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News Bytes 10/27/2016 616 Comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. It’s further evidence that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.

Marlowe was born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare. He was a playwright, poet, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Now he’ll share billing in the latest version of the New Oxford Shakespeare being published this week.

Scholars have long suspected that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others. But new methods helped researchers conclude that sections bore Marlowe’s trademarks.

"Shakespeare, like other geniuses, recognized the value of other people," Gary Taylor, a professor at Florida State University and principal investigator of the new work, says. "What is Shakespeare famous for? Writing dialogue—interactions between two people. You would expect in his life there would be dialogue with other people."

In Shakespeare's time, there was great demand for new material for the first mass-entertainment industry. A relatively small group of authors worked feverishly to meet this demand.

A team of 23 scholars looked afresh at Shakespeare’s plays. They used computers to reveal language patterns, trends, and associations—analyzing not only Shakespeare's words, but also those of his fellow authors.

Oxford University Press editors concluded that 17 of 44 works associated with Shakespeare had input from others.

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Most recent comments

@ Riley

Since you also use the Charlotte Mason method, I was wondering if your mom (or dad, I suppose) would be coming to the retreat that's happening soon? I only asked because my mom is one of the speakers this year and I will be accompanying her.

@Ella C

Welcome to commenting. You're always welcome here at Voice of A Storyteller. (that's our writer's club name I think.)

@ Bella

Great idea! Love the letter idea!
(Won't see it for a while tho, since I'm leaving soon to go to my cousin's wedding. :)


Yeah! That sounds cool! Have you taken the test yet? Let me know if you get in!

@Ella C

Welcome to the comments!
Hey that is cool that y'all do Charlotte Mason too! Are you talking about the retreat that is in like Stone Mountain, Georgia? That happens in like June or something? I don't think my mom is planning on going to any of the retreats. I personally think it might be good for her, but with so many children, a 6 mo. baby in that, and lots of stuff to do on our farm, it is hard to get away. And she doesn't like leaving us for long periods of time. But that would be cool if she did go and I went, and then I could probably meet you! But to be outright honest, I don't think that we are attending.
So what do you use for science? And do you do books that have the history/geography/Bible all in one? If so, what book are you in this year? We are doing Modern History, which is my favorite time period.


How exciting!!! Have fun!


Just to let you know, I am going on spring break tomorrow, so I will be gone for a little bit. Just so you don't worry that I 'disappeared'! XD Prayers for safe travels and a good trip please!

@ Riley

Have fun!


Bye!! Have fun!! I did take the test. That was why we went for two days. We will know the results on Mach 4th so I will be telling you the results if I am allowed to.

@Bethy S

Wow, that is so exciting!! I hope you have fun.


Has anyone here ever read A Gathering of Days by Joan Blos? It's considered a classic.

@ Scarlett/ this is Bella

I read it a couple years ago.


How did you like it? I have to read it for school.

@ Scarlett R

Yes, I had a great time! It was amazing.
No, but I think I've heard of it...

@ Scarlett/ this is Bella

I usually love books like that, but I found that one really, really boring. All in all, it was a good book, but I found it boring.

@ All/ This is Bella

How are your books coming? Mine have gone no where. :)


I have to agree. It has good story elements, but I do find it very boring.


I have to agree. It has good story elements, but I do find it very boring.


Last week, it was moving along pretty well. It's a story I wrote the first page for last year and have just now come back to work on it. I haven't posted any on here yet though. This week, it's not moving very fast. I am hoping to work more on it tonight though but we'll see how that works

@Caro (if you're here)

The second TT is on a roll!! I hope to publish it soon.

@Caro (if you're here)

The second TT is on a roll!! I hope to publish it soon.


I am back y'all!

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Hooray! How was your trip?

