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News Bytes 10/27/2016 616 Comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. It’s further evidence that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.

Marlowe was born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare. He was a playwright, poet, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Now he’ll share billing in the latest version of the New Oxford Shakespeare being published this week.

Scholars have long suspected that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others. But new methods helped researchers conclude that sections bore Marlowe’s trademarks.

"Shakespeare, like other geniuses, recognized the value of other people," Gary Taylor, a professor at Florida State University and principal investigator of the new work, says. "What is Shakespeare famous for? Writing dialogue—interactions between two people. You would expect in his life there would be dialogue with other people."

In Shakespeare's time, there was great demand for new material for the first mass-entertainment industry. A relatively small group of authors worked feverishly to meet this demand.

A team of 23 scholars looked afresh at Shakespeare’s plays. They used computers to reveal language patterns, trends, and associations—analyzing not only Shakespeare's words, but also those of his fellow authors.

Oxford University Press editors concluded that 17 of 44 works associated with Shakespeare had input from others.

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No worries I know you weren't accusing anyone. :) Um, uh, well I haven't written any more since what I put up. I have a hard time finding time to sit down long enough to write a good chunk. Usually if I have time in the afternoon, I spend it picking up or cleaning or cooking or being outside or helping with other things. I write when I can. I was actually working on New Hope the past two evenings because there is more of a push to get that one done. :) But maybe this week I can get to it sometime!

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Cool, I understand! I haven't worked on my book either because our family has had covid for the past week or two and right now my mom and dad have it, so we have had a lot to do. How's New Hope? Is it almost done?


Riley, oh nice. I've been reading a lot about the civil war recently and when I read that part about Virginia, I immediately wanted to know what the people thought of it.
Scarlett, thanks for the link!
Bella, neat! I'd be happy to read it. It seems to me that if WORLDteen disliked us doing this, then we wouldn't be able to. (Sorry, I know that didn't make a lot of sense.)
Wyn, thanks for sharing the poem! I really enjoyed it. I like writing poetry, but I'm bad at it, and yours was so very wonderful!!
Caro, okay, thanks a lot.

@ Scarlett R

Your new story was so delightful! I really enjoyed it!
1. What's the time and setting? To me, it might've been 1950s east coast or modern England! If you wanted to mention the specific year, you could perhaps in the letter.
2. You edited this extremely well, however I did notice this: 'Alice didn’t both to brush her stick-straight black hair.' I assuming it's bother?
3. Is her mother dead or something?
4. I don't know all of Alice's backstory, but I personally find it somewhat hard to believe she's never had cake before. Perhaps specify what type of cake? It's fine how it is though.
5. For clarity, maybe mention that it's the dad writing the letter, because I assumed it was the main character. Totally okay if you don't change it.
Anyway, this was really fun and such a joy to read! Alice and Kumar were hilarious and so realistic. I especially liked Kumar telling her about homeschooling. Thank you for sharing!


New Hope is coming along. We have probably about four or five chapters left, and then a whole bunch of editing and everything! But yeah I just finished writing my chapter so I am waiting for my friend to read through it and then write hers. But it can sometimes take a while because we are both busy with school, jobs, everyday life, spring break trips, etc. What is the book you are writing called again? sorry I forgot.


