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Red Tide Plagues Florida Beaches
News Bytes 10/8/2018 18 Comments

Many of Florida’s famous beaches were empty over the weekend. For the first time in decades, a red tide outbreak is plaguing both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts at once.

Red tide—a toxic algae bloom—can cause breathing problems in humans. It’s been blamed for tons and tons of dead fish on miles of beaches worldwide.

Florida’s Gulf Coast (western side of the state) has suffered with the algae outbreak all summer. But red tide showed up just last week on the Atlantic beaches (eastern side) of South Florida. State officials say a red tide bloom that began last fall now stretches roughly 135 miles along Florida’s southwest coast. The problem is affecting businesses, tourism, and vacations.

Lieutenant Matthew Sparling of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Ocean Rescue says, “People come here to be on the beaches, and they don’t want to be coming down here to be exposed to red tide or sewage spills or whatnot. “

In Florida’s Panhandle, crews of county jail inmates are cleaning up piles of dead fish killed by a red tide bloom near Panama City Beach.

The King Tides—the highest tides—hit South Florida in October and November. They could worsen the outbreak, as high levels of algae-laden seawater flow toward shore.

Scientist Vincent Lovko says the last time a red tide outbreak affected the Atlantic coast was in the mid-1990s.

Meanwhile, lifeguard Axel Decamillis sits in his truck wearing a respiratory mask on Miami’s Haulover Beach. “I’d rather be safe than sorry,” he says. “We call this area ground zero.”

(AP Photo: Dead fish float in the water near Canal Parkway in Mexico Beach, Florida.)

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That's sad! I just was

That's sad! I just was learning about this kind of stuff in biology:)

I wonder

I wonder if it affects mangrove trees in the keys


I hope it goes away soon! I just learned about this type of algae in my biology too

yuck! something like that

yuck! something like that happened to the Yellowstone river a couple years ago and when my family went rafting we saw fish floating all the way down the river it smelled awful
(they shut the river down the next day)

Wow! Was everyone okay Leah?

Wow! Was everyone okay Leah?


Oh no! Is there any way to stop it?


That's so sad! I really hope that stops happening.


That's crazy! I actually just learned about the red tide this week in my Apologia Biology.... Is that what you're doing Anna?

who's hungry for fish

who's hungry for fish


It was some kind of virus that attacked white fish the water didn't affect any of us so I don't think that it hurts humans but we did a serious raft wash on the raft the next day (-:


sad sad sad thats all i can say

Apologia Biology

Hey, JT H,

I have been learning the same things, with Apologia's HS Exploring Creation with Biology. I have been doing so at a CO-OP


I have heard about red tide before, but I never imagined it to be this bad! Please pray for the people cleaning up all of those dead fish!

Matthew H.

yeah Im also doing Apologia HS Exploring Creation with Biology!!! Im also doing it at a homeschool Co-op as well! That's so cool we are in the same book! Which module are you in? Im just starting module 4, the one about Kingdom Fungi

HS Biology

I just finished module 4. I am studying for a quartely test. I go to "H.E.L.P" Co-Op. Which one do you go to?


That is sooooo sad

Matthew H.

i just finished module 4 too!

Oh gross...

Oh gross...

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