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Trial of Police Officer
News Bytes 04/6/2021 376 Comments

The trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s May 25, 2020, death is entering its second week. The first week of emotional testimony came from eyewitnesses—and the disturbing video of Floyd’s arrest from police body cameras. Experts expect this week to focus on police training and help answer the question of whether officers were following proper procedure.

Derek Chauvin, 45, is charged with murder and manslaughter. (See “George Floyd Protests.”) Chauvin, who is white, is accused of pinning his knee on the 46-year-old black man’s neck for over nine minutes as Floyd lay face-down in handcuffs outside a corner market.

Prosecutors say Chauvin’s knee killed Floyd. The defense argues that Chauvin did what he was trained to do and that Floyd’s use of drugs and underlying health conditions caused his death.

Multiple bystanders captured Floyd’s treatment by police on video. The scenes sparked protests that rocked Minneapolis and spread to other U.S. cities and beyond. Those videos, plus officers’ body-camera video and previously unseen eyewitness footage, came together to form a big part of the first week of trial.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo will likely testify this week. Arradondo, the city’s first black chief, fired Chauvin and three other officers the day after Floyd’s death. In June, he called the incident “murder.”

“Mr. George Floyd’s tragic death was not due to a lack of training,” Arradondo said at the time. “Chauvin knew what he was doing.”

Soon after Floyd’s death, Minneapolis moved to ban police chokeholds and neck restraints. Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey have also made several policy changes, including expanding rules for reporting use-of-force incidents and documenting attempts to de-escalate situations.

Prosecutors intend to build the case that Chauvin improperly restrained Floyd. A duty sergeant and a lieutenant who leads the homicide division both questioned Chauvin’s actions.

“Totally unnecessary,” Lt. Richard Zimmerman, the longest-tenured officer on the force, testified Friday. He said once Floyd was handcuffed, he saw “no reason for why the officers felt they were in danger, if that’s what they felt.” He went on, “And that’s what they would have to feel to be able to use that kind of force.”

Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson peppered Zimmerman with questions about the threat a handcuffed suspect might still pose. Nelson has also suggested that bystanders shouting at police might have distracted them from Floyd and made them feel threatened.

Jurors heard several days of testimony from bystanders. Some choked up as they recalled feeling powerless to help Floyd. Some also expressed feeling guilt over his death.

The trial has been a horrifying reminder of human fallenness. Many people are following the proceedings closely. Some worry the outcome will not fit the crime. For others, the trial has been too much to bear. Eyewitness Kyra Walker says she had to tune out and shut down Twitter one day. “I had a moment where I just felt broken,” she says. “I realized I just didn’t have it in me to watch all this.”

(Steven Thompson poses for a picture next to a poster of George Floyd in Los Angeles Friday, April 2, 2021. Thompson is choosing not to watch the televised trial because of an underlying dread of how the trial will play out. AP/Damian Dovarganes)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

I have nothing to say about this at the moment.

2nd Comment

I still think it is silly they are still carrying on with this. Racism racism racism. There is absolutely no point to it. Gob made everyone equal and in His image. It is as simple as that. Now I don't really know what happened, but I personally don't think that a police officer would purposely do something to kill another man. I mean, he is a police officer and is supposed to try to protect the other people, but I don't think he would purposely kill Floyd like that.

I agree RILEY D

I think they are taking racism way to far. I do think that Black Lives Matter but they are making a big deal over something that happens every day. an accidental death. As funny as this sounds I find the BLM movement racist. I mean they are strongly pointing out the different between white and black people. the racism is not one sided. there are plenty of black supremisists. I think we need to strive for equality. the BLM movement is striving for black supremacy. not equality. they are tearing down statues burning and raiding buildings. defunding the last bit of decency we have left in our country. the United States police force. so all this to say that I think they are over reacting.

P.S. This is Caro

They killed him. He is DEAD because of that police officer. I am glad that he is being tried for murder. Do you know the whole story? Mr. Floyd bought something with fake money. He stuck around after the cashier called the police. No person making fake money would stick around. The police officers handcuffed him and brought him outside. Then Chauvin kneld on Mr. Floyd's neck. He kept telling Chauvin that he couldn't breath but Chauvin stayed on there for NINE minutes. Until Mr. Floyd was dead. Anyone who has done that should be charged for murder. Hopefully his sentence will fit his crime. And I truly hope that God will forgive him.

4th comment :( Didn't make it.

I agree with you, Ethan, that BLM is racist. You are right. It does sound funny, doesn't it? XD
Ok, Riley, I agree with you mostly, but we have to realize that Floyd did indeed die, and if the police officer WAS the cause of his death, he needs to be punished accordingly. I agree that it is because of racism that this is so famous (or infamous, whatever) and I think it's ridiculous that the media is making such a huge thing out of it. I think the police man should be brought to court, but I DON'T think that the rest of the country should get involved, since guess what! It's not our business.

