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Eel Smugglers Not So Slippery
News Bytes 02/13/2019 52 Comments

There’s no worming out of this: Croatian police say two South Korean citizens have been arrested after trying to smuggle about 252,000 live eels out of the country.

The two men were caught with the young fish packed in eight cases at Zagreb’s international airport last week. Their names have not been released.

Eels are long fish. They can range in length from two inches to 13 feet. When “God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm,” (Genesis 1:21) He was displaying His vast creativity. Scientists believe there are over 20,000 kinds of fish in the sea—about 800 eel species alone! The heaviest eel is the European conger, which can weigh up to 240 pounds.

Several European governments have introduced strict laws about catching eels. But demand in Asian markets has increased, and eel traffickers have flourished.

European Union law enforcement agencies estimate that as much as 100 tons of eels are smuggled outside the EU every year. Most end up in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine—with Japan consuming more than 70 percent of the world’s eel catch. Broiled, smoked, or grilled eel dishes are popular but can be expensive. In Croatia, a frog-and-eel stew called brudet is a favorite traditional dish.

Police at the Zagreb, Croatia, airport arrested the two because European eels are a protected species.

Croatian media reports that the smuggled eels’ market value is estimated at about $204,000.

Croatian authorities say the smugglers face charges of “destroying protected natural goods.” They could end up in jail if convicted. And the fish? The slippery creatures were handed over to the Zagreb zoo.

(One of eight suitcases containing eels seized at Zagreb international airport in Croatia. Croatian police via AP)

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1st comment

Wow! I'm glad they were caught.

2nd comment.

Me too.

3rd comment

Wow! that's a lot of eels!


That’s a lot of eels

4th comment

It is indeed a lot of eels

100th comment

I like trains snxkncduhcd

Oops 5th

Oops 5th

Oops 6th

Oops 6th

Ops 9th

Ops 9th



I keep spelling it wrong

I keep spelling it wrong

12th comment

I watched a video of an electric eel shocking a crocodile. Related to the article, not the electric eel, isn't it crazy how good people can turn to money insane, stupid rich people?

that's just gross!!!!

that's just gross!!!!


totally agree with you PAULU S but im glad that they where caught

*no subject*

Now how is someone gonna smuggle 252,000 WATER ANIMALS out of an AIRPORT?!? Those guys need to rethink their strategy.


Glad they were caught! I agree with JT S.

I wonder wat they were

I wonder wat they were planing to do with them?

Besides sell them.

Besides sell them.

But sell them to who??

But sell them to who??

I Rilly don't know.

I Rilly don't know.

This is getting r-eel-ly slippery

But what's the point of smuggling EELS?? EEEWW!!

I Rilly don't know!

To get money? Mabey to keep as pets? No.

They eat them

To sell them to restaurants.

O. Why didn't I think of that

O. Why didn't I think of that?

But who would eat eels.I mean,that's grooooossseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“In Croatia, a frog-eel stew

“In Croatia, a frog-eel stew called Bridget is a favorite traditional dish.”



Not “Bridget.”

Not “Bridget.”

@ Sarah

I personally think that eating eels is disgusting. But I know that a lot of people do it.

It is grose!

eat eels IIIIIIIIIWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not me!

Eating eels would probably be

Eating eels would probably be like eating raw eggs, I'm guessing. My dad used to drink raw eggs with milk when he was doing karate, but I don't think I could stomach either!




I totally agree.

Glad you agree!:-)

Thank you.:-)



Something I did once ( don't

Something I did once ( don't read this while eating!!) was to dig some worms, and, after washing them, fried them in butter with onions. Of course, I didn't eat them, but fed them to my 18 year-old brother, who said they tasted like mushrooms!!! I also got him to eat a spoonful of (raw!!!) ant larvae!!


Yuck!!!!!!! My little drother boiled life grasshopper's then ate them with salt! He sead they tasted like fish! But then he spit them out when I told him they might have parasites!! :-D :-\ :-D :-)




Your comments crack me up! :)


That was not supposed to be mean btw

@ Grant G.

I know, I can't believe what I did when I was younger:) One of my friends took one of those poisonous-looking caterpillars(the ones with bright prickly hair), scorched the hair off, and ate it just to say that she did! ( now THAT"s what I call gross!! I'm pretty sure it was dead, but it wasn't cooked thoroughly!) Another one of my older friends was in Africa on a missions trip, and she had to eat a WHOLE cooked rat, cow udder and lot's of other gross stuff, because if she didn't, she would make her guests feel bad!! She is actually (surprisingly ;) ) still living after the whole ordeal :D


That is literally GROSS!!!




How did this turn into a conversation about really GROSS stuff???


Yay! 44 comments

Which Grant is this?

And that's is grosssssssd!!!!! Alyssa how did your freand live?! Or your brother?!


Or mine?

Nadia A.

I have no clue, but maybe they have extra strong immune systems:) Oh, and one more thing I forgot to tell you about; the friend who ate the scorched caterpillar, well, she lives in a family of 12, and they used to do some pretty umm… interesting stuff, like once the younger brother drank a bunch of gasoline( and SOMEHOW survived), and the older brother decided to live in the woods for a week without ANYTHING, and he got so hungry that he ate raw worms, and...… I better stop:) Their mom gets so scared about what they do sometimes!!


My aunt went on a missions trip and she ate goats blood and goats intestines!

@alyssa s...






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