Since y'all seemed to like my Civil War book, which by the way does not have a title yet, I am going to post a little more. There are a few unimportant paragraphs between what you last read and what you are going to read now. It is the last bit of Chapter One. Let me know of any edits I can make.
For the next few weeks, Henry, Evelyn, and James all took turns caring for their mother. Evelyn did her best to cook meals for the family, although she had very little experience. The boys would help carry her out to her rocker on the wide porch where she would sit to soak in the sunshine and fresh air. But slowly and surely she was dying, and Henry could see it. Every day he watched her get just a little paler, a little thinner, and a little weaker. She still had severe coughing fits. Try as she might to be strong, Anna was failing. One day she told Henry in a weak voice, “Go, bring the children and send for your father. My time is near.” Henry felt a lump rise in his throat, but obeyed. Within fifteen minutes, all were gathered around the bed. Gentle and tender things were said to everyone, and by the end of the hour, Anna Clarke had passed into the Eternal City.
If losing their dear mother was not enough for the Clarke children, their father had also contracted tuberculosis and despite the care given him, Ben passed away within another three weeks. The Clarke parents were buried next to each other in the local cemetery, and the Clarke children struggled on with their lives. Many neighbors brought meals and words of comfort, but soon that ended and they had to carry on their lives.
It was dinner time on one cool, crisp evening, and the five kids had all sat down at the table. Henry, being the eldest, said the blessing over the food, and they all began to eat.
“I sure can’t wait to get my hands in all this fighting. Those Rebels sure are making a mess out of things!” James said.
Henry jerked his head up quickly to look at James. He quietly set his fork down and finished chewing his mouthful of food. Then he said, “What makes you think they are making a mess out of things? I have an inclination to side with them. Why can’t a state have her rights? I don’t see a thing wrong with being able to choose for ourselves whether or not we can expand slavery and keep slavery in our own states.”
James shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “Well, I don’t think it is right for certain people to own other human beings. And a state can have some rights, but too many states seceding from our Union will end in the downfall of both the Union and the other states. We are strong together, and apart we cannot stand.”
Danny was listening to the conversation with wide eyes. Adela was not sure what to think of belonging to a certain side, and Evelyn, although she was personally for the Union cause, hated to see her brothers starting an argument over something like that.
“Please stop,” she pleaded. “We can each have our own opinions, and we don’t have to make others take them as their own. This family has been torn up enough as it is; we don’t need you two causing more trouble. Please, can we eat our dinner in peace and talk together like a family?”
The brothers apologized and the subject was dropped. But both James and Henry each felt a secret fire inside his soul burning for the cause of either the North or the South. And neither one was about to do nothing about that secret burning fire.

@ Riley/ This is Bella

I totally understand! With church stuff, babysitting, school, practicing the play I'm in, gymnastics, etc, etc. It gets busy so fast! :) The book I'm working on now does not have a name yet (I'll need ya'll to help me with that! XD) I'll try to write summary for everyone later today. Hooray for more of your story! I saw a couple things but I'll have to tell you later. Great job!


Yeah I can understand on the title thing! Normally, I tend to come up with a title first and then the story, but this time I had the story in mind. I think I am just going to let it flow. A title will come to me at some point. :) Thanks for the enthusiasm! I really appreciate that! I can't wait to see the summary of your book!

@ All/ This is Bella

Ok, here is the 'basic' summary of my story: (sorry if it doesn’t make any sense, the storyline is rather choppy right now.) The main character is Caleb (almost 13) and his sisters Massie (7) and Rosalind (almost 17). Their dad has recently died and their devastated mother (who is a famous fashion designer) sends them to her mysterious mother-in-law, who is a brain scientist. The children have never heard anything about her, but it seems everyone else has heard about her mission to find a way for people to send messages from brain to brain, which may revolutionize the technology world for many years. But, no one (except her bodyguard, Samson) knows where she lives and no one has ever seen her. The children are cared for by their grandmother’s kind housekeeper, Sheila, who does her best to care for the children’s souls that have been shattered be their beloved mother-whom they never really knew but still love so much-sending them away. One day, they meet a man out on the street and he tells them that he is staying at their grandma’s. The children are surprised. They hadn’t seen any other people at her house. They ask him where he’s staying but he won’t tell them and walks away. The children are confused. Later on they meet a young man, named Nate, who explained everything. Their grandmother is trying to unlock the secret of mind to mind messaging, become famous, and then hatch a plot to take over the world. (I don’t know all the details yet) Her minions are poor, unwanted young people, who she injects with a potion, that make them trust her and makes them feel like they have a purpose, are wanted, etc, etc. That’s great, but it makes them do what ever she wants, which includes going through a brain spying process, that basically brainwashes them and they’ll never be able to return to the real world. Nate had asked the children to help because 1) his sister, Ellie, is about to be taken in to go through the brain spying process and 2) one day he found a little cake in the grass. He was hungry, so he ate it. Turned out, the cake had an antidote to the potion in it. Nate was able to escape and has been trying to find the person who made the antidote so he can rescue his friends. Thus, the four go on an adventure to rescue Ellie and the rest, find the antidote and it’s creator, and avoid getting captured themselves. (Whoa! That was long! Well, tell my what you think, if you have any ideas, or any title ideas. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them. And, don’t get your hopes up; it may never get finished! ☺) (So sorry if it doesn't make ANY sense!)

