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Supermoon Superstar
News Bytes 06/15/2022 11 Comments

From Frankfurt and New York to Istanbul and Beijing, last night’s sky gazers enjoyed an impressive astronomic spectacle: a beautiful supermoon suspended over the horizon.

God made the Sun and Moon and the entire universe in order to show His power and majesty. (Genesis 1:14-16, Psalm 19:1) For those paying attention and giving credit where credit is due, events like the supermoon reveal just how creatively glorious He is.

Each year, residents of Earth can experience 12-13 full Moons. Of those, three or four might be supermoons.

A supermoon is a full Moon that occurs at nearly the same time as the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth. The relatively near matchup results in the Moon’s appearing larger than normal. The technical name for this celestial happening is perigee syzygy (PEH-ruh-jee SIH-zuh-jee)—which is super fun to say.

Some people call the supermoon a “Strawberry Moon” because it’s the full Moon at strawberry harvest time for many parts of the world that grow the red fruit.

Last night’s perigee syzygy made the lunar orb loom larger than many people are used to seeing. At times, the Moon appeared slightly orange-colored as it lit skies around the globe.

In Frankfurt, the supermoon rose behind the German city’s banking district’s skyline, while in Beijing the city’s roof decorations depicting sacred beasts were silhouetted in sharp black by the Moon.

The supermoon also illuminated New York City’s Statue of Liberty and shone on the pillars of the ancient temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion south of Athens, Greece.

As large and luminous as last night’s supermoon was, the Moon can get even closer and appear even bigger. In fact, if you’re gazing at the night sky on December 6, 2052, you just might see the largest one of the 21st century!

Did you see the supermoon last night?

(The Strawberry Moon rises in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York late Tuesday, June 14, 2022. AP/J. David Ake)

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This is really cool! I think it is so cool the ways God lets us know he is there! He is so amazing! Sadly, I didn’t see the supermoon last night :( but I did notice that the moon was shining through my bedroom window a little brighter.

Wow that's so cool!!

Wow that's so cool!!

Did anybody on here see this?

Did anybody on here see this?

didn't see it

didn't see it

5th Comment

I didn’t see it either, although I wasn’t looking lol

This is wyn

I didn't see this because last night we had a bad storm that dropped hail that was as big as golf balls (some even bigger). The hail caused lots of damage. So please pray for the people that experienced the hail.


I think I saw the moon, but didn't really pay attention. There are a lot of times it is big and orange when I see it, so I didn't really think anything of it.
@Belwyn: Yeah for sure! Believe me, I know what hail is like. We had a huge storm of it on the 4th of July last year that wiped out my dad's crop and flipped an irrigation sprinkler, plus other damage to our house and yard.

I saw It

I saw it while I was driving from the Yellowstone Flooding. Check out the article.

9th Comment

I actually saw it with my family. It was real pretty!

I went outside to go sit on

I went outside to go sit on my swing at night, and saw a giant yellow moon rise while listening to music. it was great!


*me seeing this and thinking they changed Miss Liberty's face to a dog's face*
*then realizing its showing the back of her*

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