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News Bytes 10/27/2016 616 Comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. It’s further evidence that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.

Marlowe was born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare. He was a playwright, poet, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Now he’ll share billing in the latest version of the New Oxford Shakespeare being published this week.

Scholars have long suspected that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others. But new methods helped researchers conclude that sections bore Marlowe’s trademarks.

"Shakespeare, like other geniuses, recognized the value of other people," Gary Taylor, a professor at Florida State University and principal investigator of the new work, says. "What is Shakespeare famous for? Writing dialogue—interactions between two people. You would expect in his life there would be dialogue with other people."

In Shakespeare's time, there was great demand for new material for the first mass-entertainment industry. A relatively small group of authors worked feverishly to meet this demand.

A team of 23 scholars looked afresh at Shakespeare’s plays. They used computers to reveal language patterns, trends, and associations—analyzing not only Shakespeare's words, but also those of his fellow authors.

Oxford University Press editors concluded that 17 of 44 works associated with Shakespeare had input from others.

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speaking of stories that are really funny

I wrote this based on a doodle war it is really really funny, and it makes sense without making sense. read it if you want to laugh really really hard.
Bob and the Mosquito
By Abigail H
A short story
Once upon a time there lived a mosquito named Fred. Fred was your average mosquito, hungry for blood, and very tiny. Normally he flew with his swarm but today he was out on his own. Fred aggravated a human named Bob. It was his natural instinct to bite humans and suck their blood. Bob, however, did not take kindly to being bitten, and brushed Fred off his arm. Fred flew back toward Bob buzzing around his head. Bob swatted at Fred for a bit, but Fred was too fast. So, Bob reached for a flyswatter lying on his grill on the porch. Bob pulled his arm back and smashed Fred with the flyswatter. Fred would no longer be a nuisance for Bob, who set the flyswatter back down on the grill and made his way back inside for a sandwich. The TV was playing a news flash of a Giant Monkey who had escaped from a circus. The monkey seemed to be heading toward Bob’s neighborhood. Also, the weather had been fluctuating very oddly, with a tornado hovering over the capital building, and various thunderstorms, flash floods, heat waves and freezes happening all over the city. One lady had reported that her house had frozen solid, while her neighbor’s pool had dried up.
While Bob was watching this, the Giant Monkey entered the backyard and ate the flyswatter. Bob, alerted by the noise looked out his window just in time to see his grill knocked over. Grabbing a taser Bob moved toward the door. The Giant Monkey turned toward Bob’s window and was promptly struck by lightning. Bob dropped the taser gaping. The situation was so incredulous, that Bob could hardly believe his eyes. The Giant Monkey lay on his porch gently smoking. As he stared out the window another flash of lighting hit the grill, the sound and shockwave of thunder shaking Bob’s house. The lightning storm thundered and raged for hours pummeling Bob’s house and the unconscious monkey, until an intelligent room fan named Techin, catapulted itself into the air blowing the storm away. How Techin became intelligent is beyond me, possibly something to do with the electrical surges in Bob’s house. Anyway, the lightning storm was blown away by Techin, who after his giant leap, fell and suddenly dropped through a trapdoor into an alternate dimension. Artificial Intelligence was never meant to exist on earth, and the warriors against artificial intelligence taking over the world (WAAITOTW) opened a trans-dimensional portal on Bob’s back porch. Techin fell through the trapdoor into Artificial Intelligence land. The wonders that this land held were indeed magnificent, nevertheless there were no humans to enjoy it since the AI’s, deeming them harmful to their earth, destroyed them.
Bob finally unfroze. The bizarre series of events that had just occurred had completely flabbergasted him. There was one thing Bob knew for sure, he did not want an alternate dimension on his back porch. Eyeing the closed trapdoor, Bob wondered first how it had gotten there, and second what he was going to do about it. The trapdoor seemed innocent enough. Bob went out onto the porch and scooted underneath it looking at the trapdoor. The most logical thing to do, he thought, would be to take the trapdoor apart. So, he found a drill and plugging it in, dismantled the trapdoor. Techin would be forever stuck in AI land, Bob thought wryly, and too bad, that was my favorite fan. Bob unplugged the drill and taking it inside left the porch to go take a hot bath. Just the thing to calm his nerves.
