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NEW! What Does It Meme?
News Bytes 06/17/2022 14 Comments

With the ubiquitous nature of the internet and the ease of sharing information instantaeously, a powerful form of communication has arisen: the meme.

What is a meme? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a meme is
an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media.

Like editorial cartoons, memes often communicate thoughts, ideas, or criticisms with few words and images. Humor or sarcasm is often essential to a meme's success. But memes may be even more influential than editorial cartoons, with potential to shape people's thoughts and responses by convincing them to accept "a truth told in jest," without giving it the critical eye it deserves. Memes appear to be lighthearted entertainment, while they plant their perceptions into the minds of those seeing, laughing, and sharing online. 

Christians should stay alert and aware, even while being entertained. Memes can communicate truth, or easily advance a lie with their popularity, ready presence, and ease of sharing.

This meme was popular on the internet for the way it humourously depicted the problem with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Read today's daily News Byte to learn what eventually happened to the once-essential Internet Explorer. 

 Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. — Matthew 10:16

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1st comment!


2nd Comment

Haha XD

3rd Comment

Haha, that picture up top is hilarious XD

that is .......HILARIOUS

that is .......HILARIOUS

wait, wait, before we laugh,

wait, wait, before we laugh, it could all be a lie, right? Jk, lol




Imagine writing an article to explain memes. I think I've figured out what the 700 screenshots on my phone are lol.

Has anyone ever played the

Has anyone ever played the game What Do You Meme? Most hilarious game EVER

@ above

yes, I have played what you meme! my cousin got it for Christmas.

In addition

That is a funny meme. I haven't seen it before.





OK, have any of you seen the

OK, have any of you seen the meme that shows the part of Lord of the Rings where Gandalf says, "No matter what comes through that gate, you will stand your ground." Next picture is a perfect shot of Bilbo when Frodo won't let him hold the ring again, which honestly looks a bit freaky, and the next picture is a shot of a scene of Gandalf shouting "RUN". XD


All LOTR is freaky, ok? xDDD

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