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Europe Changing Internet Rules
News Bytes 04/16/2019 30 Comments

Yesterday, the European Union approved a new internet copyright law. The overhaul aims to give more protection to artists and news organizations. But critics say it will stifle freedom of speech and online creativity—and punish smaller web companies.

The legislation makes companies responsible for making sure copyrighted material isn’t uploaded to their platforms without permission from the original creator. (Goodbye uploading favorite songs to Instagram!)

The law also requires search engines and social media sites to pay for linking to or featuring snippets of news articles, music, or videos—or else use automatic filters that would delete material. Such requirements could give tech giants an edge over smaller companies since policing violations costs money and requires manpower.

The music industry and other groups applaud the new law. They say the revamp will help give writers and artists more protection by requiring tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google to pay them more for their work.

But many authors and artists fear they won’t earn much more—but their creativity will be stifled.

More than 5.2 million people signed an online petition against the new law, including Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.

Meanwhile, some internet users worry that the new rules would bring an end to internet spoofs and “memes” that are often based on or inspired by existing songs, movies, or other content.

“The new law makes everyone a loser,” says Julia Reda, a lawmaker who campaigns for freedom of information online. “Artists, authors, and small publishers will not get their fair [payment] and internet users will have to live with limited freedoms.”

All 28 EU member nations must adopt the directive as law. Each country has two years to comply by drafting its own laws.

(People protest against the copyright bill in Leipzig, Germany. Yesterday, the European Union approved a copyright law that aims to give more protection to artists and news organizations but which critics say will stifle freedom of speech and online creativity and punish smaller web companies. Peter Endig/dpa via AP)

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Karisma S

I honestly think I agree at least somewhat with this law. If something is copyrighted, and the owner hasn't given you permission to use it, you shouldn't have access to it. And too much "freedom" isn't always a good thing. We need rules to keep us in line.

Karisma S

(P.S. First Comment!)

no freedom of speech on the internet?

what?! I don't understand all those teknlcle apps life facebook and instagram. but for someone. who dose???

I can really see how this

I can really see how this would be disappointing to people who create memes or those who watch them. And even though I'm not on Instagram, I can understand the disappointment of not being able to post your favorite song. All that being said, I think the owners of copyrighted materiel should be compensated in some way or form. I wonder if it would be enough to clearly put the original artist's name(s) at the end of a meme or below a picture or video on social media.




Article 13 is a terrible terrible terrible Idea. There are lots of sites that talk about it, and how many negative consequences there will be. I encourage people here to do some research on it, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if bad decisions like this lead to the downfall of the EU.

huh interesting


@ Zack W

I think the people think so. as I know they are protesting agensed it.


I don't think this is a good idea. It actually helps artists to have people post their stuff everywhere because it gets watched more.

TO above

well if you have a bissness... like me....


for some reason this reminds me of this...

@Nadia A.

What kind of business do you have?

TO above

well its not technically a bissness but I make and sell jewelry. not plastic little girl jewelry but real meddle earnings and necklaces and bracelets. I don't have a website yet.I am still praying about that. But i have one lady that will call or text my mom when she wants a pare of earnings. she ordered one the other day and I have to go to the store and buy the beads to make what she requested. Dose that make senes?

to above i forgot..

I also crochet hats and sell them I fave made quie a few already.

To Above

That's cool! I make money by baby sitting!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I'm not on Instagram (yet) but I understand how this could affect those who are.
I make money by babysitting, cleaning, selling things that I make bath bombs, lip balm, candles etc. I am going to start a website for D.I.Y. soon too!

@Nadia A. @Emelia G.

If you want a website that you can sell your creations from, you might have more success creating an Etsy store rather than a whole website, just a suggestion.

@Zack W

Creating an Etsy site is easier than a whole website, but if you have a common business type (like jewelry) it is really hard to sell much because of all the other competing shops (many of whom have been around longer than you).

@ Zack W

thanks for the information I will think about that!

you are right!

i agree with Kalista S it's just like in your own house if you mom and/or dad didn't have rules your house would most likely be in total caohs


I think this could go either way. I mean, I'm glad that they are trying to protect the rights and creativity of people. I'm not on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media but I do see how it'd be hard not being able to share your likes or interests in music or other things.

@Nadia A.

You crochet hats?!! I was thinking about doing that too!!! I was also thinking about doing some "weighted" blankets (they weigh five pounds apiece, but they have no weights in them) that could be used for summertime (they have holes, which are part of the design). If you were looking for a weighted blanket, would you want it? This is what it looks like, except the colors would be customizable:

The other difference is I add a shell edge in one of the colors of the main blanket.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I would hate if we had this internet rule in the USA!!!
G L, I would totally buy one! Those look so cute!

@ G L

My mom makes weighted blankets! She also makes some of her own clothes.

@ G L

wow!! I don't have much time here and I will check out the link later. Thans neat!!!

Oh my gosh they can't take

Oh my gosh they can't take away my MEEEEEEEMES!!! Thanks goodness I don't live in Europe. I'm not in favor of this law, or basically anything that gives the government more control over something. I also think it gives the big tech companies an unfair advantage. (As if they weren't practically monopolies already)

G l

Of that blanket is solo cute! I would defanetly buy one from you!

I would hate if this happened

I would hate if this happened in America

To Everyone!!

Happy resurrection day!!!! Christ is Risen TO DAY!! Alle-luia!!!


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