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Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol
News Bytes 01/7/2021 91 Comments

Electoral votes were counted yesterday in Washington, D.C. Outside, supporters of President Trump rallied. The protest turned into a riot. Protesters broke into the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers evacuated. After returning hours later, Congress confirmed that Biden won the presidential election.

Meanwhile, two runoff senate elections in Georgia were called yesterday. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won, splitting the Senate 50-50.

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this is Mylee first comment

they did do a new one . This is so sad how crazy ppl are. I mean to have everyone evacuat when they were in a metting about who would be President. There is no respect !!!!!!!

sry i spelled wrong Evacuate

sry i spelled wrong Evacuate and meeting

They might have been Antifa

They might have been Antifa and BLM rioters (i think) dressed up.

The "riot"

I like how the is being called a riot but when blm was out in the summer burning down buildings they were just "peaceful protests". The only people who went into the capital were members of ANTIFA and Qanon there to stir up trouble. You may notice that most of the protesters stayed outside while the anarchist groups disguised as trumpers went into the capital. There was no violence committed by the protesters either.

@David P

You are right there are pictures of some of the people who went inside at blm protests or on the Antifa website.

Oh dear...

The senate is split?? This is probably not good for republicans considering that the House and the president are going to be left-winged. Oh well, it will most likely not directly affect me and my state.


All this stuff is awful. Well, on the bright side, Everything is in God's hands! But still, if this chaos gets to say, ordinary houses in the street, we'll all be freaking out and forgeting that.

@Addie L

The Senate is split but the vice president gets the tie-breaking vote so they will pretty much always go democRAT on simple majority votes.

this is Mylee

ya i don't think that republicans would do that dad says its most likely ppl dressed up..... :(

this is Mylee

the antifas

@Asher E

Not all democrats are bad. A lot of them are just as annoyed as I am over this. I know a lot of people that are democrats and they aren't this crazy. In fact, some of my best friends are democrats. (I have said the word democrat waay too many times!) And everyone is made in God's image, so even if we disagree with them, the worst thing to do is to call them rats. That will never make them want to agree with you.


It could have been republicans dressed up, but we need to remember that it's not that one party is "good" and the other is "bad". I don't know for sure, but it could have been "Trump supporters" or even republicans that are angry about what happened and were trying to blame someone. People in both political parties need Jesus :)

Most Republicans in the

Most Republicans in the Senate and house are so wimpy. They want their free healthcare, comfort, and so on. They want personal peace and affluence. So, most of them wont do anything about it (McConnel, Barr, etc.). I think the world is coming to the end soon, and persecution will arise.

Why? I mean sure people get

Why? I mean sure people get disappointed or even upset but this...

@Addie L

When I say democrat in these comments I am almost always referring to the members of the democrat party, not the people who register as dems. No need to take offense,

@Asher E

Oh, my bad, I misunderstood you. But I wasn't offended. Sorry if it sounded like I was. :) I understand you now. But what I said about everyone being made in God's image still stands.

I very much agree with this

ya i don't think that republicans would do that dad says its most likely ppl dressed up..... :(

@ Asher I totally agree with

@ Asher I totally agree with you.
All this time the Republicans have not done any riotous damage and they are now finding out it was the ANTIFA people. So sad so terrible.

Question. P.S. This is Caro

What's ANTIFA?

P.S I think it's bad that BLM

P.S I think it's bad that BLM burned down buildings, but black lives DO matter!


It stands for ANTI-FASCISTS, even though they are the fascists.

@Caro and David P

Antifa originated in nazi Germany as a faction of the nazi party.


Black lives do matter, and so do white lives and all other lives. I think BLM people are being racist. Black people aren't better than white people, and white people aren't better than black people, and BLM is saying that a lot of people look down on black people, but that isn't true. It's only a small group of terrible people. We are all sinners in the sight of God until we have received his salvation.
Something else that I think is interesting is that people on the radical left get offended when there aren't as many black people as there are white in pictures, movies, books, etc. But that is unrealistic. The percentage of african american people in the US is only 13.4%. That's 13 black people in every 100. I'm not saying they should kick african americans out of books and tv shows, but they shouldn't freak out when there are 2 white people and only 1 african american.

This is London

All lives matter and we are all people black ppl have been free since the 60s

Typo we are all children of

Typo we are all children of God


Guys! We gotta pray for our country, America! People are trying to rip out the seams that hold this country's foundings and America! And you now what those seams are? THEY ARE THE LAWS AND THINGS IN OUR CONSTITUTION THAT ARE FOUNDED ON THE BIBLE! Notice how hard the government is trying to ignore and/or destroy that part!


Guys! We gotta pray for our country, America! People are trying to rip out the seams that hold this country's foundings and America! And you now what those seams are? THEY ARE THE LAWS AND THINGS IN OUR CONSTITUTION THAT ARE FOUNDED ON THE BIBLE! Notice how hard the government is trying to ignore and/or destroy that part!

