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VIDEO: Purple Urchin Explosion!
News Bytes 11/1/2019 100 Comments


On the Northern California coast, researchers are flying drones. They are mapping and monitoring some of the state’s last remaining kelp forests.

In less than a decade, this region has lost more than 90 percent of its kelp. The Golden State was forced to close its $44 million per year red abalone fishery. That has been rough on outdoor sport and tourism.

"We've had a really stable kelp forest ecosystem for the last 100 years," says marine scientist Cynthia Catton.

So what's behind the kelp crisis?

God’s made creatures and nature to depend on each other in complex ways. But in our fallen world, those relationships get out of balance.

Scientists say an explosion of purple sea urchins have devoured bull kelp at an unprecedented rate. Urchin populations spiked after a disease wiped out sea stars, the urchins' main predator. Then also, a marine heat wave made it hard for the kelp to recover.

The problem has expanded beyond California. Oregon researchers are now reporting a 10,000 percent spike in purple urchins over the past five years. Vast swathes of the Pacific Coast have turned into "urchin barrens." Grazing purple urchins blanket seabeds where towering bull kelp once grew.

Now, one California marine lab is running an unusual project. Urchinomics is turning the destructive ocean pests into a seafood delicacy. They are growing sea urchin roe, also known as uni. Urchinomics CEO Brian Takeda says his company is about turning a problem into an opportunity. “We pluck them up and we 'ranch' them and turn them into premium seafood products."

"Not only will [Urchinomics] be providing this new seafood, but we'll also be helping to restore the kelp forests at the same time," says marine scientist Laura Rogers-Bennett. Urchin ranching is just one possible solution to this coastal crisis. But many more are needed to bring back kelp forests and the marine life that depend on them.

(Hundreds of live purple urchins harvested from the Mendocino County coast are seen in container at the Bodega Marine Lab in Bodega Bay, California. AP Photo/Terry Chea))

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Most recent comments

1st comment!!!

Wow! So pretty! Why can't I comment on the new articles?? I am going back to bed. :-(

@ Nadia A

Maybe make sure you're signed in?


Those are so amazing! Is there anyone else who doesn't like seafood though?

@ Bella C.

I don't like seafood. And about the article, I hope this situation gets under control soon. It sounds pretty bad.

This is Massimo A

l love seafood.

@ Bella

I am. I tryed that. Can you comment on the new articles?

Sea food

I like fish but not octopuses and stuff like that.


Did you all watch the video?


That's a beautiful video!!! I LOVE seafood, especially sushi. My family really loves ethnic food like squid and stuff.

@Nadia A

Because of what the editor said a few days ago they probably just haven't fixed it yet.

This is Massimo A

I hope it gets better

About the the article.

I hope it gets better. That guy in the video eating that urchin is grossing me out! I would never eat an urchin. Unless I was starving.
This is Nadia

@ Beth G

Oh. I thought when they put up the new articles it would work I guess wanse they fix it were all gona be clamoring to comment! Lol!

The picture is so pretty! I

The picture is so pretty! I hope they get this under control.
At my homeschool group my class got to dissect a starfish. It was so cool!

Cool! I hope the bull kelp

Cool! I hope the bull kelp will survive!! I love seafood octopus is really weird though!
What articles are you talking about?????

Never Mind

Ohhhhh!!!!!!!! I get it now didn't see that till now!! Lol


I hate sea food! I have a hard time eating sea food and thinking that it was once alive and swimming around in the ocean eating gross food...................


More than thinking about how you taco was once walking in a field?

@Beth G



I like fish but I don't like any other sea food. My mum loves seafood (she's had octopus, muscles, prawns and other seafood).
Has anybody else had dried seaweed? I have. For me it's disgusting. I will never have seaweed again in my entire life!


I love dried seaweed!!!!!

@ Mirela J. and Nadia A.

Mirela, yes, I have tried a bite of dried seaweed, I didn't like it. And Nadia, yes, I did watch the video, it was cool except for the part when the guy cut open and ate the urchin.

Yes i watched the video!! I

Yes i watched the video!! I thought that the guy eating it was kind-of gross!! But cool at the same time!!!! I wonder if it is even good?! I have tried seaweed and sushi and i really like them!!!! I can't comment either so i am assuming that they haven't fixed it yet!!! But we do know they r working on it!!! Would anyone try eating some of that stuff?? I think i might.

@ Hannah

Ya. I agree.

@Nadia A

I watched the video. It was so cool. Did you watch the unicycle one?

To Above

No how do you get to it?

@ Beth G

OK I watched it. It was imresive ! I don't know how they do it!

@Nadia A

Me neither

@Beth G and Nadia A

How do you watch the video?

To Above

you click on the Click to play video and then it will play the urchin won. if you scroll down they will have other ones.

To Above

Yes it is the link.

@ Nadia A-Janna

I can't comment on the new articles either!!!!!! I've already done the member service thing like a week ago, and it's still not working! I can comment on the daily articles though.

I can't comment either only

I can't comment either only on daily articles.

@ the two above comments

Ya.:-( there having tech difaculties.


Thanks that's so cool! Did you see the cheetah one? It's so cute!


I TOLD you there were videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And whoever disagreed with me earlier , didnt you see all the little Halloween toys?????????????????

@Nadia A

you got up at 7:04 just to do WorldTeen?????? Whenever im up that early and dont have to make break fast, I get to work on my school.( normally Math, Latin, or Logic, sometimes Writing, never Music(Violin))


There were probably Halloween toys because it was around Halloween!

@ Gloriana

Haha! Yes I did! And it was the only day we could sleep in a little. Me and my brother desided we were going to get up erly to see if we could get 1st comment on the new articles! So happened you can't comment so I went back to bed!

Solution for Not being able to comment on the articles.

Mabey we could right the name of the article on the subjects part and them comment about that article. I don't know if that's permitted.

@ Gloriana

Here I responded to you on this article. I don't know if you saw it or not.

@Glorianna B

What curriculum do you use?

@Glorianna B

I was the one who disagreed about the Halloween toys earlier. I do see now that they are all Halloween toys and I wasn't saying that in the picture it wasn't a Halloween toy, but I was saying that there was only one toy in the picture so it sounded kind of ridiculous to say they were all Halloween toys.

To above

Well. If you watched the Video then that would have made sens.


That’s a good idea I don’t know why that wouldn’t be permitted! : )



@Bethsarah G

Oh. That's OK. I was talking about the video.

@Bethsarah G

Several. Henle Latin, Saxon Math, Lost Tools of Writing, Suzuki and several more in Violin.

@ Beth H

Ya. But remember the gaming when is to much to much thing...

@Bethsarah G

Several. Henle Latin, Saxon Math, Lost Tools of Writing, Suzuki and several more in Violin.
P.S. I can't remember what I do in Logic right now.


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