The water in the tub was hot. The rubber ducky inside it was floating peacefully. Bob was about to dump some bubble bath inside when the house shook. What is going on? Bob thought, as the shaking increased. The earthquake caused a bathtub tsunami that washed waves of water across the floor frying all the electricity. The house shook again, and Bob accidentally turned the water back on while trying to balance. The tub started to fill again, waves of water cascading over the side. The lights flickered. The house shook again knocking Bob over, into the wall where he collapsed dazed. Fortunately, for the electricity a pipe broke draining all the water that would have gone into the tub into the cellar. Bob stood up uncertainly noticing that the tub was no longer filling with water. The ground had stopped shaking and Bob walked over to the tub turning the water off. The temperature seemed to have dropped some, Bob figured that the water that had fried the electricity had also cut off the thermostat. What he didn’t know was that the extremely weird weather had caused a freeze in the cellar. All the water from the broken pipe had frozen solid. Bob decided to look at the fuse box in the cellar. Going outside he went down the stairs. The temperature dropped the closer he got to the cellar. The water that had puddled on the stairs was frozen solid. What is going on? Bob thought, turning and running back up the stairs. He grabbed a hammer and going back into the house, pried up a board in the floor above the cellar. Directly beneath him stuck frozen in the ice was a thermometer. A wave of freezing air hissed out of the cellar and Bob accidentally dropped his hammer into the cellar as he jerked away. The hammer smashed the thermometer and the temperature quickly rose back to normal. There was a cracking sound as the ice began to melt. Since he danger of freezing to death was safely averted, Bob went back outside and down into the cellar where he picked up the hammer.
As he walked back onto the back-porch Bob suddenly shrank down to weasel size. What is going on? Bob thought again, this is the oddest day of my life. A noise behind him made Bob turn. There was a mouse wearing a cape and holding a golden axe standing there glaring with ferocious terror. Bob scarcely had time to think before the scared mouse swung its legendary Golden axe cutting off Bob’s hand. Bob writhed on the ground clutching his dismembered hand. The mouse stood over him ready to finish him off when Bob saw a large rattlesnake coiled behind the angry mouse. The snake pounced on the mouse and swallowed it and it’s axe down into his behemoth belly. Bob stared in surprise and scooted away from the snake who was beginning to advance on him.
Bob suddenly found himself big again. The snake started in surprise and began rattling. Bob really did not want to add a rattlesnake bite to his list of injuries so, he grabbed the pruning scissors he had left on the porch and quickly cut off the snake's head. Picking up the dead snake Bob dropped the snake, scissors and all, into a trash can. Then he calmly called an ambulance to stitch up his wrist. The sun was beginning to set by the time it arrived to carry Bob off to the hospital.
There the trash can sat gathering rust. It was waiting for every moment when Bob or some random passerby tossed something into its depths. The most exciting thing that had ever happened to the trash can was when a dump truck picked it up and dumped the trash can’s contents into its belly to be crushed and burned. The trash can, being of course not alive, never suspected that a raccoon waited, hiding in the shadows ready to jump out and make its debut into the world. Jumping out of the shadows, the raccoon bowled into the trash can. “Dinner,” the raccoon thought. As he pawed the trash can around it jangled on his claws making a loud racket. The Giant Monkey, revived by the rattling sound decided to investigate. He suddenly swung out of Bob’s backyard and leaped onto the raccoon. The racoon screamed in anger this was his dinner not the Giant Monkey’s. The Monkey was three times as large as the racoon, but the racoon was clearly a better fighter. Bob was still at the hospital and had no knowledge of the event taking place in front of his house.
The neighbor heard the noise and freaked out, calling 911. The Dispatch answered, “Hello, what is your emergency?”
“There’s a racoon trying to kill a monkey at my neighbor’s house. They’re disturbing the peace, and I think the monkey is that Giant one escaped from the circus.” So, the police came with large guns to arrest the raccoon and return the giant monkey to its owners. Somehow word got out to the news who came with reporters, helicopters, and video cameras.
Bob’s neighbor found herself the center of attention,
“When did you notice that the racoon had started fighting?”
“How long have they been fighting?”
“Did you get any videos?”
“Where is the owner of the house?”
By this time the police had rounded up the racoon and the monkey and put them in their own separate cages. The monkey made a sorry sight looking sadly through the bars. The racoon had been stunned and could hardly be seen in the depths of its cage.