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Aw, you're welcome! You're always so excited about my books and you write about things I like! I think the only thing was this: 'Evelyn did her best to cook meals for the family, although she had very little experience. The boys would help carry her out to her rocker on the wide porch where she would sit to soak in the sunshine and fresh air.' It goes from Evelyn to the mom rather quickly. It almost sounds like Evelyn is in the rocker. Maybe something like, 'The boys would help carry their frail mother out to her rocker on the wide porch where she would sit to soak in the sunshine and fresh air.' I don't know if that makes sense, you don't have change it if you don't want to. It's sounding so good! I'm excited for more!


Hey your story plot sound great! It seems pretty developed for not having done a ton yet! Good job!
Yeah I see what you mean it doesn't make sense to me either! What probably happened was that I wrote about Evelyn, and then stopped to talk to someone and then started again but forget to say that I had changed who I was talking about! And lol I guess I am glad you like what I write about, because I am pretty much the only person here who does not write fantasy! For some reason, although it seems that it should be easier to write fantasy, I find it more difficult. *shrugs* oh well, I like what I write about, and that is what counts!


Also, I know sometimes y'all ask what my favorite author is and lot of times i don't have an answer, but I am really starting to like series written by Joseph Altsheler. I have read his series about the Texan War for Independence, and we are now reading his Civil War series. They have all been really good. He also has a WWI series, and A Revolution one too, I believe. Plus others I think. They are all historical fiction, but written really really well. Boys and girls would like them.


@Bella, that sounds really good!

@ Everyone

Sorry I haven't been on here too often. Thank you for all your suggestions. Some of you guys noticed the typo in this sentence: 'Alice didn’t both to brush her stick-straight black hair.' Yes, it was bother!! Thanks guys!!
@Bethy, I was trying to figure out good setting and time period. I love the idea of 1950s in New England. You asked if Alice's mother is dead. If Alice was mourning the loss of her Mother, that would change her character and of course it should be explained in words. However, it doesn't play a large part in the story and Alice seems unaffected by the fact that she has no mother. You make a fair point about the cake. Perhaps I can change it with: 'Alice had once eaten a slice of cake as a young child at teatime. She didn't care for the stiff frosting which was much too sweet. The cake itself was always light, fluffy, and white. When Alice made up her mind not to like something, she would stick with that mindset about it forever. Even if if that something was nice-tasting like cake.'
@Belwyn, I love The Secret Garden!! It was assigned for school, and I read it for the second time.
@RIley, lol! Kumar is a neat kid. Hmm....I don't know if cobras live in Africa. The letter is really funny, I agree. The Grandma is a total warrior.
Thanks again for helping!! I appreciate it!!


No problem! I am glad I could help. You are doing really well. Yeah maybe do a bit of research on cobras in Africa. I had always thought of them in India. Let me know what you find out! I will interested to know!
@All: I have a bit more written to my Civil War story, so if you would like to hear it, just let me know. If now that is totally fine too! :)

@ Scarlett/ this is Bella

You're welcome! Your story is really sounding great so far! The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books! (Along with Little Women, Anne of Green Gables series, Elsie Dinsmore, and so many more!)

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Um, yeah! I would love more! Yeah, my new book is my first attempt at any type of fantasy. I don't like writing/reading fantasy. (Well, I like some of Shannon Hale and some of Gail Carson Levine's books and those are fantasy, but I can't do like Narnia and stuff like that.) (But I love the first Narnia book...) (Sorry, I'll stop now....:D)


Those are pretty much that same books that I like! Have you read the entire Elsie Dinsmore series? I have. They are great books, although some of them can get to be pretty detailed history books! XD Wow I actually found someone like me that doesn't like reading/writing fantasy! XD It seems like everyone I know is the opposite! :) I agree with you about the Narnia though! That is probably my favorite fantasy book series. C.S. Lewis did great on those. I wrote one short trilogy that was fantasy, but it didn't turn out that great. Ok I will try to get a little more put up!

