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Van Gogh Live

Five versions of a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece were reunited for the first time Monday.

News Bytes 08/17/2017 1
Tainted Egg Supply in Europe

Millions of eggs have been pulled from supermarket shelves in Europe since July 20.

News Bytes 08/16/2017 7
Confederate Protests Continue

Over the weekend, violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters stunned a Virginia college town.

News Bytes 08/16/2017 8
Bolt Fails to Dazzle at Worlds

Usain Bolt certainly turned expectations upside-down at the Track and Field World Championships in London.

News Bytes 08/15/2017 7
Remembering India’s Split

On Aug.

News Bytes 08/14/2017 8
Human Chain River Crossing

A group of about 15 family members found themselves in trouble in Utah’s Zion National Park last Saturday.

News Bytes 08/11/2017 10
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People Mover 07/27/2017
Healing Steps for Uganda

On Valentine’s Day, students in Jamie Mahan’s second-grade class at Dunbar Primary

Globe Trek 07/03/2017
Lives on Hold in Central African Republic

The armed group took over the school in Central African Republic little by little.

Ka-Ching 07/03/2017
Young Entrepreneur Launches Her Spice Brand

Emily Rudnick is a 14-year-old businessperson. She has her own food-seasoning blend.

Law N' Order 07/03/2017
Chip Implants

A syringe slides between the thumb and index finger. With a click, a microchip is injected into an employee’s hand.

Taste Test 07/03/2017
Cats as Pets

They’re the darlings of Facebook and YouTube.

Pie in the Sky 07/03/2017
Facebook Reality: Real or Virtual?

Facebook wants you to take a vacation with friends and family—without leaving the house.

Time Traveler 07/03/2017
Fake Quake Hits Newsrooms

“Earthquake Rocks the Coast!”

Pop Smart 07/03/2017
Monopoly Matures: Receive New Tokens

The boot has been booted. The wheelbarrow? Wheeled out. It’s thumbs-down for the thimble.

Mud Room 07/03/2017
Whale Hunting Controversy

Whales are among God’s largest and most amazing creatures.

Explain IT 07/03/2017
Iceberg Detour

“Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters; they saw the deeds of the Lord, His wondrous works in the d

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