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Coyote Fur in Demand
News Bytes 02/4/2019 27 Comments

Coyote fur is high fashion. The animals’ pelts provide the lush trim on the hoods of the country’s most stylish winter parkas. And despite this year’s weather woes, animal welfare protests, and economic pressures, the coyote business continues to grow.

Fur experts say the uptick in coyote demand began with Canada Goose parkas, the coats with the distinctive Arctic Circle patch. For years, celebrities and their followers have been donning the parkas, which can retail for more than $1,000 each.

Today’s market demand for coyotes comes as trappers deal with recent economic slumps in China and Russia, competition from ranched fur, and pressure from animal welfare activists. A good western coyote, with its silky, light-colored fur, can fetch more than $100. The top price at a recent Colorado auction hit $170, up 40% from four years ago.

Coyote trappers see themselves as sportsmen helping control populations of an abundant animal often considered a nuisance. Coyotes have been spotted from the streets of Los Angeles to Manhattan's Central Park. Farmers view them as chicken poachers, and suburban residents see them as threats to their pets. To trappers, coyotes are one of the few money-making animals, along with bobcats and a few others.

John Hughes, longtime fur buyer, pays trappers about $75-$120 for a western coyote. He sells to companies that create trim strips. Those companies then sell to garment makers. Hughes handles an average of 10,000 coyotes annually, though the numbers are down for western coyotes this year. Some blame early-season snow in Canada and the western United States, which made it harder for trappers to get out. Others believe there are simply fewer western coyotes this winter.

Still, the fur business is brisk. "Coyotes are going to move," Hughes says. "Good-quality coyotes are going to sell."

(A Canada Goose coat with a hood trimmed with coyote fur. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

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That's awful!!

That's awful!!


Why? There are a lot of coyotes out there.

@ Sarah

You are right, there are a lot of coyotes out there right now, but their pelts are selling at high demand, so if they continue being hunted at this rate... They are in serious trouble.


thats not nice that they kill cyotes for there skin.

Oh no

Oh no, I hope there can be some laws of protection for the Coyotes soon!


That's what people said about wolves in England.
There are now no wolves in England.

Ok, so they should make laws

Ok, so they should make laws against killing many, but I don’t think it is awful if people were careful.

Guys! Read this article!

Guys! Read this article!
In the comments, I have a special challenge for you all! It'll be a surprise! Spread the word!


I hope they don't kill too many! Maybe they should focus on the coyotes that a bothering farmers and cities and leave the ones that aren't a nuisance alone.

ummmmm WHAT?!?!?!

coyote fur is really pretty and I get if they use the furs to stay alive or something but just for fashion?!?!?! kinda dumb

I would be less upset if the

I would be less upset if the fur was actually used for something helpful like keeping us warm(It MIGHT do that to some extent), but killing coyotes for a decoration on coats is going a little to far!!!


Coyotes are something of problems, most notably in cities. To those in the comments who are worrying about people killing the Coyotes: The fur harvest is, I believe, through thoroughly regulated trapping seasons, which require training in correct trapping practice to obtain a license for. I don't think conservation should be simply about keeping people from killing creatures, it should be about regulating the use of the creatures that God created and gave us dominion over. Humans are supposed to be good stewards of creation, but that can include using it, if it is done without completely destroying what we use. There are usually laws to keep overuse from occurring.

I'm ok with them trapping

I'm ok with them trapping coyotes AS LONG AS they don't die out completely!!

I don't want ANY coyotes

I don't want ANY coyotes being trapped for fashion!! Animals are seriously about over 50% of my life, and I would cry for days if Coyotes died out. That basically POACHING!



@Isabel B.

What did you mean when you said "Animals are seriously about over 50% of my life"?

@ isebell b

i completlt agree with you!


As I read this article, this is NOT poaching. If it was, I would be as against it as you, and others voicing their thoughts in the comments, are. I believe that this article is about a legal industry. Sorry if this is repeating myself, but I have a hard time not commenting when people act like wildlife should never be used for our benefit. If I have misunderstood you, please correct me.

Clara's brother

Alaina F

How do you get links in your comments?

@Joel L.

I am totally fine with killing the coyotes as long as they leave enough alive. The thing I am most upset about is that the fur is used mainly for decorations on coats. I wouldn't want to kill an animal just to make my coat look nicer, and can't they use fake hair?!?!?!

There are a lot of coyotes in

There are a lot of coyotes in my city ( One even killed all eleven of my chickens) But I still don't think it's right to kill anything just for decoration. They can very easily just use fake fur.

@Emelia G.

Sorry for your poor chickens:(

@Clara's brother

Visit the site that you'd like to leave in your comment, then copy and paste the link address into your post.

Hope this helped.

sounds like my type of coat i

sounds like my type of coat i love hunting coyotes


that was my brother

@Alyssa S

i love animals, so they are a big part of my life.

Isabel B.

Ok, now I understand, I just didn't know what you meant at first, thanks for clarifying :) I think animals are about 50% of my life too:D

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