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False Alarm in Hawaii
News Bytes 01/16/2018 27 Comments

President Donald Trump promises that the federal government will “get involved” with Hawaii following a false alarm about an incoming missile strike on the island state. Trump did not describe the level of federal involvement he envisions, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has opened an investigation.

Hundreds of thousands of Hawaii residents received cellphone alerts Saturday morning. The alert warned of an incoming ballistic missile strike and advised residents: “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” The second alert saying there was no missile didn’t come for nearly 40 minutes.

State officials say someone doing a routine test during a shift change at the Emergency Management Agency mistakenly hit the live alert button. The state’s emergency management agency’s administrator has accepted responsibility for the mistake. Hawaii’s governor has apologized.

Speaking of Hawaii officials, Trump says, “I love that they took responsibility.” But he adds, “We’re going to get involved.”

The FCC chairman says it appears the government of Hawaii didn’t have reasonable safeguards in place that would have prevented the transmission of a false alert about an imminent missile strike. An investigation is well under way into the alert.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says people should trust government alert systems and that the recent blunder in Hawaii was just a “very unfortunate mistake.” Nielsen says the alerts are vital and doesn’t want anyone to “draw the wrong conclusion” and ignore the warnings.

Hawaii House Speaker Scott Saiki says the system Hawaii residents have been told to rely on failed miserably.

(AP Photo: This smartphone screen capture shows a false incoming ballistic missile emergency alert sent from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency system on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018.)

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Most recent comments


They should make it so that you can't hit the button unless sensors detect an inbound missile.  Or there would be a 2 buttons that would need to be pressed at the same time, but they would be too far a part to be pressed by one person. Or there would need to be a kye to "unlock" the button. And when there would be testing they could make it so that it would send only to a specific person. Anyway DON"T PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON UNLESS IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!!

oh my goodness lol

I can tell you one thing: that dude who "mistakenly" hit the live alert button isn't going to be working anymore XD.

You'd think the people would be trained not to hit the big red button lol

Amelia F.

 i am glad that realy did not happen.

Abby B

That would be so scary and can anyone tell me what XD means


I think that they should be 100% sure that there is a missile before warning everyone.


Yeah Caleb, they may need to make it harder to mess up but also so that it is still extremely easy and fast to alert people in the case of a real missile threat. But let me qualify that it may not a been a "BIG RED BUTTON" that was super easy to not hit. It may have been small and looked like the button that the person was trying to hit.

Allison B, I think XD is supposed to be a face. The D as a mouth and the X as closed eyes. But I may be wrong.


yeah ar its supposed to look like you are dying of laughter XD

Wait a minute...

You know how when you want to delete something off of your cell phone, and something pops up asking if you are sure you want to delete it? You push yes, or no, or whatever options there are. Surely (surely!!!), if ordinary people have such on their simple cell phones, then why didn't a government funded agency have at least a yes or no to answer before the message was sent?!?!?!? So, with that in mind, would that mean that someone did see something and they purposely sent the message? Why would they lie about it if so? 


Missiles travel pretty fast, so anything that takes more then 30 seconds is probably a waste, considdering the message still has to travel.


The government is officially trying to take over the world, and this missile "warning" is them just having a little fun. If anyone likes this, then be my guest to say so yourself down below.



















If you did that, then you have serious problems (not in all circumstances (I hope I spelled that right), just in this one).

Almost the whole dang world is on our back

What did I tell ya'll more problems for us all. Just Great!

Samuel H

Oh, wow, that would be so scary to get that on your phone! You should have to put in a code to get to the button! But, it is kind of funny! XD

It sounds like a prank

It sounds like a prank message or something. But if I got that message I would seriously be freaking out, so let's try not to accidentally or purposefully hit the button if there isn't a real emergency! 

Abby B

On the radio yesterday it said that there was one in Japan or somewhere near there too


That sounds scary, but at the same time kinda ridiculous. Who "acccidently" pushes the big red button??? Seriously?! 

P.S. XD is a sideways laughing face used by us urban youth. Lol


In my opinion, they should make a new missle warning system. This false alarm set off a ton of choas, and makes me wonder, are we really safe? I know God will always protect us if an event like this was to actually occur. Im so glad that evryone is okay though, I can't imagine if there was an actual missle heading for Hawaii. Prayers for our country! 

Wow thats pretty scary i

Wow thats pretty scary i would not want to be in hawaii but it was just a accident at lest !!!! 

thats a good idea 

thats a good idea 


OK WHO ON EARTH 'ACIDENTLY' HITS THE 'THERE'S A MISSLE COMING TO KILL US ALL' BOTTON like realy? unless the goverment has some pretty big idiots working for them or... some else happened just saying it's a posibillty. BUT REALY? they should put like a plastic cover on it or something, can't they afford a plastic cover?

Hannah J

I'm sure it would be very scary to have that happen to you, but it's still really funny!

i would be freaked out if this

happened to me so scary! ​​​

oh no i acidently hit the eergency button



Sounds like a scary experience to go through.

To think that something so

To think that something so small could cause so much disruption. One false move and boom. False alarm to a whole state. That’s concerning. 

I wonder what the button

I wonder what the button actually looks like. What if it wasn’t a button? It could be like a light switch or something. Still, doesn’t explain how you miss the sign that would probably be over it, saying something like “Don’t hit this button or a false alarm will leave Hawaii in a state of panic for more then half an hour.” 

A.R. To Jadon S.

Ever consider the idea of accidentally spilling a coffee or yogurt on a keyboard?  You accidentally press a whole bunch of buttons you didn't mean to.  Maybe even a "Pending Death Missle Will Kill Us All" button.  Or even a glitch.  I dunno.


Lol what a dope! XD That would have been fun. I hope this happens in my city! HURRY GET UNDERCOVER A BOMB IS FALLING! Its just like a movie! xD

nathaniel j

i agree getting bombed would be pretty fun

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