@ Grace D



The people fired shots in the Capitol, and at least one woman was hurt. They also fired tear gas in the rotunda. It is so hard for me to think that all that was happening inside that rotunda that I once stood inside, and everything was so peaceful! It is so sad! We are all made in God's image, and no one is better than another person because of their skin color.


The people who stormed the capitol were mostly all Trump supporters, and may I say, the police KILLED A WOMAN WHO WAS DOING ABSOULUTELY NOTHING HARMFUL!!! AND she was a veteran who served 14 YEARS and 4 TOURS in Iraq!!!!! But noooooo, if their not BLM or Democrats, they must be MONSTERS!!!!! And have you heard what people are saying?!?! Every Democrat on Twitter is saying they broke into the SACRED TEMPLE!!!!!!! I am not joking!!!!! They are saying that the Capitol is a SACRED TEMPLE and how dare they go in there!!!!! If there is one place that everyone should be allowed to go into this country, it's the Capitol!


Sorry getting riled up, I respect and care for all people no matter what they say or believe, but I feel our country is going down a huge cliff, and nobody seems to care or notice.

@Addie P.S. This is Caro

Why BLM exists isn't because African American people are better, it exists because they are not treated fairly most of the time! My mom told me about an African American lady. Police raided her house (when the person drug smuggling was next door) while she was changing! They made her stand naked for a few MINUTES! It was two YEARS before she was able to bring it to court! If she was white it would have been all over the news! Then they found out the polices' warrent wasn't even signed!
I just wanted to share this because it made me mad, and I really hope that someday African Americans are treated exactly the same as white people.

P.S. This is Caro

Another thing, male actors are payed a lot (in big shows) female white actors are payed less, and female African American actors are payed even less.

I still think that the "amen

I still think that the "amen and awoman" sounds like a bad pun and not a serious anti"racist" thing. None of the Top Story news has been very uplifting lately. :( We should all pray really hard for all the government, especially the Christian people because it must be hard being so high up and still sharing the Gospel.

this is Mylee

pray for America ! To above i agree with what Gracie D said. My family does this ting called kids who pray for the u.s.a. the book gives you things to pray about each night. And any kids that do it at 7:30 a.m. they have a 30 sec kneel down where they pray before they go to school. its sort but we should all pray at 7:30 Ssaturday !


Racism is not dead but on life-support kept alive by politicians and people who feel better about themselves by calling others racist. These SJWs are not helping anything they are honestly making it worse for minorities.

@Asher E

Do you honestly believe that the only racists in America are politicians? That would be nice, but it's just wrong. There are thousands of openly racist people here. They hold rallies, try to spread their beliefs, and commit horrible crimes for racial reasons. Doing nothing about them and claiming everything is fine doesn't help at all.

@Zack W

All of that stuff is connected to the democrat party


I know that there are people out there who are racist, but racism isn't as widespread as people make it out to be. Like Asher said, it is mostly kept alive by people in politics that want to have something to call their enemies. But I also agree that if there are people out there that have racist beliefs, and there are, then we shouldn't ignore them. But we also shouldn't think that most people are like that, because I live in an area with a lot of African Americans and hispanics, and I have never heard of evidence of racism. I think that most people respect people of different color.

This is London

Addie. I live in an area like that to and there is no racism or anything, my mayor is black and the district ppl are different coolers and I don’t think it matters where the same.

@Asher E

You're completely uninformed or delusional if you don't think there are any republican racists. They are thankfully a minority, but they still definitely exist.

@Zack W

The KKK was literally founded by democrats

I agree that there are some

I agree that there are some Republicans that are racist like thee are some Christians that support thing opposite of the Bible.

This is Caro

Anyone want to pray with me for America not to be racist at all, someday?

Please stop saying it was

Please stop saying it was ANTIFA, they had Trump flags, so they were Trump supporters

Something happened to us too.

Wow! In Olympia, our state capital, domestic terrorists (radical people that even other members of their political party consider extreme, liberal or conservitive) broke into the governors mansion and wreaked havoc. They are a reminder of the broken part of our state. Those people in the riots WERE NOT librals in disguise, most of us librals are too afraid to go outdoors in a pandemic (I know because I am one) unless we have a vaccine. They were people who had been brainwashed by fake news and white supremacists that raided the capital to stop the senate from aproving Biden's win (yes, deep down inside, we all know that the real cheaters are the GOP members that started voter suppression and that Biden STILL won even if the other side cheated).

@ Caro and Tommy

The peaceful people were the real trump supporters, but the FBI is finding out now that the people breaking windows and shooting ect. were actually ANTIFA people trying to make the republicans look bad.



I can't wait till we all (who

I can't wait till we all (who are born again) get to heaven and won't have to deal with all this....




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