@ Riley/ This is Bella

I've read the Elsie ones, but I haven't read the Millie, Violet, etc. They're so hard to find! A friend of my dad's daughter owns all 4 series, but they live very far away. I'm hoping possibly this summer we might could get them shipped, but I don't know. Yes! I'm excited!

@ Riley

I'd love for you to share more of your Civil War story!! (Even though I won't see it for a while since I'll be gone for the next few days.)

@ Scarlett

I'm glad you figured out the setting! Sorry, I think I missed something: so is Alice's Mother dead and she just doesn't seem affected by it much, or is her mother alive, or does she just not really have one? Sorry again if I'm supposed to know. Great idea with the cake!

Civil War Book

Here is a bit more.
Although nothing was said, Evelyn could feel tensions between her brothers increasing. Finally, one night at supper, Henry wiped his mouth, cleared his throat, and then announced, “I am leaving in two days to join the Confederate Army.”
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him. James wisely did not say anything, but he felt a little displeasure towards his brother rise up in his heart. Why would his brother take such a side?
Dinner was very quiet that evening, as no one said anything except, “Please pass the water jug,” or “Pass the salt,” or things of that sort.
After putting Adela and Danny to bed, Evelyn left James sitting in the parlor and went out to where Henry was sitting on the porch. She sat down on the seat next to him, and they were both quiet for a long time. Finally, Henry spoke up. “You hate me now, don’t you?”
Evelyn looked up at her tall, dark haired brother. “No, Henry, I don’t hate you at all. Although my views may differ from yours, you will always be my older brother, and I love you just the same. I know that you must do what you believe is right, and I am not going to try to stop you. But I will be praying for your safety.”
“Thank you, Evelyn.” Henry was proud of his blue-eyed sister, with her light brown hair pulled back loosely into a bun at the back of her neck. The death of their parents had hit her hard, but she had come through it with strong character and the grace of a lady.
That night, Evelyn sat for a long time looking out her bedroom window. The sky was bright and clear. The stars shone out brightly and the moon cast light beams over the yard. The giant trees created shadows on the lawn. She prayed for Henry’s safety as he went off to join what was now her country’s enemy. She asked God to keep him safe, and to bring him home at the end of the war all in one piece.

The next afternoon, James came into the kitchen after filling the wood box and asked Evelyn, “How could Henry do this to our family? Why would he go join our enemies?”
“Well,” Evelyn said slowly, “You have to remember that he has his own thoughts and convictions. For him, he is going to fight for what he thinks is right, and we can’t stop him. I know you are angry at him for joining the Confederacy, but James, you have to remember that he is your brother. Nothing can change that fact, and after this little war we will all be back at home, like nothing has changed, and you will forget all this nonsense. Please be kind to him for my sake.”
James sighed. “I will.” He walked out of the kitchen and went back outside. Going to the barn, he climbed up in the hayloft to try to sort out his thoughts. He thought about what his sister had said, but for some reason, he found himself becoming angrier and angrier at Henry. He would never forgive Henry for being the traitor of the family! James made a secret resolve: He would go fight for the Union; for the right side. No matter if he was under age at sixteen. He could easily pass for eighteen!
The morning Henry was leaving was a tearful one for all but James. Evelyn had put as much food as she could for him in his knapsack, although he assured her that he would get plenty to eat. She gave Henry a long hug goodbye, and then stepped back. Danny hugged his brother tightly. “I wish you weren’t going away,” Danny said. “I like to play with you the best.”
“Now, don’t worry little brother. You will find lots of other people to play with. And when I come home in a few months, I will play with you again.”
“Alright.” Danny sighed and let Adela take her turn. She gave her brother a silent squeeze and then stepped back. James was the only one left. Henry stuck his hand out to him. James gave it one cold, stiff shake, then dropped the hand. Henry sighed inwardly. What had happened to his brother? His closest friend and playmate for fifteen years? But outside, Henry squared his shoulders, gave a cheerful “Goodbye!”, turned, and walked down the porch steps and out to the road. He didn’t look back, knowing that the longer a goodbye is, the more difficult it is.


Wow! I didn't even know that there were those series! I had just read the Elsie Dinsmore ones. Wow! Yeah I bet they would be interesting!
@Bethy: Thanks!

