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Former President Trump Acquitted
News Bytes 02/16/2021 225 Comments

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted on Saturday of inciting the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol (see Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol). If former President Trump had been found guilty, it would have been the first-ever conviction of a current or former U.S. president. It was also the first impeachment trial of a former president.

Around a month after the riot, the Senate gathered to deliver its verdict. National Guard troops continued to stand their posts outside the Capitol.

The House of Representatives had impeached President Trump on the charge of incitement of insurrection one week after the riot. Within another week, President Biden was inaugurated, putting President Trump out of office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent the article of impeachment to the Senate days later. That began the impeachment trial.

House prosecutors argued that former President Trump was the “inciter in chief.” They say his violent words and false claims unleashed the mob.

Former President Trump’s lawyers argued that his words were not intended to stir up violence. They say the impeachment was a “witch hunt” meant to prevent him from serving in office again.

The senators were sworn in as jurors for the trial. They promised to deliver “impartial justice.” They ended with a vote of 57-43 in favor of conviction. Seven Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to convict. But the vote fell short of the two-third majority, or 67 votes, needed to find former President Trump guilty. Most Republicans voted to acquit. They doubted that the former President was fully to blame or that impeachment was the right response. Some felt it was unconstitutional to try a president who had already left office.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell is one of those who voted to acquit. He says former President Trump could not be convicted because he is no longer president. But afterwards, Senator McConnell pointed to the former President as bearing responsibility for the insurrection.

Impeachment trials are rare. Only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump—the only one to be twice impeached. None of them were convicted.

God changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. — Daniel 2:21

(Republican senators and staff talk during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 13, 2021. AP/Senate Television)

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1st comment


Why did they keep trying to

Why did they keep trying to impeach him when wasn't even the president anymore anyway? I swear this country is so messed up right now...

@ Carys M

They were trying to impeach him so he couldn't run for office in any other election,

@Sarah F

Yes I know that, I was just saying it was stupid of them (yes, I'm going to say that. It was stupid. That's not "mean", it's the truth) to try to impeach 2 WEEKS from Biden's inauguration and then keep doing the trial WHEN HE WASN"T EVEN PRESIDENT ANYMORE! How does that make sense? (it doesn't, it doesn't make sense at all) *sigh* I need a vacation, because my brain has started to hurt a lot whenever I read stuff about what's going on right now in this country.

It hurts to see all they are

It hurts to see all they are doing to our country that is just BACKWARDS! I'm taking a break from reading articles..


Haha same. I need a rest LOL.

P.S. This is Caro

Ok, well that's over then. (or is it than?)

To Above

Its "then"
Than is like "greater than"
Then is like "I'll eat ice cream, then go to the soccer game"

@ Carys M

If they convicted him, then he wouldn't be able to be president again. And my opinions are these: 1. Trump shouldn't have incited a riot, especially AT HIS WORKPLACE! 2. The fact that he was impeached twice doesn't make me want to vote for him. Guys , please don't get mad at me. Just my opinion. :-)

You know what happened

You know what happened on Presidents day on the White house Facebook page. Almost all the comments said "Good job Trump," "best president ever," etc. It is really funny for republicans.

@ Noah


This is so stupid...what the

This is so stupid...what the blazes?! He's out of office, already, and even that wasn't fair. Now they're trying to impeach him anyway. I'll give the liberals this. They never fail to impress me with their astounding audacity and stupidity. *sigh* I think the days of peaceful, fair elections and incumbencies are long gone.

This is London

Guys I can’t believe it!! It’s snowed here 7 inches and it’s 7 degrees. Strange

This is London

I am so mad at this ( wanting to put an emoji) he isn’t president ppl. I wish we could go back to the founding fathers. I mean we all know better than this. Seriously I could be better then them they need to go to kindergarten. ( sry this is rude ) ugh everything is so messed up Rn


It is terrible what people try to do these days. Sometimes I wish I lived back in the 1800's, in Laura Ingalls Wilder's time, even though there were not so many inventions and such!

Prayer Please

Could you guys pray for my mom? She is not feeling well and her knees are really swollen and hurting so she can't hardly walk, and she is having intestine/gut problems. Thanks!

Dumb... I think

Why would they impeach someone who wasn’t a president anymore. That just doesn’t make sense.

Riley D

I hope your mom gets better!

@ KN

Wasn't he impeached the first time because Democrats were so sure that Russia helped him win the election? I could be wrong, and feel free to correct me if I am, but that is what I remember hearing. And I don't think he did incite a riot, he even told people to stop.

Riley D. I will pray

Riley D. I will pray

@ Riley

Of course!

@ Riley

Hope she gets better quickly! I’ll pray for her

@ Riley

I hope your mom gets better.

this is Mylee

Riley i will pray. To Above i think this is so odd. he isn't president so why do this people are acting so dumb these days. It snowed which is fun for one day but some problems are happening. In fort worth there was a car pile-up :(. we aren't use to these slippery roads. And Fort worth (Where some family are ) There is no water cause it froze ! And down here they are going to turn off the power today :l..... So plz pray.

@ Mylee

Wow! That's cold! I'll pray!

the democrats might as well

the democrats might as well impeach reagan, washington, jefferson, etc.

To Above

Who knows they might try

@ David P

That's what I was thinking.

If they impeached George

If they impeached George Washington. “Now he can never become president.” XD



@Carys M

well, i guess the impeahcment means trump IS still in office! it seem s lke they want him back in office!

@Carys M

do you like to go on vacations to desert or mountain or city? i like mountain.



(Oh, Btw, does WORLDTEEN let you use emojis?? I tried to post a comment [with emojis] and the page crashed.)

David P

I live in Florida, so it's easier to go to the beach. My parents are older (my mom had me in her early 40's! It was a home birth too! (she told me she was sick of hospitals lol)) so I think they prefer to lie by the pool then hike through the forest. I actually really like the mountains, and some friends of ours are building a cabin in north Georgia, and they want us to come with them every year, so I think we'll be doing both beaches and mountains from now on.


@Prayer: Thank you guys!
@David: I know the question wasn't directed to me, but I like the beach or mountains/forest. I live in the desert, so...


no, you can't use emoji.....:((((((

@ Sarah

I don't really remember why he was impeached the first time, and like I said, that's just what I think.

Heart ❤️

I have been trying to find emojis that work on here all I can find is a heart ❤️

And this ☺

And this ☺

@K N

1. Trump didn't incite a riot he said in his speech "Go down to the capital to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICLY protest" which is the thing that has been overlooked by many people. Also, he put out two tweets and a video telling them to go home.
2. These impeachments say more about the democrats than they do about Trump. 17 minutes after Trump's inauguration there was a news article with the headline "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump has Begun". Trump did nothing to deserve these impeachments it was the democrats' hate for him that caused him to get impeached.

but its like a cheesy smile..

but its like a cheesy smile......☺

I know!!! I don't understand!

I know!!! I don't understand!!

Yeah but I mean that’s

Yeah but I mean that’s something I will look some more

Me trying to find a emoji

And this ☹️

So so far we have found these

So so far we have found these ❤️ ☺️☹️

oh I didn't know ☹ worked,

oh I didn't know ☹ worked, ill have to use that.....

@Carys M

our fav. place is glacier national (not glacier bay) park, with the soaring mountains @Riley D remember when their wre fires in sep. 2020? i always see the disgusting mountain. their has benn lot s of reain but it takes a while to grow. it was smokey for about 2 or 3 weeks.

Are there any more

And this ☠️

Still anymore

And this




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