Bob’s aunt had seen the story on the news, recognizing Bob’s house she called him. Bob had recently gotten out of surgery and was extremely woozy. In her quavering falsetto Bob’s aunt said “Bob, dear, your house is on the news. Where are you?”
“Auntie, I’m at the hospital, my hand was cut off by a mouse with a sword.”
“Oh dear, you really should call the exterminator. How did it happen?”
“Apparently I’ve inherited your shrinking powers. There’s probably no need to call the exterminator; the poor mouse got eaten by a snake.”
“Oh, dearie me, inherited my powers have you. Well, that could prove troublesome, you’ll have to come visit me and I’ll give you some coaching on how to control the shrinking.”
If this was not crazy enough, some random psycho dude got ahold of a nuke and picking random coordinates launched it straight toward Bob’s house. One of the reporters, Jane Robins, happened to look up 20 seconds before the bomb hit. She saw the dark missile hurtling toward Bob’s house and called her college John Doe. John Doe was secretly Superdude. Superdude was the main hero of Supercity, and somehow despite all the news surrounding him still managed to maintain his alter ego. John Doe quickly changed into his super-suit and left his office at supersonic speeds as Superdude.
Superdude raced to Bob’s house, grabbed the bomb, which was nearly stationary at the speed Superdude was traveling, and hurled it into A.I. Land. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea, somehow the bomb got going fast enough to break through the space/time rift and drop into A.I. land. I kind of feel bad for all the robots, especially Techin.
Superdude then floated gently down to where the awed reporters were staring at him. Drake the reporter dropped his mike, Bob’s neighbor fainted, and the police all unfroze. The racoon was quickly bundled into a police car, and the police called the circus to come pick up their monkey.
The chemist who lived down the street, was making a lot of money off of selling homemade nuclear weapons and had a reactor in his basement. Incidentally this was how the random dude got ahold of his missile. Seeing Superdude on his way the chemist shook his fist, and looked at his element store for plutonium. Plutonium happened to be Superdude’s weakness. When in contact with plutonium Superdude lost all sense of his powers and had a very bad asthma attack. The chemist quickly found plutonium and rushed outside phasing through everything at the speed of light. By doing this he was able to “accidentally” drop a piece of Plutonium on the sidewalk right when Superdude touched down.
Superdude was rendered helpless. He started wheezing and was beginning to pass out when Bob’s aunt pulled up with Bob in the car, hand intact and mental capacities mostly so. Thinking quickly, Bob used his secret gravity powers to send the plutonium into the center of the earth where it disintegrated completely. Superdude was rushed to the hospital, Jane Robins following. The circus arrived and retrieved the monkey from the police who left with the racoon. While Bob went inside his house and collapsed on his bed, Bob’s aunt dispersed the reporters. The neighbor, revived, went back to bed.
After thousands of years a random star went supernova creating a black hole ending life on earth as Bob knew it. Earth had been overrun by the robots from A.I. land, who had managed to reopen the trans dimensional portal and all the humans had evacuated across the universe to another planet where they shielded it from all further invasions. The robots were never able to track the humans down, so they had to be content with taking over the galaxy. They lived in relative peace until they were swallowed by the black hole. This black hole existed for another million years until another star went supernova creating a larger black hole that sucked in the entire universe over a period of 4,000 light years. Of course, by this point in time Bob and everyone else no longer on earth are most definitely dead.
All this passed through Bob’s mind in a moment. Then, stubbing his toe he jolted back into reality. “Ugh mosquitoes!” He thought again “I really wish I had a flyswatter. But it doesn’t matter." Bob thought again “I wonder why mosquitoes are in the desert anyway. I haven’t seen another living thing in a few days they don’t have anything to eat, and yep, my mind is wandering again. Focus, how did I get here?” Bob thought, “I don’t really remember, there was something about a chemist?” Shaking his head trying to clear the fog that comes with dehydration. “I really wish I had a compass. That would come in handy, and a map. Actually, take that back, I wish I could fly or have gravity powers, then I could bring some briny water to the surface.” Bob stopped knowing that he was rambling. “WAIT I do have gravity powers,” he said and passed out, his mind leaving that reality. Bob did not feel the rainstorm that flew in flooding the desert bringing rejuvenating life to the ground. Or the giant You’rmo’m that swallowed the storm, eating the clouds like chicken. Or the cactus needle that popped the giant. Bob was too busy watching the writer of this story lay down her pen and quit.