Oh drat stuff was bad enough

Oh drat stuff was bad enough near us i din't realize it spread. another reason im glad to not live in Minneapolis I agree with you guys blm opinions, there were blm signs everywhere here for a long time mostly gone now tho.


The other officers had already put Floyd in the car, then Chauvin took Floyd out of the car and through him onto the ground then knelt on Floyd's neck. And also the other officers were telling Chauvin to get off of Floyd, but Chauvin did not listen.

Well, whether it was the cop

Well, whether it was the cop's fault or not, I'm a little dubious about cops having restraint tactics taken away. I wouldn't know, but that sounds like it could get dicey in some situations...


So, yeah, I think like a lot of you that BLM is very racist. Equality does not seem to exist here. It's either that Blacks are superior to whites or vice versa, or homosexuals are better than straight people, or women are better than men. It's kinda like... because of all the mistreatment a race or gender has been faced with, they just get revenge and start mistreating the people who mistreated them. Ya know what I'm saying? Like, women were treated like property for centuries, then all of sudden, women get sick of it and stand up for themselves. That's awesome, but then they just start treating men like garbage and saying women are better than men and it's almost like now men are the ones treated like property. Nobody is anybody else's property. No race or gender is better than any other race or gender. Yes, women are better at some things then men (organization, following directions,(tho men can do those too, I'm just saying more women are better at it than most men are) and men are better at some thins than women (men are usually more physically stronger). Does that mean that one gender is superior to the other? NO! just like no race is superior to the other! Yet here we are beating whites and men over the head when it's not really their fault their ancestors were a bunch of sexists and racists. Anyway, God made man and woman to WORK TOGETHER, not to play King (or queen LOL) of the Mountain. And we shouldn't treat races any different too. It's hard though. People have a lot of prejudice, so that's why we should try to look at people like Jesus would.


Your second comment is a little harsh. You don't know what he was thinking, and you don't know how he felt about BLM. I agree with Ethan K about the equality/ supremacy thing. BLM is just trying to elevate black people when they should be just trying to put them on the same level as white people.

So if they

So if they look at the body cam they can see George ASK for the officer to put his knee on him. The media just wants to show what they want to show. And also he was very high on drugs, George even said before the officer put his knee on him "I can't breath" BEFORE THE KNEE. Our world is getting dumber and dumber and dumber. Pretty soon the world will just believe whatever people say on the internet.


Ok, I know this comment will probably trigger some of you but it needs to be said. I take no responsibility if you get offended because I am not saying this to offend anybody.
Now that I got that out of the way, Chauvin did nothing wrong. Now, that might seem controversial but let me explain.
1. If you watch the full bodycam video (not the selectively edited version) Floyd did not stay in the store once the police were called he was in his car getting ready to leave. He was saying that he couldn't breathe before the officers ever touched him. Floyd said that he would rather be on the ground than in the back of the car.
2. The first autopsy done on Floyd said that he overdosed on drugs and died. It showed that there were enough methamphetamine and fentanyl in his system to kill a horse.
3. Floyd's girlfriend testified on the stand that he had been in the hospital for a slightly less serious drug overdose 2 months before.
4. The MPD training handbook actually shows that move is used to slow down the heart rate of an overdose victim not kill them.
5. Floyd was alive when he left in an ambulance and died in the hospital. The ambulance crew actually asked for a police officer to be in the back because George was being rowdy.
So as you can see, based on facts Chauvin should be fully exonerated of all charges because he did not kill George Floyd.
I hope none of you who read this got offended and can see that I am sharing facts not just my opinion.

@ Asher

I am not offended, and I appreciate what you stating the facts.


If you watch the full body cam then you can also see that he is grining in an evil look while his knee is on Floyd

@Curtis P

You must be seeing things. He is not "grinning in an evil look".

@Sarah F

Thank you! I knew there were at least some reasonable people on this site.

@ Asher E

That makes sense. But I don't really know what to believe. But thank you for putting that up.

Asher E

agreed. He definately was overdosed. I kinda don't care what they do to the officer, cause I know if they acquit him everyone will get mad and people might hurt his family or him. Pray that no one will try to hurt him or his family guys.

Mirela: Same...kinda.

Mirela: Same...kinda.
Riley: I agree.
Ethan K: True.
Caro: That's what I was thinking.
Curtis: Huh.
Hesperus: I know...
Noah R: Too true.
Carys: Yes!


I live not far from where the main riots were last year so please pray for me when he gets acquitted.

