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No New Fur on Queen E
News Bytes 11/13/2019 24 Comments

Officials at Buckingham Palace, the home of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, issued a statement last week. The announcement says that no new outfits designed for Her Majesty will use real fur. The decision has animal rights activists celebrating and others wondering about the queen’s historic wardrobe.

The oldest clothing mankind ever used was made from animals. (See Genesis 3:21.) Fur has been used for millennia since because of its hardiness and warmth. But some people object to any human use of fur. Most do so out of concern for animal cruelty.

Early English lawmakers made rules about who could wear certain types of fur. For example, the lower classes were allowed to wear goat, sheep’s wool, and wolf. Middle classes wore fox, beaver, and rabbit. Only royalty and higher social classes could wear furs such as grey squirrel and ermine (a type of weasel).

Thus, the lowly white weasel became a symbol of power and wealth. Throughout history, many European monarchs have had their portraits painted wearing (or holding!) ermine.

Today, fur is still often associated with luxury and high fashion. Some modern clothing designers are working to change that. At least one designer is developing a synthetic fur. However, critics claim the process of making the fake fur harms the environment.

The queen’s decision to ditch new fur pleased animal rights activists. They have sometimes criticized the monarch for wearing the fur pieces in her collection of designer clothes.

Claire Bass is director of the Humane Society International/UK. She says, “We are thrilled Her Majesty has officially gone fur-free.” Bass thinks the queen’s decision sends a message: Fur is no longer fashionable.

After the announcement, palace officials quickly added that the new policy doesn’t mean the queen is throwing out the fur outfits she already has. The palace statement says, “The queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe.” Good thing, since both her 1937 coronation robe and current crown are lined with weasel.

(In this November 28, 1952, file photo, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, wearing an ermine coat, arrives at Royal Festival Hall in London. AP Photo, File)

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Wow, I never knew a queen would wear old fur.


I don't really think it matters whether she wears fur or not. Animals were made for us to eat them and use their fur and bones for our needs. Also, weasels are really great pets from what my friend (who has one) has told me, so I can understand why they would want to have one. LOL

Interesting... I didn't know

Interesting... I didn't know that royalty still wore furs and things like that. It makes sense, though.

I am against animal cruelty

I am against animal cruelty but I think it is fine to wear fur and use other animal products if they are treated humanely. Her coat is really pretty.

i like fur things. but i

i like fur things. but i think it was kind of weird when people used to wear their hats (etc.) with the heads still on.

Queen Elizabeth is pretty,

Queen Elizabeth is pretty, isn't she?

Fur's fine.

It's Just fine to wear real fur clothing. the Lord gave us charge over the animals and he gave them to us to eat and to use as clothing. I do not think people should mistreat animals but some people have gone to far and have made animals their god. They will kill unborn babies but they won't wear animal skins....
She is very pretty.

@ Nadia and Carys

I don't think animals were made for us to eat because in the begining humans were vegetarians and we only ate fruit, no meat. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat meat, I love meat ( especially steak)!!!!!! Also I agree with you (Nadia) about the unborn babies. In the bible it says human are more important than any other creature on earth. I don't understand how so many people can just say that killing an unborn child is ok, and at the same time say that it's terrible to kill animals and put up a protest about killing animals. It's just terrible! By the way do you have March for Life where you live? We do. This year it was in London and me and my mum went there. They say that 5000 people were there! We had loads of fun too. But unfortunately there were protesters and they weren't very nice to us. It also rained a bit. I can't wait for next year when we have it again. But the thing is we shouldn't actually be having March for life. Do you understand what I mean? We shouldn't be there because there shouldn't even be abortion.

@ Mirela

No I haven't been there. But the Lord gave Noah permission to eat animals after the flood.

I don't think killing animals

I don't think killing animals is wrong I do think treating them in a bad way is wrong. Obviously killing unborn baby's is horrible!! My siblings hold signs and stuff against abortion and get spit on and swore at it's horrible!! So sad!!

@ Nadia & Beth H

@ Nadia, yes he gave permission after the flood but I meant when the world began and when Adam and Eve were living. They only ate fruit.
@ Beth H, that is so sad! :-( I hope things get better!

@Beth H

That's terrible! But I guess it's to be expected. :( :( :(

@ Mirela

Yes but he gave Adam charge over animals.


Right and he also made Adam and Eve clothes out of animal hide after they sinned in the Garden of Eden!

To Above


It's Elsie (We got logged out for like three months!)

@Mirela, I agree on both points. How could anyone think thats okay?
@Everyone else, I personally wouldn't wear animal fur, but don't necesarily dissagree with other people wearing it.


Why did you get logged out that’s sad.
BTW I love your name!!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Oh thanks! I don't know but it wasn't letting us sign in for some reason. I emailed coustomer service though and they were super nice and helped me get it all figured out. I like your name too.


I know right!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

They were nice to me to!


Thanks!! : )


I think most people go over board on saving animal fur because God didn't create animals to be more protected/valuable than people. Because you can get fined or even jailed for killing animals whereas you can kill an unborn baby right away if you don't want it.

just my opinion

i honestly think that fur is GORGEOUS and love the way it feels. I also agree with BETHSARAH G about treating animals cruelly. if my cat died of age i would have her skinned and use the fur for something to remember her by

@Bethsarah G&Lillian A

Yeah, even though we don't have a cat or dog, just chickens
Bethsarah G,click on this link:

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