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Past Pres. George H.W. Bush Has Died
News Bytes 12/3/2018 18 Comments

America’s 41st president, George H.W. Bush, passed away on Friday at his home in Houston, Texas. He was 94.

Prior to taking on the presidency, Mr. Bush was a World War II veteran. He was also a congressman, director of the CIA, an ambassador to the United Nations and China, and a two-term vice president in the Ronald Reagan administration.

Despite all those credentials, colleagues and friends say the man they knew was a humble, modest, and unfailingly polite friend, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. They also say he was a devoted husband to his wife Barbara. The two were married for 73 years. She passed away in April of this year.

George H.W. Bush was elected president as a Republican in 1988. During his single term as America’s Commander-in-Chief, the world changed dramatically. The Cold War came to an end. The Soviet Union dissolved. The Berlin Wall fell, East and West Germany were reunited, and democratic nations sprung up across Eastern Europe. When Iraq under Saddam Hussein invaded the small but oil-rich Kuwait, President Bush responded by assembling a U.S.-led military coalition to quickly and effectively free Kuwait.

The resulting Gulf War was a successful offensive, conducted with few casualties. However, President Bush later admitted that he stopped short of completion. In hindsight, he felt he should have removed Hussein from power in Iraq at that time. His own son, 43rd president George W. Bush, would inherit that responsibility without the same rapid results.

At home, the president signed the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act. It banned workplace discrimination against people with disabilities. The act also required improvements to access to public places and transportation for the disabled. President Bush said he wanted to make the United States a “kinder, gentler” nation. He called on Americans to volunteer their time serving one another. He is remembered for predicting that the result of such volunteer charity would create “a thousand points of light.”

A year after the successful 1991 Gulf War, however, an economic crisis at home in America fueled discontent with Mr. Bush’s administration. He broke a campaign pledge that he would not raise taxes. A perception grew that due to his family wealth, Mr. Bush was out of touch with the ordinary citizen. He lost his bid for re-election. America voted Bill Clinton into office as the country’s 42nd president after he promised to address economic issues first. Clinton claimed to understand poverty. He told voters, “I feel your pain.”

Air Force One was sent to Texas over the weekend. It transported the former president’s casket from Texas to Washington, D.C. Mr. Bush’s body will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda. The public is invited to pay their respects from Monday evening through Wednesday morning.

(President George H.W. Bush talks to reporters at the White House in 1991, with his advisors present in the background. AP Photo)

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Raina (Hayden's sister)

This is sad. After all, he was once our president. Rest in peace.

may he rest in peace hope

may he rest in peace hope that he was a christen

so sad

so sad

so sad! may he rest in peace.

so sad! may he rest in peace. BTW, Luca p, i think he was a christian. he was a great president.

whoops! Leah p is the one i

whoops! Leah p is the one i am talking too. :)

I can't believe how devoted

I can't believe how devoted he and his wife were to each other, 73 yrs!

@OK yep

@everyone I am watching the funeral right now. so sad.

So sad

R.I.P President Bush. He was a good President. P.S. Did anyone see the person in the background?

guys i hate to brake it to you but...

l don't want to seem like l am love it that he is dead, because that is not true, he was a great man but he was not the best president. One of my goal in life is to be the president and l know if you're going to be the president you need to be honest (you need to be honest in whatever you do, lm just making a point). And George Herbert Walker Bush was not the most hones t president. Let me explain in election promises (a promise some one make when their running for election to help themselves get elected) was "l will not raise taxes". But of course he tried to not have to cut taxes but he almost caused another great depression, so he had to do it. I am not saying that it was the wrong to raise them because it is better than another great depression but he should not have told people that he would not raise them before he got elected. So because he did not keep his promises he didn't get elected for a 2nd term. But to be honest l would have rather had him again as a president besides Bill Clinton. When my dad was 10 my grandparents took him to Bush's inauguration (not many 10 year old could say they went to a presidents inauguration). There is still a lot of thing l agree with him about like how he band broccoli from the white house! True story! But it is still very sad that he died. I am not sure if he was a Christian or not but he still was a great man and he did what he thought what was right for out country (even if they weren't always the right choices). Also as l already said l done know for sure if he was a Christian or not there is a good chance.

Raina (Hayden's sister)

Hey everyone I did some research and in the article I read it says he was very faithful. Hopefully this means he was a Christian.

Sooo sad that he died.

Also a six year elephant named Lily died the same day at the Oregon Zoo. Both of them will be missed. President Bush was old!!!

Oh no.

I cant think of anything to say except my sincere condolences to his family.

Vice President

The tall guy in the back is former Vice President Dan Quayle. A childhood friend of my grandma.

To you

To Anna H, Yes, I did but I don't know who any one else is. And to Meg M, Who was the best President?


Humph!!! I think that he was one of the best presedant


That is kind of a opinion but my favorite president was Abraham Lincoln. But even he had mistakes as president, but he did have to be president through a hard time (the civil war)! And the whole country was divided and half of the country actually elected another president! I mean if l was president and that happened l would be really discouraged. But if my article made it seem that George H. W. Bush was the worst president then that is not right. I mean just look uppitiest Warring G. Harding. And there were people who did not exactly like (people who did not vote for him mostly) him. But even though people said horrible things about him he knew that they were not his enemies. And there are a lot of other good and great president like Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and more. None of them are perfect because nouns perfect, so if you ask different people you will get different answers. -Lucy M

@Ella b

I don't think it i too sad that he died because he was 94 after all. I think he lived life to the fullest. I am honestly more sad about Lily the elephant. Her life was so short :(

@Everyone who is wondering

He was a Christian, I watched his funeral and they also read his favorite scripture! Which I think is very sweet!

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