This is wyn /Abigail

Wow, that is a very funny story! XD


My first thought is wow! And: it reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. If you haven't seen one of them, go watch one. They might still be on Netflix. They're a little creepy but that's what makes them good. ;) Also what is a doodle war?

@ Sara

Well I don't have Netflix so oh well, but I have heard of the twilight zone before
A doodle war is kind of hard to explain basically one person draws something, then passes the paper to someone else who draws something to attack the original drawing, the next person draws another thing to attack the 2nd persons drawing and so on. This one started with a mosquito, then a fly swatter, then a monkey, then a lightning storm, then a room fan, then a trapdoor, then a drill, then water, then a broken pipe, then a thermometer, then a hammer, then a hand, then an axe, then a snake then some scissors, then a trash can, then a raccoon, then the police, then a nuclear bomb, then superman (which changed to superdude) then kryptonite (which changed to plutonium), then the kryptonite/plutonium got sent to the center of the earth, then a black hole, then a bigger black hole, then a person who thought all of the doodles up, then a desert, then a rainstorm, then a giant your mom (which I changed to you'rmo'm), then a needle, and then I wrote down "the doodler quit" sorry long comment.


I get it now. It sounds exactly like what it is. The Twilight Zone is also on Hulu. I don't know if you have that but you should if you have Roku or a Fire TV. Thanks for telling me. :)


Also, who here has listened to or at least heard of Adventures in Odyssey (AIO)? I've written some scripts on those (made up).


Happy Easter!!! I hope you all are enjoying this special holiday.

@Sara D

Yes, we have heard of AIO! We like to listen to them on road trips. I like some of the longer, more intense ones, or else their series on American history. They are really good too.

@ Riley/ This is Bella

How's your Civil War story? Do you have any more for us to read? :)


Thanks for asking. It is at a lull at the moment. I have not had any time to write lately, I have been very busy. Between school, all my house chores, 4-H, babysitting, piano lessons, etc., it is kinda hard to find time to sit and write! XD So I don't have any more for y'all to read yet. Sorry.

Hi! I'm new here. I like to

Hi! I'm new here. I like to write. Right now I'm working on re-writing the book I wrote in November. It's about a girl and her invisible friend, Nobody. Has anybody read any good books recently?

@ Anastasia

Welcome to the Type-Writes! (Or typelings whichever you prefer lol) that sounds like a good story, if you want to post a snippet of it id love to read it. Do you plan on publishing it? Yes I have, I’m reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin for school right now. And for fun I’m reading the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler, which is really good. I just finished Les Miserables not too long ago. What about you, have you read any good books lately? I’m always looking for recommendations. What are some of the favorite books you’ve ever read?

@Anastasia M

Howdy! That sounds interesting! New books. . . well, it all depends on what kind of books you like. What do you like to read? I like historical fiction and everyday-fiction (that is what I call it.) So I really like the Zion Covenant series by Bodie Thoene. Heaven is for Real is good, If you are a horse person, then Winnie the Horse Gentler and Backyard Horses are good. If you like fantasy, I suggest The Prince Warriors by Pricilla Shirer. There are so many good books out there! I have read so many! Maybe narrow it down to a few genre that you like and I might have more suggestions. :)


Amelia: It would be really cool to get my story published one day. The first draft of it was 40,000 words, so I'll have to stretch it longer. if I really want that to happen. I do want to bind a copy of it myself when I finish. This isn't from the Nobody story, it's just a snippet of a story I want to write:

The day was gorgeous. It was the type of weather that made you want to run down a hill yelling at the top of your lungs; weather that made you want to lay down down in the sweet smelling grass and read a weathered old book for the eighty-eighth time; weather that made you feel productive; weather that made you happy.
At least, it would have made Lizzy happy if she could go outside. And to go outside she would have to complete the one task that made her the least happy. Finishing her math homework. But the air smelled so good. Lizzy got up and walked to the window. The breeze was so inviting she couldn’t help but push the window all the way up. She leaned out. The sun’s rays were playing with the golden rod. And the breeze— oh, the breeze!—the warm sweet smelling breeze tossed her curls back and forth.
“It’s gorgeous!”
It was, indeed, gorgeous. Lizzy stuck her head farther out. The sun warmed her neck and she closed her eyes. How lovely it was. Oh! How she wished to run around outside and play in the mud right now.
She was so absorbed that she didn’t notice her Mom coming up behind her. And so, when her Mom yelled, “Lizzy!”, she promptly fell out of the window.

