesterday!

at Shastya H

i like the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and i hope the wolves what ever they put them there to do

@Nadia A @Alyssa S

I'm glad that everyone has their own opinions. I'm a Christian, and I read Harry Potter. The books are fun to read, but I would never believe them.

(Elsie Here) Just Saying,

Every person should be able to choose of they want to read Harry Potter. It's okay to read Non Christian books as long you don't let them influence you. It's not like anyone is practicing witchcraft.


OK. you guys do wat ever you want. I just want to make this clear : ) I WILL NEVER READ HARRY POTTER!!!!! and if you are a christian PRAY OBOUT IT!!!!!!!!! PLEAS!!!!!!!!
if this comment sounds rude to you pleas dont take it personal i just needed to get that out. : ) ;) : D


: ) ; ) ;D


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