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News Bytes 10/27/2016 616 Comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. It’s further evidence that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.

Marlowe was born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare. He was a playwright, poet, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Now he’ll share billing in the latest version of the New Oxford Shakespeare being published this week.

Scholars have long suspected that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others. But new methods helped researchers conclude that sections bore Marlowe’s trademarks.

"Shakespeare, like other geniuses, recognized the value of other people," Gary Taylor, a professor at Florida State University and principal investigator of the new work, says. "What is Shakespeare famous for? Writing dialogue—interactions between two people. You would expect in his life there would be dialogue with other people."

In Shakespeare's time, there was great demand for new material for the first mass-entertainment industry. A relatively small group of authors worked feverishly to meet this demand.

A team of 23 scholars looked afresh at Shakespeare’s plays. They used computers to reveal language patterns, trends, and associations—analyzing not only Shakespeare's words, but also those of his fellow authors.

Oxford University Press editors concluded that 17 of 44 works associated with Shakespeare had input from others.

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Most recent comments

300th Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Sara: Ok, cool. :)
@ Riley: You're welcome! Let us know when you've written more! I'd love to read it!

302nd comment

can I join plz

What are your guys favorite

What are your guys favorite things to write? I love to write children's books and I intend to publish one of my books this year :)
Does anyone like to write poetry or haikus? Poetry is one of my favorite types of writing.

Also does anyone find it

Also does anyone find it difficult to commit to a story? I start a lot of different stories and I need to get better at actually committing to them and finishing them.

i meant committing to writing

i meant committing to writing a story

This is wyn

@Morgan-I like to write fiction chapter books that have animals in them.
@Amari-Of course you can join : )

@ Amari/This is Bella

Of course! What do you like to write?
@ Morgan: I have the same problem! I start a book and then by chapter two, it's gone. I'm pretty bad at writing poetry and children's books but it's cool you might get something published!


I like writing historical fiction.

@Morgan /This is wyn

I also like to write poetry, though I'm kind of bad at it.


@Amari: Yes you can join!
@Morgan: I like to write what I call "real life fiction" (I don't know the proper name for it) But pretty much like writing in a modern time era with regular people in everyday life (but with a story plot of course), but it is at the same time fiction. I have started a historical fiction too and I am liking that as well. I have tried my hand at poetry and I guess I do pretty well at it but it is definitely not my first choice of writing. What I like writing the least (and reading) is fantasy. I just can't ever seem to get a good story to come out. I am just not that sort of a person I guess. Oh, with the exception of reading Narnia. Those are really good. :)


I write fiction but also biographies. I am reading The Touch of Magic by Lorena A. Hickok, which is a biography about Annie Sullivan (the person who taught Helen Keller).


yep I start writing a story and then lose momentum. But I have been trying to regularly sit down to write. Thanks it would be awesome to publish a book! :)
Also can i join this group?


@ Riley: It's been a long time, but how are your Civil War and Stone Briar Mansion stories going?
@ Morgan & Bella: That's the same for me! I seem to never finish writing, but I try. :)
@ Morgan: Of course!


@Morgan: Sure!
@Bethy: Well, Stonebriar Mansion has run into a brick wall for the moment, so until it can tear it down, it will not be moving. ;) :b My Civil War book is coming along. I just posted a bit more on the previous page, towards the end, if you would like to read it! :)

This is Wyn

Here is a poem I wrote recently. It's called the The Hospitality of Trees
We stand tall
We stand strong
We protect
And suspect
That the birds and the squirrels
Who are housed in our branches
Depend on our hospitality and strength
So when we fall
And are old
And start to mold
We suspect
We can't protect
All those birds and those squirrels
Who used to live in our branches
And they will have to find a new tree to call home.

This is Wyn/ @ ^

There is supposed to be a period after strength. I think my computer corrected it.


Hey that is GREAT! Good job!!!!! Way to go!

This is wyn /@Riley


@Belwyn R

Hi!! That's a really amazing poem. It's not overly descriptive yet the words are powerful. Keep it up!

Update everyone. We've decided not to move to TX. But thanks for your input everyone!! I've loved talking to all you texans. Thanks, y'all!

This is Mylee

@Scarlett that's exciting ! A lot of ppl are moving her especially from California .