Right now I'm reading Emma for school. I'm also reading That Hideous Strength. It's the 3rd book of the Space trilogy by CS Lewis, which I highly recommend. It's so thought provoking!

Riley: Haha! I get you about having so many book reccomendations. I actually like all sorts of books, although I'm not a fan of personified animals. I like James Herriot though. I'll try to check out the ones you reccomended. Thanks!

ooh books!

I am a book worm, though right now I am reading like 10 different books at the same time, skim reading books for papers, and reading a fiction book a day. My favorite book is Lord of the Rings. I just finished The Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges, and am working on Worship matters by Bob Kauflin, and am rereading through the Alex Rider series. I would highly recommend the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. The space trilogy was really interesting, I thought it was very weird, but it was very thought provoking. For historical fiction, Little Women series, I read a really cool story on Pontius Pilate I think the title is Pilate. Narnia is also great series anything by C.S. Lewis is great. I recently got into mysteries, like Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Cristie books, which I would also recommend.


That sounds great! I have read Out Of the Silent Planet, but havent finished the series. Oooh, Emma!! I love Jane Austen!! Have you read any of her other books? My favorite is Pride and Prejudice.


I love LOTR, I am actually relistening to it right now. I also love Little Women, Narnia, and Wingfeather!! I was getting into Agatha Christie and need to get into her again. Sherlock Holmes is on my extremely long list of to read books lol. That Pilate book sounds cool

@Anastasia M

Yes, like the others said, Little Women (and the other books like Little Men, Jo's Boys, etc.) are really good! Um, about the Zion Covenant. . . I don't know how old you are, but I would say be at least 13 or 14 before reading them. They are during WWII and can have some gruesome stuff sometimes. I mean, it IS the Nazis, what can you say? It is not super bad, but some scenes are pretty bloody. So just a heads up if you don't do well with that sort of stuff. But most of it, they are working for the underground resistance, and neat stuff like that.

book hangovers?

Hello, I'm also new to WorldTeen. Two of my favorite hobbies are writing and reading. Do any of y'all get book hangovers too?


I love your story, by the way. It's so descriptive and the end was really funny

@ Kaitlana

Welcome! What's a book hangover?


When you feel sad after finishing a book series or desperately wish there was more. When it happens to me, I usually just reread the series... XD


Hi!! It seems like there's been a lot of activity here lately. Sorry i haven't been around much. How are everyone's books going? I'm seeing a lot of new people here. @KAITLANA O, welcome to the club!!

@ Kaitlana

Ok! Yeah I get book hangovers, I also cry a lot when reading. lol. One nice thing with being a Tolkien fan it is going to take me a long long long time to finish all of his stuff.

@Scarlett: hi! Good to meet

@Scarlett: hi! Good to meet you (virtually at least lol)
@Abigail: Oh, same! Books make me cry a lot too (and laugh!).


For those of you who are new, our last writer's 'club got shut down. There are only so many comments that can be posted on one article. If anything ever happens here, we plan to restart at this link:


For those of you who are new, you should see this message. Our last comments page got shut down because there are only so many comments one article can have. If anything ever happens to our writer's club, the plan is to re-group at this link:

posted twice oops :).

posted twice oops :).


Welcome here!
Um, I don't usually cry over books, but sometimes I wish the series would just keep going and going. Like the one I am reading now, the Zion Covenant, I am in the last book, but I remember when I read them before that i wanted them to keep on going! I want to see what happens to the characters!

@Riley D

I get what you mean :). Or how you wish one author would live on forever.


Hey everyone, I haven't been on WorldTeen for a while, so I just realized today that the Voice of a Storyteller is down! How are everyone's books going? I recently started a new one and so far it's so fun to write and is going well!

@Hannah W/this is wyn

Welcome to Hot of the Oxford Press! I'm glad to hear your book is going well. I am writing a book but*nervous chuckle*I haven't worked on it recently. :D

@ Riley/ This is Bella

How's the Civil War story coming?

