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New Supreme Court Justice
News Bytes 10/10/2018 15 Comments

There’s a new Supreme Court justice in town. Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh emerged from behind the courtroom’s red velvet curtains yesterday and took his seat alongside his eight colleagues. His confirmation means there are now five solidly conservative justices on the nine-member bench.

Supreme Court justices sit by seniority, so President Donald Trump’s two appointees will flank the bench: Justice Neil Gorsuch at one end and Kavanaugh at the other.

Kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48 last Saturday, the closest vote since 1881. The new justice has assured Americans that he will be fair and is taking the job with “no bitterness” over the long process to confirmation.

Kavanaugh has begun moving in to his new office at the Supreme Court. He will take over space previously used by Justice Samuel Alito. Alito moved into offices vacated by Kennedy. Kavanaugh has also hired four clerks, all women, the first time that has happened. He has also been preparing to hear arguments this week—including yesterday’s about prison sentences for repeat offenders.

As the newest member of the court, Kavanaugh receives a few “special” jobs. He will be official note-taker for the justices when they meet for private conferences. He’ll also be the one to answer the door at those meetings if someone knocks to deliver something such as a justice’s coffee or forgotten eyeglasses.

Finally, he’ll sit on the committee that oversees the court’s cafeteria, which is open to the public. Chief Justice John Roberts has previously said that assignment is a way of bringing a new justice “back down to Earth.”

Judge with right judgment. — John 7:24

(AP Photo: Brett Kavanaugh speaks during the swearing-in ceremony for the U.S. Supreme Court.)

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So happy Kavanaugh is finally in the position. The far left is screaming that their immorality is being challenged. I love it.

Bethany H


I am glad too! You can just

I am glad too! You can just see his face and how happy it is:)




Yay! I'm glad the debate is finally over! I hope he'll do a great job! I think after that long process the guy deserves a month-long break or something. :-)


this si really good!!!

I am so happy for him to be

I am so happy for him to be getting there--he has a lot of godly morals, and he might overturn abortion! May God bless Judge Kavanaugh.


I'm really glad that Kavanaugh got the job, but as I read the article, it seemed to me that some of his 'special' jobs are kind of disrespectful to how high a level he is now at, like getting other judges' coffee, or bring a judge's forgotten glasses, but maybe it's just me. After all, he does need to settle into his new position and get the feel of it before he gets into the extreme work. He is going to be a just and fair judge in my opinion because he fears the Lord.

I’m glad he made it.

I’m glad he made it.


Yay! Finally we have a supreme court with a conservative majority.I love that the fer left has been shown for what they really are, liars and cheats. Ruth S., those jobs that the newest justice has to do are tradition, almost like a joke. Ya Know? [ hopefully they will be MY job someday]


This is the first i have heard of this debate over Justice Kavanaugh, however the fact that it was a 2 vote difference was very unexspected. That must mean that the left must have had a popular choose, and like you said Ruth it does seems as if the left has added extra "jobs" for Kavanaugh even though he is in a very high position.


So glad for this to finally happen! Rose, we shouldn't generalize all far left people as being cheats and liars. It's not fair to judge them all by the actions of some.


@Ruth In the supreme court system, to my understanding, the other supreme court justices make the junior member hold a couple responsibilities to humble them. Apart of what was mentioned in the article, the junior justice needs to be on cafeteria committee. All the junior justices have done this in the past. I don't think this is specifically towards Brett Kavanaugh. I may be wrong though.

Answering Issac R and Noah C

Well when you think about it Issac and Noah those who sopport the left are liberal and very aproving of abortion and homesexualism. Many memders of the left are immoral in there actions. Now don't get me wrong there are thoughs in the conservetive side that have their problems, but remember when when you allow the liberal majority to take advantage of conservetive members even if their a joinor or not it still shows a lack of professionism and mutual respect between members. Sure joking is one thing, however the "special jobs " described in the aticle are a little insulting. That was considered as a low menial assignment given to servants, butlers, or maids; not professional colegees. I can still see how it could be a joke if it fits into the realm of reason.


Well, I'm pretty sure that this is more of a a tradition than a rule by liberals who are trying to humiliate Kavanaugh.

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