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Foldable Phone Arrives
News Bytes 02/22/2019 34 Comments

This week, Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated foldable smartphone. The world’s top seller of smartphones is attempting to break the innovation lull that is troubling the market. But will consumers embrace a device that retails for almost $2,000?

Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold on Wednesday. When the phone is released on April 26, it will retail for $1,980. Consumers willing to pay that hefty price will get a device that can unfold like a wallet. It can work like a traditional smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen or morph into something more like a mini-tablet with a 7.3-inch screen.

When fully unfolded, the device will be able to run three different apps on the screen at the same time. The Galaxy Fold will also boast six cameras: three in the back, two on the inside and one on the front.

In “2019 Tech Show Begins,” WORLDteen pointed out consumer frustration that Samsung hadn’t yet delivered the foldable phone it has been promising. Now, after spending nearly five years developing the technology underlying its foldable-screen phone, Samsung is hoping for a big payoff.

“Get ready for the dawn of a new era,” declares DJ Koh, who oversees Samsung’s smartphone division. He says the new phone “answers skeptics who said everything has already been done.”

Most analysts see a limited market for foldable-screen phones, at least early on. But Samsung hopes the Galaxy Fold will spur people to upgrade their phones.

Although he believes the Galaxy Fold is more “status symbol” than mainstream product, analyst Patrick Moorhead says the device is symbolically important for Samsung. He says, “The Fold was icing on the cake showing that Samsung is the company driving new innovations and excitement to the market.”

What advantages do you imagine a foldable phone has? Do you think it is worth its big price tag?

(Justin Denison, SVP of Mobile Product Development, talks about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

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1st Comment

that 6 cameras is utterly pointless and why would you need 3 apps at the same time? that's just a lot of money and not worth the price tag.

oops it didn't show your

oops it didn't show your comment until I commented

Too much money

I think that it is cool, but way too expensive.

To above


Why do we need a foldable

Why do we need a foldable phone? Aren't our phones small enough?

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We REALLY need help at the article "Gaming, When is too much too much", because we are at about 864 comments, and we want to get 1,000. I hope ya'll aren't too lazy to put that in the search engine and help us...… PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

(Sorry, I'm probably getting

(Sorry, I'm probably getting annoying by now!!)


stupid that just makes them easier to lose

I. Think ...

I think that's neat. FOR A BILLIONAIRE!!!!


Iot looks cool, but is there a protective cover? And if so, then where can you buy it.


Does it take twice as long to charge?


Does it have twice as much memory as a regular phone?


Gaming when is too much too much.

The future in a nutshell

Phone turns into a tablet, tablet turns into a computer. Cars will have one pedal. VR will be the only source of gaming and the phone/tablet/computer thing will turn into a VR headset. Also, how long will it be until Apple and LG make their own foldable phone? (Deep questions)

Me again.

Cheaper version! Grab your phone, grab a tablet, duct-tape them together, cheap phone/tablet thingy!!!

Good Idia !!!

Or by a flip phone!!XD!!!!!

THIS IS PIONTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why buy this when already have a good phone? also who wants to play two apps at once? it would give my mom a headache! P.S. I will help get to a 1000 Alyssa


Interesting idea, might catch on in like 25 years. And I'll try to help you get to 1000.

That sounds cool. I think I

That sounds cool. I think I could get behind that, except for the part about 6 cameras and 3 apps going at once... And the price tag.



Clara's brother

I agree with Paulus why need six cameras when you can just point the phone in different directions?

we should try and get to 2020

we should try and get to 2020 comments on the one page by 2020

@Linclon B

Even cheaper idea: Go on Amazon, buy two PRIME phones that are each 100 or less, then take some slime and smack em together! :D

I think normal phones are too

I think normal phones are too small for me, at least. I like mini iPads, and I think this is sort of like it. I just think their fold phones are stupid! My Grandma has one, but they call it something else. A FLIP PHONE!!!!!!!!!!! It only costs about.... 50$?


So they basically re-invented the flip phone. Only this version is crazy pricey and fancier. I have to share a flip phone with my brother and sister, and l know what a pain they are, so why make a bigger, pricier, smarter "type" of the flip phone. Why?


This looks way too overpriced... it sounds kinda dumb to me, 'cause why have a super huge foldable phone when a regular phone works just as well? Plus, most people probably don't want to pay $2000 for something like this... if it were me, I'd like to spend my money on things that last longer and are cheaper. Just my opinion, although I'm seeing many are thinking along the same lines.

Karisma S

Oh yeah, I forgot about flip phones. But you can't do as much with them as you would an iPhone, so this foldable phone is still an improvement. Though it's definitely not worth $2,000. The only thing I really think that helps with this new phone is that if you drop it, there's a less chance of it getting damaged.

30th comment

yay. 30 comments

whats a flip phone? a phone

whats a flip phone? a phone that has a keyboard? also who needs to play/see three apps at once?

Lieon 33 In God I Trust

I don't even think it looks neat and it seems pretty pointless, especially for the price.

A flip phone is...

A phone that is rilly old style there are two sections the top and the bottom the top foldes down to the bodom. that wasn't a very good description sooor



35 comment

35 comment.

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