This is Wyn

Here’s the first chapter of a book I’m writing called Mystery Sword. Feel free to give suggestions.-
Danger. Just the word made an exciting shiver run up Riley’s back. He looked out of his window imagining he was of somewhere being a solider fighting for the king. He would fight three foxes at once and would win medal after medal for his amazing archery. He would…”Riley! Please come help me with these trees,” his mother called breaking Riley’s thoughts. Reality washed over him as he remembered that he wasn’t any were close to being a solider, and was doomed to being an acorn farmer forever. He turned from the window and started to walk to the door when he saw a beautiful sword lying on his bed. Riley didn’t own a sword and even if he did were would he have found the money to buy one like this. He walked over to his bed and sat down next to the sword. He picked it up carefully as if it were alive. But as soon as his paws touched the sword a bright light flashed and swirled around him. He felt as if he was being lifted up into the sky even though he could see nothing. Out of all the confusion, Riley thought he heard someone call his name, but he couldn’t tell who had said it. Finally the light stopped swirling and Riley found that he was sitting outside in the middle of a huge field. In the distance he saw a castle and some hills. Then he heard his name again only this time it was close by. Feeling that he wasn’t alone, Riley cautiously turned around. Behind him a tall gray squirrel was looking down at him with kind eyes. He had a crown on his head, and wore some expensive looking armor. The sword that had been on Riley’s bed was sheathed at the old squirrels side. Then he spoke,” Riley, son. I must talk to you.” Terrified, Riley lowered himself onto one knee to frightened to speak. Then the old squirrel laughed. “Stand up lad. If anyone of us should be kneeling it is I. For before this week is out you will be king.” “ I am no king…sir. Who are you?” Riley said finally finding his voice. The old squirrel laughed again. “ I am your great grandfather king Rusbien. Don’t you recognize me?” Riley thought hard. He had never been told that he was related to the famous king Rusbein. Rusbien saw the confusion in Riley’s. “ Maybe I should explain. Along time ago, I had two children named Rusbien II and Willow. Willow never married and died at a young age, but Rusbien II married and had two sons. The oldest, Rollins, was your father. The youngest is Taylor. He is the king right now, but he is very sick and dying. Taylor has no wife or children, so the next heir is you.” Riley was stunned. His father had been king! And he was the next heir! “ But, King Rusbien, how did my father die? And why was I never told this?” “ Riley your questions are good and I wish I could answer them, but I must leave you now. Visions can only last for so long you now you know.” “But sir I…” but before Riley could say more, the light flashed around him again and he was lifted up into its swirling mess. Riley tried to think over every thing his great grandfather had said, but the swirling light made him dizzy. After a couple minutes the swirling light vanished and he was sitting by himself on his bed once again. For a moment he felt dazed, but then he remembered the trees and…mother! She might have some answers to his questions about Father and the sword (which was no longer on his bed). He stood up, shook off the last bit of dizziness, and walked out of his bedroom door.

@Bella and Wyn

@Bella: It was great! We did a south Texas tour, and hit Bryan/Collage Station, Washington-on-the-Brazos, Houston (NASA and San Jacinto), Corpus Christi, San Antonio (Alamo, Witte Museum, River Walk), and Fredericksburg. So yeah it was great!
@Wyn: Hey your book was neat! You turned me into a boy...? XD The only part that I got confused on was when you were talking about how Riley was going to be the next king. You went from talking about Taylor to talking about Riley's father, so for a moment I thought Taylor was Riley's father before I remembered that Rollins was. And it never mentioned that Rollins had been king before, so it was just a little confusing. So I don't know, maybe it is just me and the way I read it.

This is Wyn/@ Riley

Thanks for the feedback. I can see how that would be confusing.

@Riley D

Welcome back!! I hope you had fun on your trip. Speaking of Texas, we hear back from the school tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens.

@Riley D

The school said yes!!


Yay!! Congrats!


WOW!!!! That's awesome! Congratulations! So I am assuming that you will begin in the fall semester next year, and will begin looking for a house and moving over the summer?

@Riley D @Amelia B

@Amelia, thanks so much!!
@Riley, we're not quite sure but it is very likely that we will go now.

@ All/ This is Bella

Sorry I haven't been on here. I was performing a play Wednesday through Saturday last week and have been really busy and tired. What's new?

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Did you get any more of your Civil War book done? I would love to read more!


Not too much new. but Scarlett did get accepted into the school in Texas, and so they will be moving there.
I haven't worked on it recently because of spring break and then when we got back we hit the ground running, if you know what I mean, but I can try to find some time to post a little more. :)

@ Riley (and Scar)/ This is Bella

That's so cool! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Ok, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!


--Sorry it took me this long I have been really busy. Here is some more of the book! --

It was about midnight when James slipped quietly out of bed. The air had a shard chill to it, and he quickly put on his coat and socks. He pulled a small bundle out from under his bed and tiptoed down the stairs. He pulled on his boots at the back door and stepped outside. He started walking quickly across the yard and into the woods, but stopped. He felt a little guilty about leaving and not telling anyone. James knew that Evelyn, Danny, and Adela would worry about him. So, slipping quietly back inside, he scrawled a quick note, left it on the armrest of a sofa, and then resumed his trek into the dark.

Evelyn woke up to the sun’s brilliant, warming beams streaming through her window. She dressed herself, put her hair up, and then went down to the kitchen. She busied herself in the making of biscuits and gravy. Adela came down to help set the table, and Danny, waking up to the smell of gravy, came plodding down the stairs, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Evelyn began to worry about James. He was still not out of bed yet. I wonder if he is not feeling well, she thought. “Danny,” she said. “Will you run up and get James out of bed for me please? Tell him that breakfast is ready, and that he had better get to his chores.”
“But I just got down the stairs!” whined Danny.
“Go!” replied Evelyn in a stern voice.
Danny turned and trudged up the stairs. Within moments, he came flying back down them. Any trace of sleepiness had left his body. “James isn’t in his room!” he cried.
Evelyn looked alarmed. It was then that Adela came rushing in with the note that James had left. Evelyn read it, and then sank down in the closest chair with a groan. Adela and Danny were frightened. “What is it?!” asked Adela, worried.
Evelyn cradled her face in her hands. “Your brother has gone of to join the Union army.”
“Hurrah for James!” Danny cried. A sharp look from Evelyn silenced him. Adela sniffled.
Finally, Evelyn pulled herself together. Her brothers were gone. They had a household to run. “Come come,” she said. “There is nothing we can do about it now. We must work together to keep this a happy home for both James and Henry to come back to. Let’s quickly eat breakfast and then Danny, I need you to pitch the hay down to the animals every morning and evening. And Adela, I need you to milk the cow both morning and evening as well. You start with those chores this morning. We will get the rest organized later.”


