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The President Addresses the Nation
News Bytes 01/9/2019 27 Comments

Two and a half weeks in to the partial United States government shutdown, President Donald Trump addressed the nation. He gave a televised broadcast from the Oval Office on Tuesday night. The focus of the President’s speech was the need for Congress to approve funding for dramatically improved security along the country’s southern border.

Limiting illegal immigration into the United States and better control of legal entry points were central elements of Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He promised then to oversee the construction of an impassable border wall to prevent human migration into the United States except at legal check points. During the campaign, Mr. Trump confidently suggested that he could secure funding for the wall from Mexico. He did not share details then about how that funding would come about.

The President has, instead, requested that Congress approve $5.7 billion in the American budget to fund immigration-related security improvements. This money would go toward not only a physical barrier at the border. It would provide for more law enforcement personnel and better technology to detect drugs that are often smuggled into the United States from south of the border.

In the speech, Mr. Trump listed four main concerns that illegal or inadequately monitored immigration is directly affecting:

            1) American jobs—illegal and undocumented workers may take employment from legal residents, and do so without paying taxes on the wages they earn;

            2) Drugs—90% of all illegal drugs entering the United States come across the southern border, the President claims;

            3) Violent crime—according to the President, many assaults and other violent crimes were committed by illegal immigrants who should have been restricted from entry;

            4) Safety of migrant women and children—an open border encourages unprotected women and children to attempt the dangerous journey across Central America and Mexico to reach the United States. The President says those women and children put themselves at risk of attack or harassment along the way. He added that kidnappers have too much freedom to smuggle children in both directions across the border.

The President called the construction of a border wall a “common sense” solution. He suggested that reducing the flow of illegal drugs by constructing a wall and using better drug-detection technology would positively impact the United States economy. Mr. Trump said that the money spent on fighting drugs and its effects in the country could more than pay for the barrier he and the majority of his supporters want. He believes his plan is essential to protecting the American way of life.

Finally, the President asked members of Congress to approve his budget request so that the government shutdown could be lifted. After the speech, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded. He downplayed the urgency of the President’s concerns and suggested that the President should end the shutdown first. Then, Mr. Shumer proposed, members of Congress could come to a compromised agreement to address security issues.

(President Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office of the White House as he gives a televised prime-time address about border security on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, in Washington, D.C. AP Photo)

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Lieon 33 In God I Trust

I agree with the President. But I think he should also work on the process of becoming a legal immigrant by making it quicker and better. Part of the problem of why we have illegal immigrants is because people do not want to wait on a 2- 5 year process, so they just cross the border, which is a quicker way. I agree with putting up a wall because we also have lots of drug dealers, thieves, kidnappers, and gangs freely crossing the border and causing lots of trouble like the President said.

off the record....

off point did you know that the president gets to have the oval office decorated however he likes?
I agree with trump we do not need any more drugs OR Violent crime but the people are suffering down in mexico all the same

Build the wall

I totally agree with you CS. I think the wall should be built.

Wait a sec...

I agree with the President when he says we should build a wall. That should stop disturbing gangs, drug dealers, kidnappers, thieves, and more abusive people from crossing the border into the U.S.A. And if what the President is saying about 90% of illegal drugs are coming from Mexico is true... Do you guys realize what this means?!?!?!?! We could stop 90% of disruptive to the body and mind drugs from entering the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys know that because Mexico is a pour country, their government sends out groups of men to kidnap people and get them addicted to alcohol, smoking and other drugs? If you lived in that kind of a country where if you're a mom or dad, you worry about you're kid getting addicted? Wouldn't you want to go to another country that's free? And do you want to wait 2-5 years to get there? And that's a part of the problem. Putting up the wall is a good idea, but there should be a shorter way to go thru immigration matters. Also, President Trump should lift the shutdown. It is not solving anything.


I didn't mean to write that much! true

We definitely do not need any more illegal drugs Nowadays. OR any more murders and deaths. I am a Christian so I very much dislike those things. If we could only pick one of the two would you rather have no more killing or no more illegal drugs? true

We definitely do not need any more illegal drugs Nowadays. OR any more murders and deaths. I am a Christian so I very much dislike those things. If we could only pick one of the two would you rather have no more killing or no more illegal drugs?


I think that Trump used the televised broadcast from the Oval Office as away to announce a fake crisis. He didn't address the true problems! (I do think there should be more security at the border, though.)

The wall

The wall would cost a massive amount of money, it would go through mountains, rivers, towns, and even houses. A sizeable amount of people who enter the US illegally already use planes and then just overstay their visa. If a wall was built, more people would just use planes and boats. A lot of illegal traffic in the US is circular flow, as in people come to the US, work for a bit, then leave. A wall would cut off this circular flow, and people would just decide to stay in the US. when border security had been increased in the past, the amount of illegal immigrants actually grew. The wall will also cost a large amount of money to maintain. I think the money could be better spent elsewhere, and the shutdown is childish.


And I thought that Mexico was going to pay for the wall!?

they need more drones

that if people are trying to break the wall the drones should have stink booms on they so that the people move away from the wall!!..


that is amazing! ! ! ! ! !