@Belwyn @Bella

I don't have time to read your full summary, but from what I've read it sounds amazing. Keep it up!! Also, I think that in the story you should use the word 'neuroscientist' instead of brain scientist in the actual book. But other than that it sounds really professional. Nice name choices.
@Bella, no it is not supposed to be known to the reader what happened to the mom but I chose not to include that because it doesn't play a big part in the story. :). Don't feel like you missed something.

@ Scar

I planned on using a more professional term but couldn't remember what it was called. Thanks!


I'm trying to read through all the Voice of a Storyteller comments, just for fun. You guys should try it sometime, if you have time to read 57 pages of comments. :) I'm on page 24, I think.

@Belwyn R

Ok, I'll do that too. (I got last comment, remember? Hehehe!!!!!!!)


Bye guys...I'm going back to Texas. I'll see you in two days.
I have a placement test in a Christian school there and I if I get accepted then we will probably move there!!


Wow! That is so awesome! Once again, Texas is great! ;) Although I know moving is hard. Luckily I never have had to, except for moving from in town to in the country. We but stayed in the same area. Your whole family would move just to put you in a school? I hope you pass the test, as long as it is something you really want to do!


LOL have fun! I am going to decline. I barely have time to get on this article some days! XD


Hey, as I've been reading the Voice of a Storyteller comment's, I thought it might be fun to do writing plunges again. This page has really slowed down and I'm trying to find a way to spice things up. But maybe, what with school and all, we could give a week to write the plunge? Idk, just an idea. Any takers?

@ Riley

Ikr! :) How's ur Civil War story coming along?


It is going well. Do you want another chunk?
Once again, I am going to decline on the plunges. My life is pretty busy, and I would feel bad if I was a part but never had time to read anyone else's plunges.

@ Riley/ This is Bella

Of course, I would LOVE more! And I wouldn't feel bad about the plunges. On 'Voice of a Storyteller' I wrote only two of the 25+ plunges. But thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. :-)


You are welcome! Ok, here is a bit more.
Evelyn was shocked at how James had treated Henry, but decided to say nothing of it. He surprised her that afternoon by announcing that he was going to go fight for the Union.
“You will do no such thing!” Evelyn immediately scolded.
“Yes, I will.”
“No, you will not. You are only sixteen, and a scrawny little fellow at that. And besides, I need your help here.”
“What with?” James asked, scowling.
“Why, milking the cow, and carrying in wood, and those sorts of things!”
“Look here,” he said. “Adela is ten and loves to help me milk the cow. She does it by herself half of the time anyway. She could take on that chore. And Danny, he is almost eight. I think it is about time he had some chores to do. He can carry in wood to fill the woodbox. He is a strong young lad. And he can pitch down hay for the little jersey. See there? I can leave alright. You can hold down this fort while I hold down the Union forts. And besides, there are tons of boys my age or even younger getting to go fight. I am going to as well.”
“Well, I sure hope that you get enough sense in your head to see that you should not go; and soon, too. I am getting tired of your angry, sulking attitude.”
“Well, I’m tired of you trying to boss me around!” James turned and stalked off. He crossed the clearing of the yard and entered the woods. Evelyn sighed. He would get over it.
That evening at supper she said, “James, I am sorry for what I said to you earlier. Will you forgive me?”
“Yes,” James mumbled. “I am sorry too.” After that he changed the subject. “It seems that putting our cow out with the neighbor’s bull turned out well. I believe she is pregnant.”
“Oh yay!” exclaimed Adela. “Now we will get to have a little calf to play with and train!”
“Won’t it be fun!” cried Danny. “We can hook it up to our cart and have it pull us around!”
“Now hang on a minute!” laughed James. “I don’t think a frisky little calf pulling you around in your cart will be the safest thing. First, you could get hurt if there was a wreck, second, the calf could get hurt, and third, the calves are not meant to pull carts. This one is meant to supply us with more milk. Maybe even enough that we could sell some. Now, I want you two to promise me that you will never hook that calf up to any sort of cart.”
“We promise,” the two said in unison. “But I call first choice on the name,” Adela said.
“Hey no fair!” whined Danny.
“It is too fair. I’m older! I want to call her Daisy.”
James and Evelyn glanced at each other and then laughed. “Adela,” Evelyn said, “You don’t even know if the calf is going to be a boy or a girl yet! You certainly wouldn’t want to name a little bull calf ‘Daisy’, now, would you?”
“Oh. I guess not,” Adela answered, blushing.
The rest of the evening passed smoothly and the night came dark and clear. After she saw Danny and Adela to bed, Evelyn cleaned up the kitchen and then retired to her own room, James already having gone to his. A new calf! She thought. How exciting! It was such a good thing that James knew a lot about animals. Whenever any of their animals had had a problem, he was always there to fix it. He had inherited the gift from Ben Clarke.
After Evelyn had finished getting her nightgown on, she let out her long brown hair and brushed it. Blowing out the lamp, she climbed into her bed and fell into a deep, restful sleep.