Oh, that is too bad! May I ask why? I thought that you were pretty gung-ho about this school. Oh hey, you could move to Texas just because.......... The government is better than that in California, if you ask me. ;)


and hey, you are gettin' a hold of this here slang talkin'! ;) XDXD

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Hey, how's you CW book coming? Do you have any more?
@ Scar: How are you? Are you happy or sad about the decision not to move? How are your books coming?

writing group on world teen

Hi, I got reading through comments and found this group so I wandered through different links until I found the most recent one, I was like ooh a writing group! I like writing as well, and am currently working on some books ish. Can I join? That poem is super cool, I am terrible at poetry but love writing.

This is wyn /Abigail

Of course, you can join. We would be happy to hear what you've wrote. : D

writing subjects?

Since I'm new,
what genre does everyone like to write on?
Personally I'm a fantasy and sci-fi writer, though I mostly write essays for school. I've also tossed around realistic fiction, however, everything seems to end up turning into superheroes.


@Bella: It is going well! I am going to post more hopefully!
@Abigail: Welcome here! I like writing what I think you called 'realistic fiction'. I define that as everything is fiction (or most things) but it is set in modern day time and modern characters. That is what I love to write. I am also trying out historical fiction, and am writing a book about the Civil War. If you read back through these pages of comments you will find bits that I have posted, if you are interested in reading them. I simply call it 'Book' at the moment, as I have not struck upon a title yet.


Ok I looked and my Book parts start on page 4 of this article.


-----Here y'all are!-------
Evelyn set the breakfast on the table and they all ate quickly. After they had finished, Danny and Adela hurried quickly outside to do their chores. Evelyn cleared the table and started pumping water into the sink to wash the dishes. She suddenly quit pumping and leaned heavily on the counter. Why had James done this? She cried silently in her head. It was bad enough to have one brother facing bullets, but now two? And even worse, they would be shooting at each other. Evelyn remembered the anger that James had felt against Henry. She silently prayed that they would never meet in battle. She felt that if they did, James might purposely try to kill Henry. Evelyn let herself have a little cry, but then dried her eyes and got to work. She remembered her words to the children earlier about how there was nothing they could do about it now. With that in mind, she set herself to the task of the dishes, and later to the house cleaning.
Danny successfully fed the animals and filled the wood box. Adela lugged in a nice bucket of milk, which Evelyn let sit for the cream to rise. Later she would skim it and make butter.
The children hurriedly changed their clothes and headed out for school. After she had sent them on their way, Evelyn closed the front door and turned around with her hands on her hips. She needed a plan and a place to start. Of course, she had been taking care of the house ever since their parents had passed, but it seemed different now that her brothers were gone as well.
“I’ll get some bread rising first,” she said aloud to herself. “Then I will start the cleaning. First I will do the dusting, then the sweeping, and then the mopping. In the middle there will be a quick lunch. After that I will tend to the gardens a bit and then do a bit of needlepoint. At that point Adela and Danny will be home, and I will set them to their chores. I will make supper and then we can have our little family devotions before bedtime.” Satisfied with her plan, she set about mixing up the bread.
Family devotions were something that her parents had started many years ago. Each evening, the family would gather in the parlor to sing some hymns and read out of the big family Bible.
Evelyn soon busied herself with the dusting, humming as she worked. This was not her ideal life, but she would make it work.

This is wyn/@Riley

Your book is sounding really good!

CW book

@ Riley,
I skim read all the comments on this article and I think your book is really cool! I enjoy reading historical fiction, but I don't think I've tried writing any before. Titles can sometimes be really hard to come up with, I've had to re-do titles because I've come up with one and then I find out it's copyrighted. :(
have you finished any books?

