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News Bytes 07/9/2021 16 Comments

Editorial cartoons can be powerful media for expressing opinions and ideas with few or no words. This cartoonist is making a statement about the state of the "unity" in the "United" States. Do you think the message is accurate? Does the image work to convey the artist’s meaning? What do you think the picture is saying?

In what ways are Americans truly united? In what ways are there big divisions? What would you offer as solutions?

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I don't get all of it, but what I do get is pretty funny! :) XD



3rd comment

Too bad the cartoon is sooooo true.
@Bethy: It is the nation with the motto "E Pluribus unum" all cracking and falling apart with the words Divided we fall at the bottom instead of united we stand. With a donkey and elephant trying to fix it with duct tape, paint, and government handouts. It is portraying our falling apart nation.

E Pluribus Unum is Latin and

E Pluribus Unum is Latin and means "out of many, one." I'm learning Latin so I find it fun when something is in Latin. :-)

@ Riley

Ah, thanks! That's what I thought.

6th comment

I think America certainly seems to to rolling down to destruction with all this corrupt stuff going on. It's a good cartoon!
I think the 'Dog Days of Summer' and the lumber one were funnier.

For anyone who doesn’t know

For anyone who doesn’t know the elephant stands for Republican and donkey stands for demo craft

Okay. This is funny! Except for that it is it's true... *worried

This is funny! Except for that it is it's true... *worried face* Well, is anyone going to "try your hand at drawing an editorial cartoon" ? I might, just don't know what I'd draw yet.


Sounds like fun! I wouldn't know what to draw either though.


No, I don't think so! I would be awful at that!
Fun Fact: The word "awful" used to have a totally different meaning. It used to mean "full of awe" and now it means something horrible! Isn't it quite funny how a word's meaning can totally reverse? XD


Oooh! I thought of a cartoon I could do, about the second ammendement. The right to BEAR arms! ;)


I drew a political cartoon, but I can't figure out how to send it.. Anyone have suggestions on how to get it to them?


It sounds like you email it to them at


That's a funny idea!

This is JENNA

Sad how true this cartoon is.

@Kiara J

I love Latin. It's so fun! But yeah, it's kinda sad that this is so true. -Lucy C.

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