It sounds great! I'm busy right now, so I'll have to tell you some things I saw later.
(BTW, will there be romance, by chance? :D)


Sounds awesome!! I’m actually reading a book for school right now about the Battle of Gettysburg that I’d highly recommended. I’m loving it so far! I’m wondering the same thing as Bella, any romance?? And will it be on Henry or James’ side or will Evelyn have a beau?


The story you have the summary for sounds really interesting. And about writing plunges, I think they'd be fun to do again, I miss them, I was writing so much more when we did them!

@ Belwyn

Wow! Good idea! I remember I skimmed most of them once when I was trying to find all that parts of someone's story near-ish the end of Voice. (I'm sure you'll find it in there! :)


@Bella: Thank you! Yes, there will be some romance. My first book with it though. :)
@Amelia: Yes, some romance. It will be on Evelyn's side. What is the title of the book you are reading? I have read two different ones. One was called "Private Captain" and the other was "The Slopes of War" They were both really good!

@ All/ This is Bella

@Amelia and Bethy: I'm glad you're back! Thanks for the feedback!
@ Riley: Hooray! Romance! I think your book sounds amazing! I'm excited for more! (Sorry that I'm never much help, your books just sound so.....good!)
Um, so, guys, I, uhh, came with a new idea for a book. *cringe face* (It's Riley's fault, she got me in the Civil War mood XD) It's called Dear Katy and it's a series of letters back and forth between a woman (Katy) on the Civil War home-front and her newly wed husband. Don't get you hopes up, but I already have a title, so that's a good sign....I'll try to post some.....If I get any done LOL


It's called The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara


@Amelia: Cool! Sounds interesting!
@Bella: Hey now!!!!!!! Why am I to blame?!?!?! XDXDXDXD ;) Just kidding! I'll take the blame since I don't even really know you! XD But that sounds really interesting! Is her husband on the Union side or with the Confederacy?

@ Riley

He's fighting for the Union. I'm hoping to get it done, but so far (aka the first paragraph) is really, really boring!
Do you have any more of your Civil War book done? Do you have any title ideas for it?

@RIley D

Wow, I haven't replied for five days!! Sorry about the long wait. Yes, this classical christian school is very good. We would move to Texas just to go there.


@Bella: Don't worry; you will get it done. I feel like the first paragraph in a lot of books are boring, so don't worry about that! Yes, I worked more on my book last night! No, no title ideas yet. They will come eventually! XD
@ Scarlett: So is it a pretty big school? Do you have other siblings that would go as well? Are you homeschooled right now? What is the name of the school, or will that give too much info? What is the general direction? Like way south Texas, West, Eastern, or North/Panhandle?

@Riley D

I am homeschooled right now and have done so since first grade :). The school is huge! It's for K-12th grade so it has a huge campus which is covered in creeks, trees, and some hills. My younger sister would continue to homeschool if we went there. It is called Veritas Academy and is in south Austin.

@Scarlett R

Wow! I looked up that school and it looks really good! I hope you get in! That does sound really big! But it sounds pretty too! So if you get in, are you planning to do any music, arts, or athletics?
I have been homeschooled since second grade. :) Before that we went to a private Christian school.

@Riley D

Probably not anything athletic, lol. But maybe! They have a great acting program and I think I would love to do that and choir. It's a really good classical school.

@ All

I'm new to commenting although I've been using WORLDteen for about three years now.


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