fantasy book

This is the prologue to a fantasy book I'm writing, thoughts?
Beatrieth woke up to the sound of ragged breathing. Ever since her mother had become bedridden, she had moved a pallet into her mother's room, and began sleeping there in case her mother needed anything, or if the twins were coming. It was a week before the midwife said they were due, but anything could happen this close. The midwife also said that her mother would not survive the labor. Beatrieth didn't want to let that happen. She sat up; it was still pitch black out. Straining to listen to her mother's breathing, Beatrieth closed her eyes. Strained and hoarse, the sound of breath being forced out of her mother's lungs made Beatrieth cringe. It was too uneven for her mother to be asleep.
"Mother?" Beatrieth softly asked. "How are you doing?"
"Fine dear, could you get me some water?" Merriane asked. If only my father hadn't gone out with the patrol that day. Beatrieth thought. He would be here now, helping her, doing what I never could. But the goblins had taken him, bleeding and wounded along with all of the party but Phileth whose father had told him to hide in a tree before the goblins had overtaken them. Phileth climbed the tree and was told to stay even if the worst happened. Phileth and Zaren were training to become part of the defense of the city. Once they turned twenty, they would officially be welcomed into the armed force. But that was three years away. Phileth couldn't do anything and watched helplessly as his father, my father and three others, who I didn't know very well were brutally attacked knocked unconscious or slain, and dragged off. Phileth didn't think any of them could have survived. Beatrieth thought about all this as she slipped into the main room of their cabin and filled a cup with water from a pitcher. As she walked back to her mother's room her brother Josephat opened the door to his room.
"Is everything all right?" He asked.
"I think so, just in case don't go back to sleep right away." Beatrieth said.
"Okay, knock if you need anything." Beatrieth's 14-year-old younger brother closed the door. He looks so much like father, Beatrieth thought. Beatrieth entered Merriane's room with the water. The moon had moved so that it was shining through the window. Merriane lay bathed in moonlight her chest lightly rising and falling. Her face looked pinched in pain to Beatrieth, and her hands lay on her stomach. Beatrieth was at her side in an instant, and she gently lifted her mother up to give her some sips of water.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Beatrieth asked, worried.
"I think they might be coming." Merriane said. "It's too early to tell, but you better have Josephat run get the midwife." Merriane gasped, wincing in pain. Beatrieth laid her mother back down and ran out of the room, knocking on Josephat's door on her way to the fire.
"It's time?" Josephat asked, eyes wide.
"She's gone into labor. Run get the midwife." Beatrieth said, as she fanned the coals in the fire pit back into flame. Josephat nodded and grabbing a jacket ran out the door. Beatrieth watched him leave, then started lighting the lanterns in the main room. Grabbing the cooking pot, she filled it with water and put it on the fire. The clean linens were on a shelf, and Beatrieth grabbed them and taking a lantern moved back toward her mother's room.
Three hours later
Beatrieth stood up as the midwife and goodwife Allisona, came out of her mother's room. Their faces were sad and careworn, Beatrieth at once assumed the worst. "Mother?" she managed. Josephat sat up from where he had fallen asleep on the floor.
"She's sleeping quietly, but I'm afraid your mother won't live out the week." The midwife said.
Beatrieth nodded trying to keep from crying. "The twins?" Josephat asked.
"They didn't survive the pregnancy. I'm sorry." Allisona said coming over to hug Beatrieth. "When we've cleaned them up and dressed them then we will hold a funeral. Do you know what your mother was going to name them?" She asked.
"Mother said we could name them. Jarred and Anna, after my father and his mother." Josephat said. Beatrieth was crying into Allisona's shoulder. Josephat turned away wiping at his eyes. Losing their father was bad enough, but their mother and little sister and brother was harder than even that had been. Josephat wondered what his life would look like after his mother had died.
9 months later
Zaren and Phileth were sparring when the news came. Goblins had raided a farm not far from the city walls. They were supposed to go with the guard when something like this happened, but the third attack this week was making governor Corothonial worried and anyone not of age was no longer allowed out of the city. Beatrieth had run into the clearing behind Corothonial's house where Zaren and Phileth usually practiced, and breathlessly said. "There's been another raid. I don't know the particulars but Corothonial, Dan and Reggan, went to help."
"Whose house is it." Phileth asked.
"Farmer Brown. We saw the flames from the wall." Beatrieth said.
"I thought the Browns were quarantining, some sort of nasty flu." Zaren mused brows furrowing.
"They are, I think, but Goblins are Goblins, and your father will always help someone who needs it." Beatrieth said.
"You're right about that, but something feels off about the whole thing."
"We should head toward the walls, see if we can see anything." Phileth said.
"That's a great idea" Zaren said. They raced back through the way Beatrieth had come and climbed the stairs to the north parapet. Smoke was billowing out from the Brown's farm just barely visible through the trees. Zaren sniffed the air and frowned. "Something smells like it died”
“Oh no, I recognize it, remember that cow that got really sick. Its tongue turned black, and it had odd bumps all over. Remember that we burned it? That's what these smells like, burning sick cow. The plague is back... Zaren your dad! He's down there." Beatrieth cried almost hysteric. Josephat climbed down from the tower.
"Do you think it's the plague? He asked
“I’m almost sure of it” Beatrieth said calming some. "What do we do?"
"Zaren, get your mother, she'll know what to do." Phileth said. Zaren was already hurrying down the stairs. Beatrieth stared worriedly out at the farm.
"Someone's coming!" Josephat said. With his keen eyes he could see farther than anyone else in the city. "I think it's the governor. yep, that's Zaren's dad."
Allisona ran up with doctor Runwe and Dran the apothecary. "I sent Zaren to ask his father what happened."
"Given the smell I am almost certain that it is the plague, I would need to confirm, and then quarantine everyone who got sick." Runwe said.
"We're sure to know within a day or so." Dran added grimly.
"Maker help us." Allisona said.
"Zaren and Corothonial are coming." Josephat said. "Do we open the gates?"
"They wouldn't be coming back if they were contaminated. Right?" Beatrieth asked.
“You’re probably right Beatrieth. Well, let us head down and see what is happening.” Allisona said
They met Zaren and Corothonial at the gate. “Is it the plague?” Allisona asked
"Yes, it is." Corothonial said.
"Dan and Reggan?" Dran asked
"They came in contact with Farmer Brown. Thankfully they wouldn't let me go near, but they think they've been contaminated." Corothonial asserted.
"No, not now." Allisona sighed, "Not with the goblins being so bold."


