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Amazon In-Home Delivery
News Bytes 10/27/2017 25 Comments

Don’t want boxes of books or bags of athletic socks sitting on your porch? Amazon hopes you’ll let a stranger inside to drop them off. . . . and buy a camera from the company too. On Wednesday Amazon announced it’ll launch Amazon Key next month. Users of the service can allow Amazon to unlock their doors when they’re not home—so packages can be left inside out of the weather and away from prying eyes.

In-home delivery is part of Amazon’s plan to make shopping with the giant e-company so convenient that consumers don’t want to buy elsewhere.

There are some catches: First, customers who want to use the service need to be Amazon Prime members. Then they must buy a camera and a $250 Wi-Fi-connected lock. . . . also from Amazon. When the delivery person shows up, he or she will knock first and scan the package. Amazon will make sure the person is at the right home and unlock the door—no codes or keys needed. The indoor camera will record the delivery.

The proposal drew humorous reactions on social media, as well as concerns about safety. Amazon says drivers would be well-investigated. And experts believe the company has built up trust with customers. They point out that millennials are already comfortable posting photos and their whereabouts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. “They’re less concerned about privacy than older generations are,” says Tim Carone, a university business professor. Inc. says in-home delivery will be available November 8 in 37 cities, including Atlanta, Cleveland, and Denver.

(AP Photo: An employee packages a product at an Amazon fulfillment center.)

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Most recent comments


Wow. I don't think I would do that. It is pretty cool though, keeping your pakages safe from weather and things.



Olivia H.


Why would someone even actually let someone do that, first of all, what if the delivery person hacks the camera (something like that)  and steals something.

Second of all, it would be simple to just buy/build a small, doghouselike compartment to keep your packages out of elements. 

And third of all, i think Amazon is great and all, but they are releasing things too fast, first drones, now this. What more?


I am not a fan! The delivery man could swipe something when no one is looking. I also don't do social media because its a waste of time... I do care about privacy. People can be very dumb these days...


Yo! i'm not talking about you guys. (Ok, unless you get thrown off the WORLDteen site!)


They could just buy a small container with a combination lock. Then the delivery man could just drop it in and lock it up!


Scary. The idea is cool and all, but I think that they could do something different than what this is. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great idea. I just think that there could be a more secure way to do this task than the way they're doing it.


It sounds too risky. I would not do that, who knows what could happen.

no way

no way would i do this. i would not like a stranger in my house, besides why can't amazon slow down this is way to fast. i would to hear other opinions.

@olivia h.

hehe ok you cant hack a camera but i think having a little "shelter" is smart and also this isnt that advanced technology just an advanced idea and drones arent that advanced either they just have four small motors and gears and propellers again just another advanced idea in home delivery is a weird idea though


That does not sound safe at all whatsoever.

I have a porch and we are

I have a porch and we are always home so this is totally pointless

I Would Never

I would NEVER let a stranger into my house just to drop off a package.  We never leave the house for more than a day unless we are on vacation, but then, I would not by anything from Amazon if it was to be delivered while I was on vacation.  I agree with (P.G) some people can just be pretty dumb these days.

Sorry Bro

That delivery dude would be hearing a cocking of a pistol grip shot gun and, I do not care if I know he is here!!!!

No Just.. Just No

Drones that could have cameras to watch you and what you do!! SNIPPED!! by Ghost (Me)

no way okay, uh uh!

this is the stupidest idea i have ever heard! why would you let someone do that?!? call your neighbor or a friend to get it if you aren't home!!!! i agree with ZH, except i would be shooting an arrow.  (sorry, im an archer so thats what i do)  What are these people thinking???  they would be thinking (after their stuff is stolen) "I should not have done that, i should not have done that!" -Hagrid-ish

Emily K (Wade's sister)

I don't think that this is a bad idea. Yes, I think that they could improve it a bit, but I also don't think that a shelter would be the best idea either. Think about all the people who order with Amazon, that would be a lot of shelters. 

Seriously, Guys?

I seem to remember that the article said somewhere that there are cameras posted through out where the delivery person would be.  "The indoor camera will record the delivery."  Oh, there it is!!!  


Yes...if the delivery person decided to be all out stupid and steal something and ran to Mexico, with today's technology we'd catch him easily.  We know his name, his family, his friends, his habits, his adress, even down to his social security number, and can easily track where his credit or debit card is used, etc.


Also, I know of plenty of people who don't have porches, or often aren't home.  So while you might not need it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.  Also, some people are comfortable with it and won't shoot an arrow *insert unnecessary detail about me to brag about*  because this is helpful.  


So keep in mind that while you may not be benefited directly by this, some people are, and it is a safe thing.  So please don't badmouth it because you couldn't use it.

Cool, but kinda creepy.

Cool, but kinda creepy. Buying from stores is better, and there's no shipping cost. 


That seems kinda unsafe...and a lot of trouble. I mean, why not leave the package on your porch? What's wrong with that? XD Why would I want to buy $300 or more worth of stuff just so that the driver can take two steps and put the package over my threshold? Kind of dumb...

Thanks, but no.

Thanks, but no.  Even with security cameras. What is the interest?  I mean, a stranger enters my house, and heck, it could be trashed cause I was in a hurry.  Ya, no thanks.

Amazon is experimenting with

Amazon is experimenting with a blimp warehouse in the sky, and after people would order something then a drone would deliver it.

Hannah J

I don't think I would want that.


Stephen R. your so right, but if the come in your house they record themselves and keep the footage they can sell the footage and the people who buy it will know whats in your house.


Now way would I let a stranger into my house, well it's not my house sooo....

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