@ Wyn

Aurgg! This is the second time this has happened today!


I recently started a new story too. It's my first time writing in first person, though, so I'm kind of nervous to see how it turns out. Here's what I have so far (and feel free to let me know if there's anything weird or confusing lol):
The forest is alive. I hear it in the birds’ afternoon songs and the squirrels’ noisy chatter and the coyotes’ throaty yaps. I feel it in the thorny burrs that get stuck in my sneakers; the rough branches I bend aside; the warm August air caressing my skin.
My last few steps through the trees are easier—I’ve worn a small trail through the knee-high grass and man-swallowing bushes. It’s too faint to be seen from the house, but I know where it is. I will never forget how to reach my Special Place. Its location has been engraved in my mind and hidden in my heart. It’s a Place where time stops, and I can sit and breathe. A place where nothing else has to matter. Not Tourette’s or starting eighth grade or even my best friend leaving. I close my eyes briefly as the thought slams into me again. It’s a mistake to think about her, and I feel my tics rising.
I hold them back and sit down with my back against the Hollow Tree. I breathe in the scent of my Special Place. It smells of pine needles and freshly turned dirt and broken promises.
A twig snaps, spoiling the quiet, and I instinctively spin around. A doe stands at the edge of the clearing, outlined by trees. Her ears are tilted up, her eyes wide with panic, and I’m suddenly struck by how good a painting this would make. I debate on whether to grab a paintbrush from my bag or the camera I keep in the Hollow Tree. But I’m afraid the doe will bolt if I move, so I just lean back against the Hollow Tree and relax.
From here, I have a clear view of Nervine Hollow. It’s a little town in California ten miles away from the Pacific coast and forty miles from San Francisco. I like to think that Nervine Hollow is the best place in the world. It has wildflower covered hills and great climbing trees and it’s only a thirty-minute bike ride from the beach. Best of all, not many tourists know about it, so Nervine Hollow still has a small-town feel.
The mysterious name is a nice bonus too. Legend has it that thousands of years ago—back when fairies still lived with humans— a man named Alden Nervine rescued a fairy from being impaled by the sharp teeth of a lion. (Or was it a coyote? We really don’t see many lions around here.)
Anyway, he rescued the fairy from some terrible fate and the fairy granted him a wish. Alden Nervine had just married and his wife was pregnant (actually, some versions say that they had twelve children), so he wanted to find a beautiful, peaceful place to raise his family where no harm would come to them.
He looked around the world, but everywhere he looked there was death and destruction and fairies being impaled by teeth. So Alden Nervine wished for a perfect place to raise his family where they would be safe. The fairy granted his wish and sprinkled some magic powder/pixie dust on a tree. And Nervine Hollow was born.

@Hannah W

Yeah, VOAST shut down. I think. there must be a limit on how many comments can be on one page. But you found us!! Welcome back.


Wow! It seems like you've been doing a lot of really solid writing work. What type of books do you enjoy? I like young adults realistic fiction and sometimes sci-fi.

@Bella (And Everyone!)

Actually, I was just working on it, and I need a little help. I am in need of a word where the underscore is. . . I am wanting some sort of word that kind of means 'indecisive' or something down those lines. Meaning like that family can't make up their mind about which side to be on, but it needs to be sort of a mean and accusing word. Any suggestions?
Feeling cool and refreshed after her walk, Evelyn hurried back inside and put the bread in the oven. Finding her needlework, she went out on the porch and sat in her mother’s old rocking chair. Evelyn seemed to find comfort in sitting there. As she sat wondering where James and Henry were, and what they were doing, Adela and Danny came home from school. They came through the front gate, and Adela ran up the path to where Evelyn was on the porch.
“Look at Danny!” she cried.
Evelyn looked up and gasped. Danny was covered in dirt, his shirt was torn, and there was dried blood below his nose.
“What happened to you?” asked Evelyn, concerned.
“I got in a fight,” mumbled Danny, knowing that his father would have been displeased if he heard his son had been in a fight.
“You did what?” Evelyn asked, a little more sternly.
“I got in a fight!” Danny burst out. “And I’m not ashamed either! It was that old Sean Lowry! He was calling Henry a turncoat and a traitor, and making fun of our family, saying that we are _________ for not being able to make up our minds about which side to be on, since we have family on both sides! So I beat him up!” Danny burst out crying angry tears, which made muddy rivers down his face. This story made Evelyn angry as well; so much so that she would have liked to beat up Sean Lowry as well, but she knew that she must be a lady about it and that she would have to explain to Danny that he should not get in a fight, even if provoked.