@Wyn: Thank you!
@Abigail: Thanks! Yeah, that is true about titles. for this one, I just want something that matches well, and I haven't figured it out yet. To be honest, I haven't even given it much thought. I just believe that it will come to me at the right time. Yes, I have finished some. None of them are published (I doubt they are good enough for that) but I am working on one with my friend that is getting close to done, and we want to publish it. But anyway, I have finished 4 books. Three were a fantasy trilogy. They didn't turn out very well, since I stink at writing fantasy. ;) XD by the way, I would love to read your prologue, but as of right down I don't have that time, so hopefully I can come back sometime and read it! :)


It's a little disappointing, but with all the prices going up in the TX area, it would financially be challenging. We found probably live in a tiny rented apartment, both parents would have to work, and I couldn't take my private voice or acting coaching. Or any other classes for that matter. It would be a jurassic change.


It's a little disappointing, but with all the prices going up in the TX area, it would financially be challenging. We found probably live in a tiny rented apartment, both parents would have to work, and I couldn't take my private voice or acting coaching. Or any other classes for that matter. It would be a jurassic change.

@Riley D

@ Riley, yes the government is better :).
@Belwyn, i've been working on my next TT book. I have no idea when it will be published, but I'm writing it. Thanks for asking!!


That's disappointing! But prices are going up everywhere..... I can't imagine California would be very cheap. Just out of curiosity, what are gas prices like where you live? I hope that maybe you will get to come at some point!


Good question. Yes, the cost of living here is not cheap either. Our two bedroom one bathroom is worth a lot of money!! Gas prices here are between 5 and 7 dollars a gallon. The other day it was around $6. 57.


Yikes. In my town it is hovering at about $3.76 right now. Of course the diesel is more though. I think it is about $5 a gallon. We have been trying to limit the places that we drive because of the cost.


@Riley: Sometimes you have to wait until the end to find the title, I have to do that with school papers. Cool! I haven't finished any books, just some short stories and plays, I am about 7 chapters into the fantasy book, and I want to get it published when I finish it, but I need to figure out how to do that first. :). Thanks
@ all: yeah gas prices have been really climbing, they keep going up and are about $4.50 where I am. Makes it annoying when you have to drive places.


Yeah, I remember the good 'ol California days when the gas was four dollars :).

@Abigail H

Yeah, I agree with you on titles! That's neat! I hope you get it done and published! I haven't really figured much out on publishing yet. I think we are simply trying to get our book done, and then we are going to find a way to get it published. Hey, maybe "Shelf Published" XD Just kidding. But if you are interested in self-publishing, Scarlett here has done that, and so you might talk to her about it. If going through a company. . . I can't help, sorry!

