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Woman Freed in Pakistan
News Bytes 11/9/2018 14 Comments

Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted a woman of blasphemy after she spent eight years on death row. Yesterday she was released. But her whereabouts remains a secret. The stealth is because radical Islamists want Aasia Bibi publicly executed—all because she is not a follower of Islam.

Bibi’s ordeal began on a blistering hot day in 2009 when the 54-year-old mother of five, a farmworker, went to fetch water. An argument took place after two fellow women farmworkers refused to drink from the same container as a “Christian.” Muslims use the term “Christian” for anyone who is not Muslim. Bibi is Catholic.

Nearly a week later, the women said Bibi had insulted the Prophet Muhammad. She was charged with blasphemy. The charge carries the death penalty. Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010 and put in prison.

Since her release, radical Islamists have been demanding Bibi’s death—as well as the death of the three Supreme Court judges who acquitted her last week. Hardline Tehreek-e-Labbaik Party supporters took to the streets for three days to protest Bibi’s release.

Many people believe Bibi and her family will soon leave for Europe. Great Britain, Spain, and France have offered her asylum.

For Bibi’s husband, leaving Pakistan is painful—but a matter of life and death. “We have no other choice but to leave,” he says. “I love Pakistan but I can’t live here.”

The people in Bibi’s village are outraged at her release. “Before this we liked the Christian families,” says villager Aman Ali. “We always got along. But now there is only anger.” The village’s remaining three Christian families have fled.

Pray for safety, salvation, and peace in the Middle East.

(Pakistani protesters burn a poster image of Aasia Bibi, in Hyderabad, Pakistan. AP Photo)

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Most recent comments

Wow that is so sad! I am glad

Wow that is so sad! I am glad she is a Christian though.

that is really sad

that is really sad

Wow, just wow

Wow, just wow

I agree with Anna C. I'm also

I agree with Anna C. I'm also glad she is a Christian


OH MY GOSH!!! My Sunday school class and I have been praying for Aasia Bibis release for a few years and finally they decide to do so after 8 years!!!

-Olivia Hornor

sad. to bad they had to leave

sad. to bad they had to leave the country, but praise God she is a Christian and stood firm through 8 years on death row!

so sad!

so sad!

me and my class have been

me and my class have been praying for her release this whole year, so this is an answer to prayer

Last Sunday at my church was

Last Sunday at my church was dedicated to praying for the persecuted, and we learned about her then and prayed for her release. I hope she and her family can make it out safely!

that's so terrible that you

that's so terrible that you are put to death sentence


Even though they referred to her as a Christian, the article said she was catholic. It still sad.


i am so glad that she got freed! now we need to pray for her and her family to get out of Pakistan safely.


it's really cool that she stayed with her faith all those yrs.

wow 2

i am really glad she was set free. i hope the other Christians are ok.

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