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Toxic Jewelry
News Bytes 10/15/2018 31 Comments

Cheap jewelry may not be such a bargain after all. Newly released test results from the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) reveals some costume-type jewelry sold with women’s dresses and shirts was nearly pure cadmium—a substance that can cause cancer and other serious problems.

In 2010, an investigation found Chinese manufacturers were using the metal to make kids’ jewelry. But because of new laws, consumer advocates believed cadmium had disappeared from the U.S. jewelry market.

Now jewelry with the toxic metal cadmium is showing up on the shelves of stores like Ross and Nordstrom Rack. That’s because unlike children’s necklaces and rings, no current laws address cadmium in adult jewelry.

Last year, CEH decided to check those products. Lab testing found 31 adult jewelry items purchased from retail stores were at least 40% cadmium. Most contained more than 90% of the toxic substance.

Over time, cadmium accumulates in the body and can damage the kidneys and bones. Most exposure happens by swallowing small amounts or by breathing it. Most commonly, this happens through tobacco, which can contain cadmium. But researchers also have documented some absorption through skin contact. Cancer researcher Michael Harbut says contact can also trigger skin rashes including psoriasis.

Most of the cadmium-tainted items were sold at off-price department store Ross, which operates more than 1,400 stores in 38 states. One tested pendant from a necklace was 100% cadmium. The brands with high cadmium levels in Ross stores include Tacera and Vibe Sportswear.

In a written statement, Ross says it is committed to protecting its customers and has “addressed this issue with our supplier.” The retailer would not say whether it pulled suspect jewelry from stores. The lesson? Buyer beware!

(AP Photo: Jewelry items bought from the shelves of national retailers are loaded with the toxic metal cadmium.)

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WHAT!?!?! That's just nuts!

*First Comment*

my real name is thomas

toxic? that is quite bad. i am a guy so i do not have to worry about that, but still, i am never ever getting close to that stuff.

Jewelry can cause cancer!?!?!

Jewelry can cause cancer!?!?!

Ikr? I never knew about this

Ikr? I never knew about this.....


Yikes! I buy lots of cheap jewelry! I wonder how you can find out if your jewelry has cadmium?

Danger Jewels

Hmm, why doesn't it surprise me that this happened? Still, NOT good for a lot of people. If these are made illegal, how much will the cancer rate drop?


Julia V, I am pretty sure you can take it somewhere to get it tested, but it probably costs a lot of dollars.

Oh man, I just bought jewelry

Oh man, I just bought jewelry yesterday at Burlington, I wish I could test it too. Is it even worth wearing???

I hope none of my jewelry has

I hope none of my jewelry has cadmium!




all my jewelry never is fake i only have real jewelry with real gold not fake ugly stuff

You can tell what earrings

You can tell what earrings are made of because the package or whatever they come on usually says what they are made of. I'm not sure about necklaces and bracelets though.


Sophie C, not all fake jewelry is ugly or tainted with cadmium, i have a few pieces of quality costume jewelry, you just have to read the label. I also buy mainly real jewelry, but that is impossible economically for some families.


I LOVE ROSS!!!!!!!!! [Yes, I used all caps on purpose]


WOW... that is kind of scary to think that something that you where to Church or some big occasion might cause cancer! Honestly l myself don't where jewelry very often but l know friends and family that do, so l will tell them about this!

I did not know that jewelry

I did not know that jewelry can cause cancer!!

thats crazy

thats crazy


They should pass a law, forbidding jewelry with cadmium to be sold or enter the U.S.A. Cancer claims far to many lives as it is.I have seen my loved ones slowly fall to cancer, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I have hated myself to think of it. All the jewelry in the World is not worth a single life.


I don't wear much jewelry, just earrings sometimes, but this is kind of freaky.

And I'm sorry to hear about your loved ones, Shastya! It never feels good to know you can't do anything. Praying for you! :)

i would love to sniff that

i would love to sniff that stuff right up :-P


that is soooo crazy


Why would people put cancer-causing stuff in jewelry? Do they know it causes cancer?

That's insane!

That's insane!

That's Dangerous!

That sounds very dangerous they need to put a stop to making that stuff. I need to tell my sisters to stop wearing it.






I have a cheap ring

Oh dear.

A lot of cheep jewelry in stores is toxic, and it's insane! How can we know that the jewelry that we wear is safe? Are we going to get cancer later on in life? What can we do to stop it?

I make jewelry! and sell it I

I make jewelry! and sell it I do orders to .

All my jewelry is nikle free

All my jewelry is nikle free.I hope this does not then my bisness!!

This does not ruen my

This does not ruen my businesses

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