@ Riley on synonyms

Here are a few synonyms for indecisive: insecure, cagey, reticent, wobbly or wabbly, vacillating, fainthearted, wishy-washy, fence-sitters, or ditherers.
I'm not sure if any are offensive or not. Your story is coming along!

@Scarlett: Thanks! I love

@Scarlett: Thanks! I love young adult fantasy, historical fiction, and heist stories. Have your read the Books of the Infinite series by R.J. Larson? If not, I highly recommend it. It's about a seventeen year old girl who is called to be a prophet for the Infinite (a name for God in this series).
@Riley: Maybe a wuss or fence-sitter or a waffler. I think most of those are pretty modern terms though. I agree with Abigail on ditherer too.

@Abigail and Kaitlana

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I like the fence sitter one, and maybe the boy could say that they were fence sitters who couldn't decide which way to climb off the fence, or something down those lines.
@Kaitlana: I like historical fiction too! Have you read In My Father's House? It is during the Civil War, I really enjoyed it! Also, your name is really unique!!


I was just about to say yes, but the book I read is In My Father's House by Corrie Ten Boom, and it's set during World War II. Is that the book you are talking about or a different one?
Lol, yes. The story is that my mom wanted Lana because it means beauty and my dad wanted Kate because it means pure, so they compromised and came up with Kaitlana... Also, my initials are KO, so I get a lot of name jokes XD.


No, i have never heard of that series. it sounds interesting though! I know someone with the spiritual gift of prophecy which i think is pretty cool. Have you heard of the author Gary D. Schmidt? He's a brilliant Y.A. author. I sent him a letter and knit him a scarf earlier this year to show my appreciation of his books. (I encourage all of you to write to your favorite authors, it's a really great way to connect.) He's leading a writing workshop in Michigan next year and I hope to attend.


No, it is that one by Ann Rinaldi. I didn't know there was one by Corrie ten Boom! I have read The Hiding Place by her. Have you? Hey that's really neat about your name!
@Scarlett: I was given Okay for Now, by Schmidt, for a gift by a friend who really likes his books, but I wasn't too impressed. The way the words are a such, Just one example would be that he used 'stupid' on like every page it seemed, and I don't really like that word. The character was just calling everything stupid. But yeah, some people like him, and that would be neat if you could go to his workshop!!!!!!


@Scarlett: No, I haven't heard of him. I'll check out some of his books though. I've actually never thought about writing to my favorite authors! I might try that some time. That's really cool about the workshop!
@Riley: Oh lol. Maybe I'll read the one by Ann Rinaldi. My reading list is so overloaded right now though... I have read The Hiding Place! It's so good. It made me cry too, but that's not much of a qualification since just about every book makes me cry XD. I also recently read Return to the Hiding Place by Hans Poley. It's from the perspective of one of the men hiding with the Ten Booms and it provides a lot of extra insight.
Have you read the Voice of the Martyrs book Hearts of Fire? It's really inspiring, and I think you would enjoy it if you liked The Hiding Place.


I have actually never heard of Return to the Hiding Place! It sounds interesting!
I have heard of the Hearts of Fire. We might have it but I am not sure. Maybe I will look into it. what exactly is it about?

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Sorry i haven't gotten back to you yet! We've been so busy, because today is our last day of school and we've been trying to finish things up! Here are two suggestions (that you really don't have to use, just ideas):
1. Maybe when Evelyn is sewing, you could put a sentence or two more about like how she misses them, wonders how they are, what they're doing, etc? But it really sounds great how it is, it is up to you.
2. This one is REALLY up to you; maybe you could mention that Evelyn is having a hard time with everything changing, etc and when Danny talks about the fight, she could lash out? IDK it's up to you! It's really coming along! I'm so excited for more! P.S. How's new hope?

@ Riley/ This is Bella

new hope should be New Hope! Sorry! :D


Sadly, my book list is never overloaded b/c i can never find enough books to read! These suggestions sound good! I'll have to look into them!

400th Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

400th Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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