I disagree with every thing

I disagree with every thing Zach w said 5.7 billion dollars isn't a lot for the government and the wall will solve a lot of problems including drugs

@Ryan B.

No, a wall won't solve all the problems. and not only will the wall probably cost more than 5.7 billion, there will also be a large cost to maintain it. It doesn't matter who has it, 5.7 billion dollars is a ton of money. it could without doubt be spent on something more important.

trump is so rite but no

trump is so rite but no funding

@Zach W

You're right, I thought he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall


I see a lot of comments about how 5.7 billion dollars is a lot of money, and how we don't have the funding to build the wall. This is entirely false. Obama literally gave the middle east 150 billion dollars to "Aid them". Now that is a "How can we afford that" question.


ok for the record a wall should be built in order to protect our nation. Mexico has its problems and we allow more and more illegal imigents to enter the contry . 5.7 billion dollars is little in comparison to the money going in to our school systems. i understand that many immigents coming here do need a better life; but these people are surounded by bad people with bad intentions. just look at the stats. there are genuine people looking for a fresh start that have been waiting for years to enter the u.s on friendly terms. but most of the bad characters entering go through no problem( we neeed shorter but more through security). so building the wall helps to protect us , help border security and ICE, and to stop smugglers for getting in.

I think the wall is a good

I think the wall is a good idea. It sounds like it would make this country a whole lot safer! And Donald Trump discovered that the US spends more money per year taking care of illegal immigrants then it would to build the wall!

@Anthony M.

Yes, but i'm sure that the money spent by Obama actually did something. building a wall will not stop illegal immigrants. building a wall will not make America safer. building a wall will not stop drugs from entering the U.S.

@Etienne B. @Kara L.

No. Building a wall wont stop people with bad intentions from entering the U.S.


Also, nobody has explained why this debate is going on in the first place. Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall. I don't see Mexico taking any action, unless this could be *Gasp* false campaign promises? I'm shocked.


(1) Illegal immigrants do not take Americans' jobs. Illegal and legal immigrants actually do jobs that Americans do not want, and they do it for lower wages than American citizens.
(2)Perhaps 90% of drugs are coming across the border, but even if a wall is built, it is not going to keep the drugs out. People who want drugs are going to find ways to get them.
(3)Just because there have been a few instances where an illegal immigrant has committed a violent crime does not mean that all illegal immigrants are violent. It is actually really ridiculous to be so worried about a few crimes committed by immigrants but to not be worried about the millions of crimes committed by citizens of the US. It's like saying that all Chicagoens are killers just because there are some gangs there.
(4) Protection of migrant women and children?!? We are actually protecting them by letting them come into America. Mexico does not have the best living conditions and there is a lot of street violence there that these women and children are escaping from.
Not to mention that lots of children have died in the detention camps in the Us for being caught illegally entering. Just last month a seven year old girl died from a sudden illness and not long after another child died. These children were in the possession of Us government officials and they were not treated correctly and now they are dead. That is not right. That is not the way to treat Hispanic women and children. We talk about protecting them, but these camps, which former first lady Laura Bush likened to the Japanese internment camps in the Us during World War 2, are not protecting them.
I don't think a wall is going to solve anything because the problem is not with the hispanics who want to cross the border. It is with America, who is not being compassionate and Christ like in its behavior.
It is not only this way for illegal immigrants. Even immigrants who come in legally are mistreated in the Us and this needs to change.

Natilee G

ok so first of all a large majority of violence that happen in Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Texas are by illegal immigrants. yes our facilitys for holding illegal immigrants is outrageous i assure you. but building a wall will help to slow the importation of drug and other harmful things from entering. I say that our border security should have a system that only takes a few months at the most for immigrants to enter on friendly terms. I also think that mexico should be trying to protect these people from suffering from violence. Also Natilee G if you look at the number of jobs held by illegal immigrants is far higher than those that were legal immigrants. I just when into a churchs chicken the other day and the two women in there could not even speak english! furthermore most landscapers make good money and i see more children under age working for them. so to say that most illegal immigrants have low wage jobs is only partial true, most landscapers get paid more than most people working at mcdonalds or wendys do.

@Etienne B.

Then how about we use the money to improve border shelters and the immigration process instead of building a wall that won't change anything important?
Also, why did you add the part about the two women who couldn't speak english? That isn't relevant to the topic and it makes it seem like you think that everybody must speak english. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I don't get why that was necessary or relevant.


I agree with Zach W. We should be spending the 5.7 billion dollars to improve our system for allowing immigrants into the country. That will take down the amount of illegal immigrants because it will be easier to get in, so it's basically a win for the government if they don't want illecal immigrants.
Also, Etienne, I'm not saying that everything I said pertains to every single case, but there is a majority of misunderstanding surround illegal and even legal immigrants and I don't think that is fair.

I understand :)

We are each allowed our own thinking on the matter so i respect your ideas and hope you can respect mine. also about the two woman who could not speak english, most buisnesses require you to speak english even a little bit so for them not to speak english was strange and i could not order any chicken!

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