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Biden’s Border Woes
News Bytes 03/31/2021 110 Comments

President Joe Biden is taking heat for his administration’s immigration plan. Some people have suggested that the President’s policies are responsible for the rising number of people seeking to enter the country illegally. Meanwhile, President Biden wants to more quickly move hundreds of migrant children and teens out of cramped detention facilities at the Mexico border.

While the number of migrants approaching the border has been rising for several years, 2021 has seen a new statistic. In recent weeks, the number of unaccompanied minors has dramatically increased. That has strained the ability of Customs and Border Protection to hold them in detention facilities until they can be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS houses the youths until they can be placed with relatives or sponsors. This gives the government time to decide whether the minors have a legal claim for residency—either under asylum or for some other reason.

The government reports nearly 5,000 children in Border Patrol custody as of last Tuesday. There were an additional 11,551 at HHS shelters.

Last week, reporters at President Biden’s first news conference since taking office pressed repeatedly on the border issue.

The President notes that his administration, like President Donald Trump’s, is expelling most adults and families under a public health order imposed at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. President Biden believes the difference is that his administration is allowing teens and children to stay in the country—at least temporarily.

“The only people we’re not going to let be left sitting there on the other side of the Rio Grande by themselves with no help are children,” President Biden says.

The situation along the U.S.-Mexico border drew more questions than any other subject at the maiden news conference. The issue has become an early challenge for the Biden administration. Recent policies are straining already slim government resources during the pandemic. The new policies include support for new immigration legislation while halting border wall construction.

The volume of attempted border crossings is at the highest level since a spring 2019 surge under former President Trump. And the figures appear to be rising. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently warned the numbers are on pace to hit a 20-year peak.

President Biden hopes to portray the spike as a seasonal problem and not a result of his policies. “It happens every year,” he says.

Security officials stopped more than 100,000 migrants crossing the border in February. Most were single adults. They were quickly turned back. President Biden says the United States is working on the immigration issue with the Mexican government.

Former acting security secretary Chad Wolf suggests President Biden has invited the current crisis. “He took away all of the consequences. At the same time, he began to message that it was perfectly acceptable to come,” he says.

For his part, President Biden condemns the Trump-era requirement that migrants await their asylum claims in Mexico as “sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat.” He also criticizes an earlier policy of separating children from their families at the border. He argues that it’s conditions in people’s home countries that push them to the U.S. border. He says, “It’s because of earthquakes, floods. It’s because of lack of food. It’s because of gang violence.”

The United States isn’t the only country wrestling with a surge of immigrants and asylum seekers. Border problems worldwide have plagued nations for centuries. What do you see as possible solutions? What do you think a biblical attitude toward immigrants should be?

(Migrants walk on a dirt road after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, in Mission, Texas. AP/Julio Cortez)

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Most recent comments

Oh yes, just blame all the

Oh yes, just blame all the problems on Trump, who is NOT EVEN IN OFFICE ANYMORE. Great plan guys!

(I'm being sarcastic, I'm not actually saying it's a good idea for them to keep blaming Trump for everything.)

2nd Comment

This is crazy Biden! Stop just inviting them in! I think that people like to say that 'Oh we are a Christian country founded on Christian principles. Christians are supposed to be kind and generous, so we are just going to let EVERYONE into our country!' Ok guys I get being kind, but not to that degree. We need to be careful too. We can't just let thousands of illegal immigrants in even if they are kids. Pretty soon there will be more illegal immigrants in the country than citizens!!!

3rd Comment

I agree with both Cary and Riley. This is just absurd.


Did yall see the video of the reporter at the border trying to film some of their detention centers and the lady was blocking him so he couldn't take pictures?
It is wrong to let ANYONE come into this country ILLEGALLY!

Right when

Right when I read the headline of this article I knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride.

