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News Bytes 10/27/2016 604 Comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. It’s further evidence that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.

Marlowe was born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare. He was a playwright, poet, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Now he’ll share billing in the latest version of the New Oxford Shakespeare being published this week.

Scholars have long suspected that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others. But new methods helped researchers conclude that sections bore Marlowe’s trademarks.

"Shakespeare, like other geniuses, recognized the value of other people," Gary Taylor, a professor at Florida State University and principal investigator of the new work, says. "What is Shakespeare famous for? Writing dialogue—interactions between two people. You would expect in his life there would be dialogue with other people."

In Shakespeare's time, there was great demand for new material for the first mass-entertainment industry. A relatively small group of authors worked feverishly to meet this demand.

A team of 23 scholars looked afresh at Shakespeare’s plays. They used computers to reveal language patterns, trends, and associations—analyzing not only Shakespeare's words, but also those of his fellow authors.

Oxford University Press editors concluded that 17 of 44 works associated with Shakespeare had input from others.

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Most recent comments

I never knew

And nobody would EVER have known . . .




Wow. :) I love his plays. ;)

That is so cool!

We just saw a Romeo and Juliet ballet and it was awesome. Shakespeare truly is an inspiration.


Would this work for a voice of a storyteller page?

this is mylee

amelia i think it would work bc there arent a lot of comments . and it has shakesphere on it lol.


In case The Voice of the Storyteller ever gets shut down this is where we shall be. @WorldTEEN, Please don't shut down our Typewriter page!!! PLEASE!! It's really amazing!! :)


Can I join?

@All Typewriters

Well I guess here we are! I was trying to comment to Scarlett on Voice of the Storyteller. I tried twice and it wouldn't let me. I guess we are officially moved here now. It is kinda sad tho, we have had lots of fun on that other page!


In answer to your last comment on our old page: No, you won't spoil the books for me, since I have read the series at least twice already and am just rereading them again! :) All of the books are good, really. It is so hard for me to pick! And the cool thing about reading them over again, you find little details that you never realized were there before. The same with watching movies.

This is Mylee

scarlet You got last comment and broke a WT record !!!! i guess we will have to get use to this article XD. I have never read jane austin but have heard of her. I have read janette oak before but no offense i think her books are kinda boring....

This is Mylee

2,820 (I think ) Is the record !!! Its better than 1,919 comments XD.


It looks like it is you and I right now on here. It is taking others a while to find us! :)

This is Mylee

yah I guess it is ! i'm pretty sure caro would of found it by now??? XD


Oh my goodness this is hilarious...FOR THE LAST SIX DAYS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO BREAK THE SILENCE ON THE OLD VOICE OF A STORYTELLER LINK AND NO ONE WAS EVEN THERE!! Lol :). I posted a few comments and it didn't work for some reason.


I think we should find a new place sooner than later, just to be prepared. It's good to have a spare link around.

This might work:

@Gideon M

Sure!! We're a group of WORLDTEEners that write books, coming from all levels of experience. Some may be beginners while some have actually published and sold their works. But a few things we all have in common:
-We love Jesus
-We love writing
-We love reading
And, if you aren't a writer, we would love to have you here just to talk about books we like. Right now it's Narnia :). Have you read the books?

@ All Typelings\TypeWriters

Just now realized that we all switched!!!!!! I kept trying to comment on Voice and then I had a brainwave: THEY MUST HAVE LEFT!!!!

@ Everyone

I have two questions I'd like to ask:
Do you prefer books better with or without prologues?
Do you like books better without or with epilogues?
I'd like to know both for my story and because I wondered what people besides me would think. :)
[That's what I was trying to say earlier. It's pretty ironic that I forgot all about it since I was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. XP]

@ Scarlett

Looks great!


I was wondering why no one commented for a while… so sad that it stopped working :( Should we post the link to the newest article so people know we moved?


Lol that you forgot about this page. As to prologues and epilogues, I like them if they really benefit the story and are well written


Sounds good!


Woah, this took me a weird amount of time to figure out they had shut it down! XD I think its because we're traveling, so I'd try to post a comment, then have to go!
So is anyone doing NaNoWriMo?


Woah, this took me a weird amount of time to figure out they had shut it down! XD I think its because we're traveling, so I'd try to post a comment, then have to go!
So is anyone doing NaNoWriMo?

