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Sting Floors Tour Cyclist
News Bytes 09/21/2020 6 Comments

The famous, multi-week European cycling race, Tour de France, took an unusual turn on Friday. Austrian rider Lukas Pöstlberger was forced to abandon the race just two days from the finish in Paris. The reason: an insect sting to the mouth.

Pöstlberger has devoted his Tour to helping the Bora-Hansgrohe team leader Peter Sagan in his quest for the race’s green jersey prize. But just a few minutes into the 103-mile Stage 19, which connects Bourg-en-Bresse to Champagnole in eastern France, the stinging insect struck.  

A representative for sponsor company Bora says the culprit was a bee. But race organizers said it was a wasp. Whatever it was, it caused an allergic reaction for Pöstlberger. He was taken to the hospital and quickly recovered, but his Tour was over nonetheless with almost 2,000 miles and four mountain ranges behind him.

Pöstlberger’s withdrawal left the Tour with 146 riders. That’s 30 fewer than it had at its start three weeks ago. It also dealt a blow to Sagan in his fight with Irish rider Sam Bennett for the green jersey.

The jersey is awarded to riders who vacuum up the most points in sprints during and at the end of the Tour’s stages. Sagan was trailing Bennett by 52 points at the start of Friday’s stage.

(Lukas Pöstlberger of Austria is treated by medics during stage 19 of the Tour de France after receiving a race-ending insect sting to the mouth on Friday, September 18, 2020. AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

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Most recent comments

Yikes! I've gotten stung by a

Yikes! I've gotten stung by a bee before a long time ago, though I'm not allergic. But I hope he's ok! Also why didn't they say something about Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying? Maybe they'll post an article about it sometime this week? Not that I'm a fan, (she supported abortion) but it's pretty big news.

That's terrible

That would be so frustrating to have to abandon the race, especially after having trained so hard. My brother is allergic to bees. And Carys M I agree i think they should say something about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


That would be really disapointing. And they did say something about Ruth Ginsburg.

Poor Guy!

That must have been very disappointing!
(@ Carrys M and Sarah F: They do have an article about her, but sometimes articles are hard to find [from experience!!!], or maybe it wasn't up yet when you were looking for it. I don't know. But it is there if you want to read it.)


I have never gotten stung, so I don't know if I am allergic or not. That is way too bad that he had to quit. That was probably so disappointing!


I would hate being stung in the mouth. I've never been stung but I wonder how the bee or wasp got into the mouth in the first place. I've heard about this race before and it's really sad that he had to quit TWO DAYS away from the finish.

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