P.S. This is Caro

If the children are there you have to help them! If they are already across the border what are you going to do now? I mean they're kids!!! I wish I lived near there so I could help.. Kids aren't terrorists and if they do something bad it's because someone is either 1) someone is threatening them or 2) they weren't raised well! Either way it isn't their faults! Anyway I can imagine being like seven, fleeing a war, and my parents sending me across the border so I can be safe! This is what I believe but I don't want to start an argument, so please don't be mad. And I'm not blaming Mr. Trump.

P.S. This is Caro

P.S. Lots of people came because the President said people would be aloud across the border. The go miles and then they can't go across. You would want your kids to be safe, wouldn't you? I'm not saying you should break the law though.

Happens every year, eh? No,

Happens every year, eh? No, it obviously doesn't, when this is an all-time high. Good grief, Biden, just quit this and go back to bed.


There's too many illegals in the country already, we dont need more

Ugg I think it's stupid to

Ugg I think it's stupid to let just kids in because now they don't have people to watch them so they might get quite rowdy. This is one of the biggest R.F.C.s (Recipes For Chaos) that I've seen in a while.

Socialist In Controll


@ Caro

The one thing I would disagree with you on is that they are letting ANY minors in, which means anyone under 18. I don't disagree that we should help little kids, but terrorists could send a teen across who is a terrorist. And that would be bad if we didn't catch them.

@ Everyone

Not saying that this would happen, but I've watched too many movies where stuff like this happens and it ends up really bad.

@N A

It wasn't a reporter who that lady was blocking, it was US Senator Ted Cruz.

@ Asher

Oh, yes. (I had forgotten that part)


@Asher E- Hi! Haven't seen you in a while! Glad to see you!
Anyway. This may surprise some people to hear this, but I have very little opinion on this. One thing I will say is that just because something is illegal doesn't mean it's wrong. I also think that as long as the immigrants apply for citizenship like every other immigrant, I don't have a problem with them entering our country.

this is Wyn

wow this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is mylee

I think that this could be scary bc ppl from mexico could be some trafficing and drugs... but if they do become citezens then that will be ok.

P.S. This is Caro

I'm sorry that I don't believe the same things as you, but that doesn't mean I'll change my world view because of it.

Some republican said that the

Some republican said that the border crisis is a plan, not a challenge. They always make a crisis to get back into office and make a crisis to... When will they stop?


If something is ilegal then it is wrong. There are specail cases like whe something goes against the Bible but this isn't one of them. If people wnat to get into our country there are legal ways. I don't think that they are very fast but it is the right way to do it.

this is mylee

I agree with Caleb A. Hi are you new ? If not sry for not noticing but if so wwelcome ! :) My brothers name is Kaleb.

@ Caro

Same, and I am not trying to change your opinion, but just saying what I think.


I disagree. I would say that there are many laws that are good. Like, don't murder, don't steal, do everything you agreed to do. Those, along with others, are good laws and if you break them, that is bad. However, just because something is against the law, doesn't mean that if you do it, you are sinning. For example, it is against the law in my city to let the grass in your yard grow over 6 inches in height. If I decide not to mow this year, and my grass grows over 6 inches, does that mean I did something wrong?
That is a minor example, but there are laws out there that are unnecessary, mainly taxes. Did you know that every time your parents make money, they have to give some back to the government? Their hard-earned money!! And why? I dunno, I guess the government needs more money. But wait, the government can just print however much they need, so why would they need money from us??? Hmmm.... I'll let y'all think on that. If I refuse to give some of my hard-earned money to the government, did I sin? Did I do something wrong? In my opinion, no. But they will SEND YOU TO JAIL. I think that is wrong.

@ Riley D

If people like to say that our country is based on Christian principles then I found another flaw in their reasoning, this is what the government says : " Yeah we are totally Christians, we're gonna let people into our country..................illegally.

This is London

@Addie my opinion, doing something illegal is a sin and wrong. Unless it’s against the Bible
TheY should not let them in this is Terrible think of all the trafficking and drugs over there it’s really scary in Mexico
Good thing I am doing taekwondo and Krav Maga just in case

Lets look at this in a new light?

