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Quarantined Jetliner
News Bytes 09/7/2018 13 Comments

“Mission Control, we need assistance.” A large jet from Dubai caused a scare on Wednesday. A pilot radioed that the plane would be landing at New York’s Kennedy Airport—with several passengers and crew members showing strange symptoms aboard. Yesterday, CDC officials confirmed the mystery illness was influenza.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantined the double-decker Emirates aircraft holding 549 passengers. Medics evaluated about 100 of them. Some complained about coughs, vomiting, headaches, sore throats, and fevers.

Officials say 10 people—three passengers and seven crew members—ended up hospitalized. The rest were cleared to continue their travels while the CDC sought to determine what caused the sickness.

On social media, passengers posted photos and videos of a large-scale emergency response when the aircraft touched down at JFK.

Traveler Raghida Dergham said “Nobody was alarmed. . . . It was handled very well.”

But other passengers say they suspect some people were sick before they got on the plane. They blamed the airline for not doing more to protect the health of others.

“Why did they allow them on the flight?” says Srinivasa Rao. “I sat with them for 13 hours. If it’s a virus, we’re all getting sick.”

Passenger Erin Sykes posted a video of officers in masks and gloves taking the temperature of passengers on the tarmac. Sykes saw a few passengers being taken off the plane first for medical attention but that “many, many” others were showing signs of illness.

“Very intense coughing. Violently sick. Going into the bathroom a lot,” she says, adding, “People should know not to travel in a confined space with other healthy people.”

(AP Photo: Emergency response crews gather outside the plane at New York’s Kennedy Airport.)

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I definitely hope that its not influenza....
***First Comment***

Wow that would be scary! I

Wow that would be scary! I havne't been on a plane for a long time.

I'v never been on a plane

I'v never been on a plane

i heard this on my radio!

i heard this on my radio! Leah Same, I have never been on a plane either.

They should not let people

They should not let people with contagious sickness on planes, thats evil!


@AndreaB, if someone needs to be somewhere and they get sick, they have to be on a flight. Maybe planes should have a special area sectioned off so that ill passengers don't mix with other passengers.

I've never been on a plane either.

I had the flu on a 16 hour

I had the flu on a 16 hour flight from Tokyo to Seattle. I was so miserable. Influenza sounds terrible.

sickness does not spread that

sickness does not spread that fast it takes longer than a few hours more like 2 days


Actually, sickness can spread very fast. All it takes is for one virus to get into your system--without your immune system killing it--to give you the flu. You could get one just shaking hands with someone, or touching something they touched.


almost every time I fly to England i get sick... Traveling when you are sick is the worst.


I've been on a plane AT LEAST 50 times.

One time my brother threw up

One time my brother threw up on a plane.

Glad I wasn't on that plane!!

Glad I wasn't on that plane!!

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