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Maryland Memorial Cross
News Bytes 02/26/2019 30 Comments

The Supreme Court will decide whether a cross in the middle of a Maryland highway can stay. The cross is a World War I memorial, but some folks say it means the city of Bladensburg unfairly favors Christians.

For years, Steven C. Lowe thought a 40-foot-tall concrete cross near his home was odd. He didn’t realize it was a memorial. A plaque lists the names of 49 area residents who died in World War I, but it isn’t easily read from the road—and getting to the monument requires dashing across traffic.

In 2014, Lowe, two other area residents, and a group of atheists and agnostics from the American Humanist Association sued over the cross. They argue that the cross’ location on public land violates part of the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

The group lost the first round in court. But in 2017, an appeals court ruled the cross was unconstitutional. Now, supporters are asking the Supreme Court to overturn that ruling. Justices will hear the case tomorrow.

Backers of the nearly 100-year-old cross, also called the “Peace Cross,” say if the justices rule against them it could threaten hundreds of monuments nationwide. Opponents argue that the cross should be moved to private property or changed into a nonreligious shape such as a slab.

Similar monuments have gotten mixed rulings from the high court. In 2005, the court upheld a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas state capitol but struck down Ten Commandments displays in Kentucky courthouses the same day.

Monument backers just want the Maryland war memorial left alone. Veteran Stan Shaw actually calls changing or removing the cross “a slap in a veteran’s face.”

Why do you believe people find crosses so offensive? Do you think using the cross as a memorial violates the U.S. Constitution?

(Visitors walk around the Maryland Peace Cross dedicated to World War I soldiers in Bladensburg, Md. AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

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Bethany H

First Comment!!!!


Interesting. I think that maybe changing the shape of the monument or moving it to private property may be a good idea. That monument represents an important part of history, so I don't think it should get torn down completely. (And @Bethany H, please comment on the article instead of just putting "First Comment." Not trying to be offensive or mean, it's just a reminder.)

Thank You!!

Thank you Lena, I cannot say how nice it feels to finally have someone understand the point I made a while back about the "first comment" thing being a waste of time and space.

@Lena P

I agree with moving the monument to private property or something. It's also a world war I monument so I would keep it if I were them.
(It's my b-day!!) :)


Happy birthday!!!


thats very interesting and cool but I wouldn't want to dash across traffic

that's crazy just leave the

that's crazy just leave the thing alone


: b

Happy bday

Happy bday Alayna

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAYNA E.!!!!!!!!! how old are you turning?

I would say just leave it alone or else move it to someone's property, but have it open to the public. Also, if that is violating the constitution, don't you think that pennies with "In God We Trust" written on them are also violating it?!?!?!

This is idiotic

A cross is a very popular gravestone, and I think it's fitting for a war memorial. If it was just a christian monument, I would understand some peoples anger, but its not. Its a war memorial.


They shouldn't tear it down! Its a memorial! As for those people that say it favors Christians well they have to learn that you don't always get wat you want!!!
Happy birthday Alaney E!!!!

Bethany H

Sorry! I was going to comment something else, but I had to do something else first :D
@Alayna E: Happy Birthday!
Anyway, here is what I was going to comment :D
Why do these people keep finding things that might relate to religion and Christianity, and take that to court? Why not just leave that stuff alone, and if you are really worried about fairness between religions, just go make your own monuments?
Ok... just a couple of my thoughts on this article :D

Happy Birthday Alayna!

They should not tear it down! If other religions are that concerned about it they can just move it, not destroy it.


Everyone, come help get 2,000 comments by reading the article and commenting what you liked or disliked on it, ''Gaming, when is too much too much?''


I think the words on pennies could be for any religion. But maybe it will become an issue.

@ Alayna E.

I know your birthday was yesterday, but I didn't see the comments until today, so happy late birthday! You actually share a birthday with one of my friends, so that's cool.

I share a birthday with one

I share a birthday with one of my best friends!! The only problem is that she was born exactly 1 year YOUNGER than me:( Oh, well, she's still my almost best friend:D

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

also why are they going to

also why are they going to court?

this is what the worldteen edotors posted .

Dear WORLDteen Readers
PERMALINK ON WED, 02/27/2019 - 15:26 | BY
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Thank you,
Your WORLDteen Editors

im just trying to get thhe

im just trying to get thhe worl out!

By the way, everybody, in

By the way, everybody, in case you didn't check on the article, "when is gaming too much", Matthew H. just commented that the whole thing was made up by him!!! So I guess it's still ok to comment on there.

WORLDteen readers:

Recently a reader posted a comment posing as WORLDteen staff, so this message bears repeating:
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Very sorry for the joke; I am very sorry WorldTeen. You have my sincere apologies.

-Andrew Herman


Dear WorldTeen and Teens,
I am the one who posed as the Staff, and I only meant to kid around. I am very, very sorry and I will change my behavior from now on. I am open to criticism; you are probably wondering why I did it. Well, to tell the truth, I was upset at seeing very lengthy and non-informal comments being posted, and so I decided to put a "stop" to it. WorldTeen, please do not revoke my commenting privileges because my brother and I share the same account. Yes, I know, it was un-user-like to pose as a Staff member. I am very sorry and you may expect me to be a better commenter.
-Andrew Herman

Thank you Andrew.

Thank you Andrew.

I exept your apoligy

Sarah H

The First Ammendment was established to prevent a state-sponsored church like the Church of England from happening in the United States. That doesn't mean tearing down a monument meant to honor U.S. soldiers because it displays the greatest symbol of freedom ever: the cross. If people are having such an issue with a war monument, then they have forgotten what this country was founded on and why men and women stand up to defend it.

Guys! Read this article!

Guys! Read this article!
In the comments, I have a special challenge for you all! It'll be a surprise! Spread the word!

30th comment

yay. 30 comments

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