Poor Mr. Biden.
I'm very sympathetic.
So I feel bad for him.
All this border trouble.
Poor Mr. Biden.
What a job.
May the LORD give him wisdom.

Lets look at this in a new light?

Poor Mr. Biden.
I'm very sympathetic.
So I feel bad for him.
All this border trouble.
Poor Mr. Biden.
What a job.
May the LORD give him wisdom.

If the government just

If the government just printed more money it would lose it's value................................

Comment 30! XP

If the goverment would make the way to LEGALLY immagrate more efficient, we wouldn't hav this problem!


Exactly. Anything to do with the government takes forever. I understand that they want to be careful about who gets citizenship, but they don't need it to take forever. We STILL haven't gotten my brother's passport and we applied for it in December!!!
@Addie: I can see what you are saying; here is my view: If it goes against the Bible, it is WAY wrong. If it goes against a major good law, it is wrong. Something like your grass, it is not WRONG to let the grass grow, but the reason they do that is to keep your city nice and neat looking. Personally, I wouldn't even want my grass to grow taller than that.

Addition to above

Also, they said the word 'chaos' in the article, and it reminds me of something. Does it remind everyone else that Satan works with chaos and loves chaos? It is his perfect kingdom. When the Dems purposely try to make chaos, they are servants of Satan.
@Dessie: Yeah in a sense I feel bad for President Biden. I don't agree with his views at all, but the Dems are just using him like a piece of machinery to get things done they want done. And the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. . .

@ Addie

Well, to be honest, I completely disagree with you. Here's why: The Bible says to obey the authorities UNLESS their laws go against the Bible. Mowing your grass does not. And also, about taxes, remember that Bible story where the Pharisees were trying to trick Jesus and asked him if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. He picked up a coin and asked them whose picture was on it. Caesar's, of course. So he said to give to Caesar what was his. (Or something like that XD) Anyway, we do pay taxes for a reason. For example, what would happen to our roads, libraries, and everything else the government pays for?


Anyway, if the government just printed more money, it would only be worth less. They've tried that in the past. Didn't work. Ever wonder why a penny could buy so much more in, say, 1900?


Ha, but that's where they take advantage of taxes. The government don't wanna quit spendin' moola on stuff, so they tax us and borrow from other countries, which is really gonna come back to bite everyone's butts down the road. *grimaces* Hopefully not in my lifetime.


Ok, yes, the Bible does say that we should obey the government, and I wouldn't want to go against the Bible. BUT. The government still puts unnecessary laws in effect.
And, yes, Jesus did say "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's". But the thing is, nothing truly belongs to Caesar/governing powers. Everything is God's. Hmmmm....................
Unfortunately, the government still prints money, and yes, it does lower the value. Eventually, the government will have printed so much money that the US dollar won't be worth anything anymore. Anyone remember after the civil war? (Well, not personally, since I doubt any of you are 150 years old... right?) The Confederate currency was so useless that people were desperate to get rid of it. Eventually, that will happen to the dollar. Then, we'll move to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
@KN- I'm SO glad you asked that question on how roads and buildings and stuff would be held up. It would be the responsibility of the American people. If they don't feel the need to have a library or a new road, even though those may be great things, they wouldn't be paid for. When people work together for a good purpose, they can do crazy things. Fundraisers are really smart (and many times fun) events! They appeal to the public to donate money for a cause that everyone cares about. I think that if the government stopped making us pay taxes, we would find that Americans would be more responsible and would care more about how the community works because they would be a more important part of the community. People rely very heavily on the government, and I think that has to stop. We should rely on God and on our own work (not spiritually, but economically). Also, you're completely right about the printing money thing. And they keep doing it, even though it doesn't have good results. For example, the price of timber is going up, not because timber is scarce, but because the government printed some money. I can tell you that timber is NOT scarce where I live... XD. So, my dad said that the government prints money and then TELLS us how much inflation is going on. (They don't tell the truth. My dad figures it out by himself and says it's WAY bigger than what they say.) *sigh* if I don't stop now, I will be going til the cows come home. Sorry about this extremely long (and probably monotonous) comment. I don't know if you can tell, but I feel strongly on this subject. XP XD

@Addie L

I'm glad to be back! I have been super busy lately so I haven't been able to get on here much. Also, I only read articles that I find interesting (mostly political) and there has not been much of that lately. But I will try to be as active as I canon here going forward.