@ Riley on publishing

Cool!, that's basically what I'm doing, I haven't looked into publishing stuff yet other than knowing that I can self-publish on amazon. I'm not super close to being finished though.

@Abigail H

Yeah same here. We first have to finish the last chapters, and then we have to proofread and proofread and proofread and proofread (and others have to proofread too of course.) before we can even try to publish it! :)

This is wyn/ chapter2

Riley worked quietly beside his mother for what seemed like forever. He would look at his mother from time to time. How tired she looked! He thought of how she probably felt to be a queen and then to have your husband die suddenly and then have to keep her past hidden away so her only son wouldn’t know it. Then the voice that had been nagging him constantly about talking to his mother nagged him again. Riley stood up to stretch his aching back and then took a deep breath. “ Mother, tell me about Father.” Riley’s mother didn’t look too surprised at his question. He had often asked her about why his father had died and she would always say he simply died of sickness before he was born. She had never told him about his father being king. So once again she talked about the sickness Father had died from and that he was greatly missed …But before she got very far Riley asked another question. “Mother, why have I never been told about father being king?” A long silence followed this question until, to Riley’s amazement, his mother started to cry softly. Silently he walked over to her side and rapped his arms around her. He softly stroked her soft gray fur while waiting for her to speak. Finally she did speak. “ Riley. My dear sweet Riley. I don’t know how you found out about your father, nor am I going to ask you, but if you want to know the real truth about him, I have no right to keep it from you. Your father was king and I queen and everything was going wonderfully until a messenger ran to the castle to tell us that our enemy Parton the Red and his army of foxes were on their way. Your father being new to the job of king was frightened. Parton’s army is much greater than ours; Riley, and we had no chance at winning. Then your father remembered an old legend talking about his grandfather’s sword. The sword was said to help our army win when it was brought into battle. So your father, not really knowing what else to do, went on a quest to find it. About a month later only two of the previously twelve bucks that had accompanied your father, returned. They were tired, wounded, and brought terrible news. Everyone, including the king, had been killed. Parton must have felt somewhat sorry because he didn’t attack us like he had planned. Your father’s younger brother, Taylor, became king and I moved here, to my father’s acorn farm.” Riley’s mother heaved a sigh and was then quiet. Riley cautiously asked, “ Who will be king when Taylor dies?” Of course he already new the answer to this question, but he wanted to see if his mother would say something different then what the old squirrel had said in his vision. His mother again started to weep and Riley decided not to ask her anything else. He comforted her and then, when he was about to get up to leave, his mother calmed down and tried to speak. “Oh Riley, how selfish I’ve been! I thought Taylor would have children before he got very sick to take his place when he dies, but now with no training of war tactics or of how to rule, you are going to be king. The only way for our army to win against Parton is for you to find that sword, and in doing that you might die like your father did.” At this Riley’s mother broke out into a fresh shower of tears. “ I can read all I can about leading an army and ruling the squirrels of this country wisely. We can hope that Taylor lives a little while longer, giving me more time to study.” (Riley hoped that in saying this, his mother would be comforted). There was another long pause and then his mother said,” The sun is setting fast. Let’s go inside and eat some supper.” So Riley silently followed his mother into the house. Supper was eaten quietly and both Riley and his mother went to bed early. Riley lay in his bed trying to make sense of all his mother had said.


Good job!!!!! The one thing that I saw was that "rapped" should be "wrapped." It sounds really good Great job!!!!!

This is wyn /@Riley

Ok, thanks : )

@ wyn

That was really good! It took me a bit to realize that he was a squirrel, but I missed the first chapter. Sounds like a really cool story! You have a few awkward sentences, so I would read through it aloud so that you can catch those awkward places and make them flow better.

This is wyn /@Abigail H

Thank's for the feedback. :)


I just wanted to share another tip that I had for writing books. Have a purpose. Before you write hardly anything, simply write down on a paper exactly why you are writing the book, and what your goal for it is. Are you writing it to show others the Light? Are you writing it to give a good historical account of something? Are you writing it to be funny so that people can have a good laugh when they read it?


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