GJ! I like the words you used.
How is this?
It was a dark age since the Illiagers had revealed themselves and began to wage war on the Villagers and Overworld Folk. They had all the Advantages. They had been the ones who discovered the Iron Golems and how to create them. They had discovered the Nether and the End along with dark secrets that should have never been discovered by any form of the Arch-Villager type of folk. They had very few weak-nesses but among the few was their long for power, their fear of fire, and the fact that they feared the Ender Dragons above all else. Even when they had attempted to tame the huge lizards, they had discovered that they were too afraid to try. They had built so much, and their outposts rivaled even the fortresses of the Nether. But they could not handle a large lizards.
After the first Illiager king had died, the kingdom had been handed over to his son, then to the first royal advisor and then the kingdom had begun to crumble. But that was before the Arch Illiager had risen to power.
He had discovered the Orb of Dominance and had been first corrupted by it and had become the most powerful creature of the overworld. But he was very reckless and would stop at nothing, not even his own death, to take over the overworld. He had Illiagers who were making weapons, Illiagers who were creating the most powerful Iron Golems who existed and was trying to make an alliance with the evil Lord of the Dead, The Necromancer.
But something else was going on in the Nether at the same time. The Piglins had revolted from the Wither Lords and Even the most powerful Wither, Wilted Star, could not stop them. So he had started a war and this time the Smart Piglins had chosen to side with the Humans and the Villagers. They knew that unless they chose that side, they may never get free. For the Iliagers had long ago sided with the Wither Lords of the Nether.
But the End remained neutral for right now. For the dragons knew that they were pursued and killed for sport by the humans and could not bear to side with the Wither Lords who so hated the Ender Men who helped the Dragon Born. But another problem the overworld faced was the fact that something was marching . . . a new army to help the Villagers and Humans? Or a powerful army who came to destroy and gain power with the Wither Lords and the Illiagers.


Hi everyone! I'm new. One of my friends gave me advice about writing (it's really helped me): make sure you have character growth. That's my advice! What is your advice?


@Jonathan M: Thank you! I appreciate that! Your prologue sounds great! It really sets a scene!
@Sara D: Welcome here! On this site we share parts of our books that we have been writing, help give feedback to each other, and share writing tips. Your friend gave you some great advice! Some of my advice would be to let it flow with your writing spurts. If I try to sit down and write a book without stops, then I don't think it turns out well. My desire to write tends to come for about a week, and then leave me for a week or two, and then come back. When I get ideas, I begin to write. When I run out, I stop. I have found out that if you run out of ideas and just try to sit there and come up with something to happen next in your book, it doesn't usually turn out well. This is what I do: If I run out of ideas, I simply stop writing and leave it alone. I just go on with life until a new thought comes to mind and then I start writing again. sometimes it is days or weeks before I come up with something, but that is okay. Writing takes time. (which I don't have a lot of! :) ) So anyway, sorry that was kind of long. I hope you enjoy it here!

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading more!
@ Jonathan: Nice prologue! And welcome. :)
@ Sara: Thanks for the advice! Where did you hear about us? Oh, and welcome. :)
I hope you guys have fun here!

@Bella and Riely

Thank you so much! I never really share my writing and I often do not think it is that good . . . :D

@Jonathan /This is wyn

I love the prologue!

@^ Thank you SO Much!

Thank you SO Much!

@Bella and Riley

Hi, @Bella: Thanks. If you mean this specific article: I saw the invite/link @ the little boy's story about putting the comic book on one of the library's shelf. If you mean World-teen: my mom got it for me.
@Riley: Thanks for the welcome. I agree.

@ Writing club starters

Why did you move to a different article. I went exploring and found your old one.




@Bella: Thanks!
@Jonathan: We tend to do that to ourselves a lot of times. :) Feel free to share more and we can give you some more feedback!
@Sara: We were on The Voice of a Storyteller for the longest time (as I am sure you can tell by the number of comments of there), but we had to end up moving because they wouldn't let us comment on there anymore. It just reached a certain point and then shut off. If you go on there and try to comment, it won't post it. We knew that would happen at some point because it happened to some other kids on a different article, and so we were prepared with a new place to move to, and so we are now on here. Hopefully that made a bit of sense. :)


I read your comment wrong. sorry.


Sure I will be happy to Give you more! Maybe later.


Ahhh... yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.


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