I definitely agree that the government should not tax people as much as they do, when our country was established they only used taxes to pay off our national debt from wars and such. Now they just use than for whatever they want and send much of it overseas. Also, the Revolutionary War was fought over a 3% tax on tea and things like that but now they get away with taxing some people 40% of their yearly income. Our nation needs tax reform.

Immigration must be accomplished legally no matter how slow the process is. I see no reason why people need to come into the country without going through the legal process. The only thing that I will not obey from the government is mask mandates because they aren't real laws.

You should run for office when you are older I think you would be a great politician.

@Asher E

The first like 3 sentences thats basically me.

@Addie L

How do you know...? I might be an ancient old man, for all you know... Lol

@ HD


@Asher E

I agree with everything you said. :)
That's nice of you to say that! However, when you say that, do you mean I lie a lot?? XD I hope I wouldn't be dishonest.
Seriously, though, maybe I will run... I don't think I would run for president or anything crazy, but something local would be less stressful and more direct in helping people. I have to get through college of course before I start worrying about that. I have to decide where I'm going and what I will study.

@Asher E

Hey there glad to see you back I thought I had scared you off in our debate about the Nazi Germany! (I think it was you) ;) XD
@Addie: Well you sure are a good debater!!! XD Yeah I don't really want to run for anything because it takes a lot of money, is stressful, and then yah if you are in big politics they lie a lot... (ps I am not saying you lie I don't think you do! I try to assume the best of people until I know about them! :) )

@Addie L

No, you don't lie a lot (as far as we know right) Also, I said good politician, not democrat so it has nothing to do with you being a liar.

@Riley D

I have not once been offended by anything you have said in a debate on here.

P.S. This is Caro

You know, if you think about it, if you aren't of Native American descent, then all our ancestors were illegal immigrants. Sure, say the king of England said they could, the king of Spain said they could, but that doesn't mean Native Americans wanted them to come.


@Asher: Ok I was kinda joking anyway I didn't think you were mad or anything! XD
@Caro: Yeah, but were they technically illegal? I mean, there were no border laws then, so was it illegal? Sure the Natives owned it, and I agree it would have been better had the whites made peace instead of war with the indians, but just because they moved here didn't mean it was wrong. It was for religious reasons too.


Actually, they weren't, and here's why.
1. The natives didn't have a national government so there was no immigration only colonization.
2. According to Indian tradition they didn't own the land so the English and Spanish colonists didn't steal the land, they just laid claim to land that nobody claimed to own.
3. The way they went about it may have been wrong and that is not what I am arguing for, but it wasn't illegal and they weren't immigrants so you can't say that they were illegal immigrants.

@Riley D

It was not only whites that colonized America, although Spain is in Europe it is not a white country. Its people are (shocker) hispanic.

@ Asher E

The Revolutionary War was fought over a lot more then a tea tax. That's just what sort of got it going.

@Asher E

I appreciate you assuming I don't lie (and I try not to, but sometimes I might share false information, which happens to everyone once in a while.) but I definitely wouldn't say it's only the Democrats that lie. Republicans lie a lot in politics. Maybe not because they want to be mean, but they are human and they can't do everything they said they were going to do because they usually promise a lot.
Riley, I try to be a good debater and the people on here (most of the time) make it easy to have reasonable debates! I really like how most people on here are willing to accept someone else's argument! That helps to make it easy to agree with you, just so you know.
It would be really fun to meet y'all in real life if there was a safe way to do that without being tracked by the creepy people out there.


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