@Caro @Bethy

Did they shut it down? Either that or we just filled it up to the limited amount of comments.
Bethy, interesting question! I think that a prologue should only be used if there's something that should be shown that happened long ago. @Everyone, I'm no professional writer, but here's a tip anyway. EVERYTHING IN A STORY IS THERE FOR A REASON. Writers don't (shouldn't, I mean) throw in something if it doesn't have a purpose. You might add jokes to make the story funnier for example, and even small details can play important roles. We writers should know this above anyone else: Words. Are. Powerful.
Many people don't realize that, but it's true. Words do things to people. Before I read Chirp (by Kate Messner), I wouldn't have ever dreamed of eating bugs, especially crickets. But after hearing the powerful words Messner used to speak for the future of Entomology, I would try one if I had the chance. (You should all read that, it's amazing!! Although I would recommend it more for girls than boys because of some girlish topics :)..) And even the ORDER OF WORDS MATTER!! That's because words paint pictures in your head. These sentences are practically the same:
1#. Jeremiah was strolling in the park. The spring air tickled his face and all around, birds were singing their cheerful songs while someone's dog was busy barking at a stray cat.
2#. Jeremiah was walking in the park. The spring air whisked around his face and all around, songbirds were tweeting their happy songs while someone's terrier was busy barking at a stray tabby.
Each sentence paints a different picture than the other, even though the words are similar. See what I mean? (Sorry, this was a little off topic.) And, Bethy, I think the epilogue is a fun way to show what happens to the character(s) after the book takes place. But I WOULD save it for the last book in your series, just to make it the perfect ending.
Hope all this is helpful!! :):):)

@Bethy & Scarlett

Bethy: I think having a prologue and epilogue depends on what kind of book it is. If it was a historical book and you left with say two people just engaged, then you could put an epilogue saying that they were eventually married and had kids, or so on. Prologue, I think only needs to be there if there is something important that you need to know before the events in the book start happening.
Scarlett: What you said is sooooooo true. Words are so powerful. I totally agree with everything you said. Well put.

@Scarlett addition

When I sit down to write a book, I always have a purpose for writing it. I never just write one just to write one. I have a specific purpose in my mind and then make the book conform to that purpose.

This is Mylee

I kinda like proulogues .

Any you guys watched the

Any you guys watched the Narnia movies?

@Riley D @Hesperus D

Aw, thanks. I agree that it depends on the type of book. Bethy, I hope this all helps you!!
Hesperus, hiya! I love the Narnia movies, the actors have some interesting things to say in BTS.


Yeah I have, I really like the BBC version of them


So far my mom hasn't let me watch the movies really. Sometimes I like watching movies from books, and sometimes I don't because a lot of the time they change it up so much, and then you get a picture in your head of what a character looks like based on the movie and not based on the book.

@Riley D

That's a good point. They changed up the Dawn Treader quite a bit, but the others were very similar ti the books. The actor who played Eustace was amazing though!! (This is another reason why acting is fun!! You always are told by your coach that you should observe (aka watch movies) as much as possible. That's fun homework.)

Thanks a lot to you, Scarlett

Thanks a lot to you, Scarlett, Riley, Caroline, Amelia, and Mylee. Very helpful!!!!!


Caro, um, what is that?
Hesperus, yes, Which is your favorite?


Haha! That does sound like fun homework! :)
@All: Now that we have talked about the Narnia Series, how about Anne of Green Gables? Who all has read it, and what are your favorite book or books? I love this series, and my favorite is the first book.


@Bethy, you try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month (November). @Riley, I've read them all, and Rilla of Ingleside is my favourite! @Everyone, I'm going to take a break from commenting till I get back to the US, bye!

This is Mylee

bye caro ! @Riley i never liked Anne of Greene Gables . No offense,and the movie to me is kinda boring i've never even watched the whole thing . XXD


Caro, ohhh! Thanks! Sounds fun.
Riley, I only ever read the first two. But I really like the first one!

@Bethy S

VotDT. You?

@Bethy S

Er, actually, PC. VotDT was OK, but not as good.

Oh, has anybody read any of

Oh, has anybody read any of Ted Dekker's books?


What?!?! I can hardly believe that! XD Well, I like the movie as well, and surprisingly it is quite accurate with the book, but only the first movie is, not the rest.


Not that I know of. :)


I’ve read his circle series. Which ones have you read?

@Hesperus D

I've read some of Millie Maven and I stopped because I was not a fan. But are there other books from him that you enjoy? I would love it hear :).

@ Hesperus D

Narnia: PC was the best! VotDT was terrible, in my opinion.
Other Book: No.

@Amelia B

Yeah, those were good. Did you also read book zero? Let's see... I've read all of the Circle Trilogy, including Book Zero, Adam, Thr3e, Chosen, Showdown, and I'm working on Saint.

@Bethy S

Yeah, the first two were better. And, you totally should read em, but be warned...they are kinda mind bending... They're so fascinating tho


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