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News Bytes 06/4/2021 33 Comments

Editorial cartoons can be powerful media for expressing opinions and ideas with few or no words. This cartoonist is making a statement about recent changes in public health policy and people's wellbeing. Do you think the image works to convey the artist’s meaning? What do you think the picture is saying?

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First comment!!!!!!!!!


Second Comment


3rd comment



Ahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lolllllllllllllllll

No one knows when you're

No one knows when you're smiling if you wear a brother's soccer team had pictures the other day, and they had to wear masks (no point're playing SOCCER) and they made a point to not smile bc you can't tell anyway....xDD

My favorite type of mask is

My favorite type of mask is my invisible one! XD!

I don't like it

I don't like it

@ Kiara J

Mine too! :)

Speaking of invisible masks

An Italian artist recently sold a sculpture for 18,000 dollars. The thing is, it was a sculpture that only existed in his own mind. The buyer got a receipt and a certificate. If you look up a picture of it, (It's called Io Sono, which means "I am" in Italian) it looks like an empty platform. But we all know that it is most definitely a real statue that isn't physically there. Definitely worth $18,000.

10th comment

@ Addie seriously?? That's crazy! I wouldn't buy anything for $18,000 unless it was important
@ Kiara oh, yes! Those are the best! Though, I think I might have lost it... it was on my wrist at one point and somehow disappeared... :/ XD XD

@ Addie



It's sad but true. My dad was joking that my sister would be good at it because she's a child, a girl, and an artist, so people would be more willing to believe her. XD

I love these cartoons

I love these cartoons

Though some are pretty harsh

Though some are pretty harsh


XD Yeah, like Babylon Bee. They're so great!

Just realized something

This means they're going to publish a meme every Friday, doesn't it! Well, now I have yet another thing to look forward to on Fridays!

@Addie L

I am soooo confused....the artist basically said he imagined a statue and someone just up and bought it?? They IMAGE in his MIND??? WHAT??


HAhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! That is funny, and I totally got what he meant without even thinking about it. That is a good one!

@Grace D

Yep, basically. He made it sound like a spiritual, mystic thing that only he could do, and someone bought his thought for 18,000 dollars. That's about 18 times the amount of money I've had in my life.

Has anyone seen Raya and the

Has anyone seen Raya and the last Dragon? We watched it last night. It was really good.


What did you like about it? My little cousin wanted us to watch it (when I say 'us' I mean myself, my four siblings, and my five cousins) but we ended up watching the King and I. I had heard it was okay, but not just the BEST Disney movie. I also heard that the movie went too fast and that they didn't take enough time to develop the characters. Would you suggest it and if so, why? I'm really interested in hearing something OTHER than a bad review! (XD

this is mylee

@Addie same I was wondering if it was good or not. Haha thats funny. I always read the funny comics on the newspaper XD. I don't know if they are going to do this every week or just today.


@Kiara, I loved Raya and the Last Dragon! Remember this quote? "You know when you do a class project, and there is a kid who doesn't really do any work but still gets credit? @Addie, I think it is good, as long as you remember it is not real... :)


Oh, I'm not worried about the dragon and magicky stuff, I was just talking about the storyline and story development and stuff like that. Glad you thought it was good!

Raya and the Last Dragon was

Raya and the Last Dragon was a fun movie to watch though the story line wasn't completely original. I think it would have been better for _______ to stay dead making the sacrifice all the more touching but since it is a kid's movie I understand why they didn't.





@Addie L

Yes my mom showed my that!!!!! People are so dumb! He said that it was a statue of energy and of space, and that those things are powerful in the mind, and the statues in a private place so that not just anyone can see because its so beautiful that buyer probably doesn't want to share such a beautiful piece of work with the world !! LOL
I mean literally, if you wanted a statue like that go and buy a piece of wood and make the platform for like 5 bucks and whaa laa you have a 18,000 dollar statue!

@ Addie L

I watched Raya and the last Dragon, ehhh it wasn't the best, it will probably not be something I'll watch again, I mean it wasn't really like a bad movie, just that kind stuff isn't my thing.


Addie, that's is hilarious! And I love the Babylon Bee!
Kiara, I might watch sometime. It sounded interesting.
Dessie, I'll describe it for you: On the left of the picture there is a trashcan-like thing with the words: MOST CAN UNMASK. On the other side, a man walking a dog is moving right and a woman is walking left, they are both smiling. The dog is thinking: "THEY SEEM A LOT HAPPIER WITHOUR THEIR MUZZELS." Does that make sense?

Yes we are.

Yes we are.


noice. -Lucy C.



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