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News Bytes 10/15/2021 28 Comments

Today in Top Story: The United States attempts to correct supply chain snags, fill labor shortages, and tame rising prices.

Backed-up supply chains are driving prices higher for U.S. consumers. Several ports, retailers, and delivery companies have committed to keep their operations going 24/7. The White House says that will help ease major shipping bottlenecks.


WORLD Watch: Top Story is a part of the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, WORLD Watch delivers a newscast, a top news story, and a feature story. Top Story is a segment of what members will see in WORLD Watch.

WORLD Watch is a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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Most recent comments

you gotta wonder how many

you gotta wonder how many dark, creepy people are watching this and rejoicing. Don't look at me! I'm weird, but I'm not dark and I??


Uuuhhh I’ll wait for the funny ….

Hesperus D

Not that I know of lol


lol me2

all imm sayin

is that port looks just like 'port' in warzone


unless, ofc, they changed the map... so that port looks like og warzone port


also, its kinda cool to have the first 2 letters in ur first name as ur initials

@Christian B

You play Warzone? I've wanted to, but I don't have great internet, so downloading it would be the hugest pain ever know to all mankind. I have played Call of Duty Mobile, which is kinda like it, and it's soooooo fun.


Tbh i havent played in like 4 months... but i cant delete it bc I spent money on it >_<

@ Christian B

Um my middle name starts with R

@Christian B

Oof, I kinda know how that is. You could always just delete it, and re-download it when/if you wanna play again. Whatever you bought should still be there on your account, right?


those are some backed up Christmas presents.


wanna cookie?


idk maybe... i paused all the updates bc it was making my xbox lagg so if i try to play it i cant bc itll take like 5hrs to get through all the updates

@Christian B

Ouch, been there, done that, bro. Like, yesterday. Lol, no, really. I had an 11.5 gig update, and it took, Idk, at least 24 hrs to update. You can always pause your update before you play, then after you're done, you can go back, resume the update, and just walk off while it works on it.


yea ik if i remember i usually unpause it when I get off bc it can update when imm offline. 11.5 gig!?! i don think i even have that much space left. i haf to delete apex

@Christian B

XD Really? Wow, which Xbox do you have? Ik some of the older ones have less storage than the newer ones. My dad has one of the old Xbox One X's, so it has 1 TB. And, ya think that's a lot? The Master Chief Collection takes up over 140 gigs, so downloading it is a nightmare.

@Riley D

Hi!! I noticed you were missing from Voice of a Storyteller and I was sad :(. But welcome back, no one mind if you drop back into a conversation.

If we truly want to encourage

If we truly want to encourage people to go back to work, why don't we stop giving them unemployment benefits for staying home?!Why would people go back to work if they are making enough money staying home. Unless there is some legitimate reason for not going to work, like medical reasons or a disability the government should not give them money.
I am not against the government giving people benefits but if the government says "sorry we are not going to give you benefits" people will go back to work!


I have the xbox one, the second oldest... actually the first oldest xbox ever... idk i think xbox 360 came out at the same time or a lil after xbox one or a lil b4 xbox one..... I got mine in 2016

@Christian B

OK, that sounds like the original One. Before the S. I've seen a couple. Not bad, but I'm just a PC guy, not Xbox. *cough cough* Got tired of all the updates all the time. And I can pretty much always use an Xbox One controller with my computer if I want.


tru, and yea it is he one right b4 the S

@Christian B

Lol, Ik a dude who has one, and he says when he turns it on it sounds like a jet engine.


fax it sounds like a wii when i turn it on

@Christian B

Well...wrong console, but interesting. XD


lol no i was comparing mine to the wii

@Christian B

Ik. I was just kidding around.


o lol

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