@Asher E

I hope that's true. I don't doubt that you found the unedited video and I DO NOT find it hard to believe that it was selectively edited. >:(
I hope you understand that I can't accept all of those facts until I see for myself or until my dad tells me... XD
Where did you find all that info and I will be praying for you! :)
Thanks for sharing those facts, for some reason they make me feel better about myself.



Oh, PS

I just realized my first comment wasn't first, so... yeah.................................. Just in case someone cared. XP

This is London

Why are the6 still going on with this . All lives matter and we are all equal underGod

To above

Typo they

this is mylee

I believe everyone is equal ! They are still going on about a death from a year ago! Stuff like that happens everyday. And Floyd wasn't a very good man... The whole BLM stuff needs to stop i see no point in it. Also has anyone watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs ? When the police gets on top of flint. What the police did was wrong and the carges need to be made. But that doesnt mean you should take away police and stuff like that !


typo- fourth, not first. good grief.
@Mylee- Ah, yes! Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs is funny! But I honestly like the second one better. I dunno why, I usually hate sequels! I guess it could be because I watched the second one before I watched the first one. (Long story)
Also, I see a point in BLM, but it's kind of outdated. If it had happened about 100 years ago, I would understand, but not now. The percentage of real racists is very small.

this is mylee

addie L true about the 100 years ago. Also I don't like sequals as much either. I was refuring to the part when the black police got on top of the white guy flint. Refurring that stuff like this happens vise versa all the time !!!

I PERSONALLY dont think that

I PERSONALLY dont think that it was ALL Chauvins fault. Floyd already had other problems with (as said above) drugs and underlying health. I wont conclude that it was eithers fault yet, but i think it was more of Floyd's fault. Also, if chauvin is acquitted, be ready for some more riots and craziness. - this is the press conference article link for Addie, Aryelle, and Riley


I believe your facts are true and they do not offend me. I still do not think the officer killed him.
Also I agree with Ethan K about racism.


thank youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, guys, has it occurred to

Um, guys, has it occurred to any of you that this all might be blown up to more of a big deal than it is? I mean, yeah, if the cop did it, bad him, he needs to answer for it. If it was the drugs that took Floyd under, OK, he kinda had that coming, especially on that amount of dosing. But, I think the media might be turning this whole thing into a black vs. white kinda thing.

I think that it is highly

I think that it is highly likly that they want this blown up to distract from something else.

@Addie L

I got the information from a few different sources
1. I found the full bodycam video on youtube It was about an hour long. No idea if it is still there though.
2. I got the autopsy info from my dad and also my friend. Hearing it from multiple sources makes it more trustworthy.
3. I got the information about his first od from coverage of the Chauvin trial.
4. I got that from my uncle who read it in the MPD training book
5. I got it from my dad and some other places as well.

@Caleb A

That is very likely.

@Hesperus D

true true

Instead of black LIVES matter

Instead of black LIVES matter, how about black PEOPLE matter!?

Sorry if that offended anyone

Sorry if that offended anyone. I wasn't meant to. :-)


IT wasn't meant to.


No offence taken. But actually, it is ALL people matter. there are not just black and white people. There are every shade in between. And really, no one is truly white. Everyone is just a different shade of brown because of the melanin (spellcheck?) in their skin

Riley D

You got that from Ken Ham didn't you? You are right. ALL lives matter! Jesus died for ALL! Not for some...for ALL!

Guys! You all have reasonable points. At first, (because i was aware of mistreatment of blacks) i thought that Floyd was cruely killed because the officer kneeled on his neck. I haven't watched the video myself. HOWEVER, now with all new facts throughout the year that NOBODY (meaning the Press and media) cared to mention, I am not so sure. I am waiting to find out things when I ask my dad. Soooooo, I have no idea what is true or not and who is wrong.....

@Asher E, please do not be

@Asher E, please do not be offended by this, but I am going to essentually ignore your comments because even though you call them facts, the things you write on here (a lot of the time) are mean, and rude. I wanted to tell you so that if you directed a mean comment at me you would know why I didn't respond. And I am not trying to be mean, and I know this is just what you believe, but there are better ways to get people to listen to you. Again, please do not be offended. :) :)

@Grace D

Um, no I actually didn't. What or who is Ken Ham anyway? XD

@ Riley

Ken Ham is a Christian who believes very strongly in the 7 day creation, and he has his own like ministry type of business.

@Caroline M

When have I been mean or rude on here? What would I need to do for you not to perceive it as such. I never write from a place of meanness or rudeness so I just want to know why it seems that way to you.

First comment

First comment

@Asher E

those arent facts those r thing the wold made up to cover up the real truth

@Christian B

Don't even start denying facts it will just make you look bad.

@Asher E

u call it facts yet u have no proof


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