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China Moon Landing
News Bytes 01/4/2019 12 Comments

China is starting the new year off with a bang. Its growing space program achieved a first yesterday: a landing on the so-called dark side of the moon.

Three nations—the United States, the former Soviet Union, and more recently China—have sent spacecraft to the near side of the moon. This is the first-ever far side landing.

The moon’s far side is sometimes called the “dark side” because it faces away from Earth and is relatively unknown. It has a different composition than the near side, where all previous missions have touched down.

The China National Space Administration says its Chang’e 4 craft has “opened up a new chapter in human lunar exploration.” Chang’e 4 will make observations and probe the terrain above and below the surface.

A photo sent back by Chang’e 4 shows a small crater and a barren exterior that appears to be illuminated by the lunar explorer.

The landing highlights China’s growing ambitions to rival the United States, Russia, and Europe in space, and to cement the nation’s position as a global power. “On the whole, China’s space technology still lags behind the West, but with the landing on the far side of the moon, we have raced to the front,” says Hou Xiyun, a professor at Nanjing University’s school of astronomy and space science.

The United States is still the only country that has successfully sent a person to the moon, though China is considering a crewed mission too. For now, it plans to send a Chang’e 5 probe to the moon next year and have it return to Earth with samples. There are also plans to visit Mars, Jupiter, and asteroids.

Hou says, “There’s no doubt that our nation will go farther and farther.”

Where shall I go from Your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from Your presence? If I ascend to heaven, You are there! — Psalm 139:7-8

(The first image of the moon’s far side taken by China’s Chang’e-4 probe. China National Space Administration/Xinhua News Agency via AP)

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1st comment!

Cool! I didn't know that there was a side of the moon that had not been explored yet, but I guess it makes sense. It's interesting that the far side of the moon has a "different composition."

Yea, I agree Lena. I didn't

Yea, I agree Lena. I didn't know about that. This is cool!



Interesting, didn't know that

Interesting, didn't know that before.

thats soooo cool!!!

thats soooo cool!!!


I love things like this!!!!!!!! My dad loves N.A.S.A. and so do I. Isn't it so cool that the U.S.A. is the ONLY country that has been on the Moon?!?! What?! China is planning on visiting Mars, Jupiter, Asteroids? That's a little more farther out there.


Sorry ( And Asteroids ).

Shastya H.

Hate to break it to you, but America isn't the only country that has come in contact with the lunar surface.

As stated by the article, America, China, and the Soviet Union (now dissolved) have landed there. Perhaps you are referring to the fact that America was the first to make a moon landing?

Sometimes I wonder if you get

Sometimes I wonder if you get a really strong Telescope and look at the moon if we could see the flag!!

(of the United States)

(of the United States)


Yea, that's what I meant. Thanks Stephen R.

Coooooooolllllll XD

That is so cool I would like to visit the moon :)

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